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Waves 2: Notorious
About this game:

In The Neon Ballroom of Cyberspace There is Only... 404 File Not Found

Log in to The GRID and engage in psychedelic virtual combat as you dive deep into Corporate Networks, steal their secrets and crash their servers.

It's your reflexes against the relentless assault of Bugs, Programs, Viruses and AI's in this Twin-Stick Shooter. Chain together kills to build your Combo and earn Adrenaline that can be unleashed in devastating Burst Attacks. Customise your Avatar's Load-out to match your combat style and explore synergies between the 36 Items to find the best combination for you.

AI System Administrators adapt to your weaknesses and try to exploit your vulnerabilities as they defend their Networks both in the Arena and on the GRID.

  • Hack into Corporate Networks in the Roguelike GRID Campaign mode.
  • Compete in 6 Arcade Arenas for Leaderboard glory.
  • Unlock 36 Items that can be combined in up to 46,656 different ways allowing you to customize your Avatar for any play style.
  • NEW IN 2019! Last Man Standing Multiplayer Battle Mode. Compete against other players in real time to see who will be the last man standing in this game of Survival.
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