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The Seagull
  • Release Date
  • 2023-01-31
  • License
  • Not Listed
  • External Links
  • Steam, SteamDB, PCGamingWiki
  • Genres
  • Adventure, Casual
About this game:

It's an idea for a short story...

On the shores of a lake in the Ukranian countryside, an aspiring actor and aspiring writer dream of fame and success. But being an artist is no easy life. They'll need to confront if it's something worth living for, killing for, or maybe even dying for.

  • Original adaptation of the classic play of the same name by Anton Chekhov.
  • Entirely 3D with both cinematic and 3rd person realtime presentations, featuring stylized comic book-like characters.
  • Eye-popping vaporwave-inspired color palette and visual effects.
  • Fully voiced in English by a stellar cast, audio captured in group sessions for as theater-like a presentation as possible.
  • Fully bilingual English/Russian interface and subtitles.
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