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The Funding Crowd 54, the latest in Linux crowdfunding news

By flesk,
Read the latest in crowdfunding news for Linux in the last issue of The Funding Crowd this side of New Year's.

The Funding Crowd interviews president of Frogdice

By Speedster,
President of Stash MMO developer Frogdice, Michael Hartman, talks about world design, custom events and more.

The Funding Crowd 53, the latest in Linux crowdfunding news

By flesk,
A new issue of The Funding Crowd is available, and we have a bunch of new and exciting hidden gems to cover.

The Funding Crowd 52, The Latest In Linux Crowdfunding News

By flesk,
Take a look at the latest issue of The Funding Crowd for a new batch of crowdfunding campaigns for Linux.

The Funding Crowd 51

By flesk,
Welcome to issue 51 of The Funding Crowd, where we have as many as three biggies and a bunch of exciting hidden gems to cover.

The Funding Crowd 50

By flesk,
The Funding Crowd has once again returned to keep you up to date on the latest news in crowdfunding for Linux.

The Funding Crowd 49

By flesk,
Another three weeks have passed, and The Funding Crowd is back with a new batch of interesting crowdfunding campaigns.

The Funding Crowd 48

By muntdefems,
Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and it's been quite noticeable so far, both in the raise of temperatures and the decline of crowdfunding projects.

The Funding Crowd: Another Year In Review

By muntdefems,
Another year has gone by for The Funding Crowd, so it's time to look back at these last 12 months and see what have they brought us and what's the promise for the next year.

The Funding Crowd 47

By muntdefems,
It's been already three weeks since our last article, so it's time for a new issue of The Funding Crowd, the 47th!

The Funding Crowd 46

By muntdefems,
Welcome to the Palladium issue of The Funding Crowd! Yep, 46 appears to be a reasonably interesting number: it's a semiprime, i.e. a natural number which is a product of two primes (2x23), it's the designation of Messier object in the Puppis Constellation, it's the number of human chromosomes and finally, it has nothing to do with Douglas Adams.

The Funding Crowd 45

By flesk,
Tune in for another issue of The Funding Crowd, where we once again take a look at what's shaking in the Linux crowdfunding space.

The Funding Crowd 44

By muntdefems,
Welcome to a web page as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. This is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call... The Funding Crowd #44.

The Funding Crowd 43

By muntdefems,
After its galactic 42nd issue, The Funding Crowd is back with a shorter, but by all means not less interesting instalment.

The Funding Crowd 42

By muntdefems,
Finally we come to issue #42, which seems an appropriate occasion to come clean and confess that we are not really The Funding Crowd, but merely A Funding Crowd. Didn't you hear that we come in six-packs?

The Funding Crowd 41

By muntdefems,
The Funding Crowd is back! After reviewing some of our favorite projects from last year, let's take a look at what 2015 has to offer so far.

The Funding Crowd - Favorites From 2014

By muntdefems,
The TFC team has devoted this post-holiday quiet period to looking back at some notable projects that were funded in 2014.

The Funding Crowd 40

By muntdefems,
Welcome to The 40th Funding Crowd! Yep, if it were a person, it would probably be struggling with its mid-life crisis. But since it isn't, it comes stronger than ever with an issue full of content.

The Funding Crowd 39

By muntdefems,
Welcome to TFC#39! Back to a fortnightly schedule and that timing turned out to be super important! Why? Read this new issue if you want to find out.

The Funding Crowd 38

By muntdefems,
Welcome to a much delayed and slightly shortened The Funding Crowd #38! We are back after a two-month hiatus with renewed energies and, what's most important, with a bigger team.
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