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Latest Comments by Liam Dawe
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive adds the first Agent customization with Patches
25 February 2020 at 12:49 pm UTC

gustavoyaraujoThe game crashes here at launch... Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
Add this as a launch option:

Let me know if that fixes it for you.

Reminder: Update your PC info for the next round of statistics updates
25 February 2020 at 12:25 pm UTC Likes: 1

MayeulCIdea (sorry, I always have one when these stats pop up): group the desktop environment and GPU stats by session type:

Show which DE is used more on Wayland, which on X11. Show if AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL users are more likely to use X11 or Wayland (plotting these graphs again for Wayland would be enough to infer the rest, but there could be some value in trying to provide an easier view, but that would be more complex).
Did some brainstorming, worked out a little SQL magic and it appears quite easy to do with the way I sorted the data into the database. When the next generation happens, Wayland and x11 will each have a chart to show what desktops are in use on them.

NVIDIA talk up bringing DirectX Ray Tracing to Vulkan
24 February 2020 at 9:03 am UTC Likes: 1

mo0n_sniperRTX on GTX1000 series cards doesn't run anywhere as fast as on RTX2000 cards. I have ran QuakeII on my GTX1600 and it had 3FPS.
That's because GTX1xxx cards don't have RT cores.

NVIDIA talk up bringing DirectX Ray Tracing to Vulkan
22 February 2020 at 11:34 pm UTC Likes: 2

appetrosyanDon't quite get what they gain from this. Still, this means that we could (in theory) have RTX accelerated Quake 2 on Linux.
We already do. That's the point. Quake II RTX is out and supports Linux.

Steam Play Proton is correctly tracking Linux sales, a statement from Valve
21 February 2020 at 1:20 pm UTC Likes: 9

As a note, the developer I spoke to was for Deep Rock Galactic who've now said they're happy to be quoted on it. After this went live, I mentioned it to them and they have confirmed they can see the Linux sales.

The full SteamWorld series is heading to Google Stadia "soon"
20 February 2020 at 5:41 pm UTC Likes: 2

orochi_kyoDoes Stadia counts "Linux sales"? I mean is Google telling devs how many of the players are using Linux?

This is a deal-breaker, quite simple, I want the dev to know I'm playing its game on Linux.
It's streaming, platforms like that don't matter to it but I've no doubt Google are tracking stuff internally to know where to focus improvements.

Steam Play Proton is correctly tracking Linux sales, a statement from Valve
20 February 2020 at 12:25 pm UTC Likes: 2

Liam DaweI suggest you read the article. It's not just for showing games

But if I check, Steam will hide games which are not flagged as Linux compatible right? If not then I'll change in my profile ASAP
You can just untick the SteamOS filter any time when you're searching for games or tick the Windows filter. The filters are there any time you're browsing lists on Steam. That's the whole point of the Steam store having those filters, separate from your profile settings.

EikeTo be honest, I'm not very happy with Pierre-Loup's answer (if I understood it correctly):

QuoteWhile Linux sales were tracked properly throughout, there was filtering in place that did not separate "Linux Units and Revenue" from "Total Units and Revenue" on the per-game summary page. This would only occur when an application was not launchable via Linux, and was purely a display issue.

Well, displaying it right to the developers/publishers is what this is all about! It's great that Valve has the right numbers in their internal databases, but that doesn't (didn't) help anyone!
Well, it's good this all came up since now it should be a lot clearer.

Steam Play Proton is correctly tracking Linux sales, a statement from Valve
20 February 2020 at 12:12 pm UTC Likes: 1

Liam DaweSo you mean this?

Nope. This one if I understand correctly is a filter for steam just show games with the flag the user choose.

I mean like each profile could select which specific OS they prefer most, even if they're not using it right now. So they could have an separated statistic based on this user choice (again without necessary impact in the existent ones).

If they prefer they could also separate in group distros like "Debian Family" "Fedora Family" "Arch Family" etc, and display a little icon in the user profile like the ones we have here
I suggest you read the article. It's not just for showing games, it shows developers as Linux if you tick only Linux on wishlist entries. Outside of that, there's nothing like what you're asking for.

Steam Play Proton is correctly tracking Linux sales, a statement from Valve
20 February 2020 at 11:48 am UTC Likes: 4

BielFPsI wish our profiles in Steam had an option like "preferred platform" where we could select which OS do we prefer (Windows / Mac / Linux Distros).

Not to impact the sales statistics, but for developers in general measure if it's may worth to target some specific platform based on users choice.
So you mean this?

Steam Play Proton is correctly tracking Linux sales, a statement from Valve
20 February 2020 at 10:36 am UTC Likes: 2

TcheyNice one.

So, what does it change, actually ?
Do we have an example from a few games, with filtered numbers on/off ?
Technically the only thing that changes, is how Valve shows it in reports to be more clear.


Btw, since you have direct contacts to Valve, did you ever received
a word from them concerning HL:Alyx and Linux?

I understand that if you got an answer you either not allowed to share it
or don't want to.

But did they answered at all?

*sigh *This is really very unsatisfaying. :/
Different people answer that from their PR team, so far no new reply since the Windows-only mention to us originally.
areamanplaysgameSo, do we actually know the rules now? Let's say I buy a Windows-only game on a Linux machine, but I don't install or play it for a few weeks. Is it counted as a Linux sale, or does it default to Windows?

I'm asking because I accidentally did this with Divinity: Original Sin 2. I mean, I didn't accidentally buy it, but I accidentally didn't install it soon enough. Life gets in the way.
Asked, will update if they reply.

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