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Latest Comments by Beamboom
Valve may be adding support for using compatibility tools for playing games on different operating systems
15 August 2018 at 6:42 am UTC

If they were able to make Wine a completely transparent layer that required no tweaks whatsoever then this would be utterly fantastic.

A small update on the status of BATTLETECH for Linux
14 August 2018 at 12:55 pm UTC Likes: 2

AlthorionAnd yeah, Beamboom is right. It’s hard to make Unity games perform right on any OS

I didn't draw that conclution though I just ask because it's interesting to know. There could be other reasons, 3rd party middleware is one major suspect.

AlthorionThere are other free game engines out there.

With comparable complexity of development suite, ecosystem, and the same level of potential visual quality - who compiles to the same amount of platforms, including VR? Not that I know of...

I wouldn't really hold it against them if multiplat development in Unity still requires some competence in multiplat development in order to work properly. I'm just curious as to exactly what the challenges they meet are... Are they mundane, type "mouse behaves differently" type of annoyance, or are they more complex?

Insurgency: Sandstorm is looking real good in the latest videos, Linux version should come in the first couple updates
14 August 2018 at 12:47 pm UTC

I do wish they had more variation of scenery/locations (urban/seaside/jungle/residential/etc), but count me in!

A small update on the status of BATTLETECH for Linux
14 August 2018 at 12:03 pm UTC Likes: 8

In these cases it would always be interesting to hear why it's proven more difficult than expected. Make it an automated reply, Liam

But a core component of Unity is it being cross platform. Had this been just about any other engine I'd just file it under just another of them hassles that a new platform can provide, but Unity... It's more or less their entire business idea, isn't it?

So, the cause for this, and all other similar cases, would be interesting to know! Not to point fingers, but simply out of curiosity. Also it would work as a current state of affair in regards to how platform independent Untity really is at this stage.

Talking point: Leaving user reviews for Linux games can really help a developer
10 August 2018 at 9:49 am UTC Likes: 4

This is a very good point. I've never thought of that. ... And I even love writing down my thoughts and opinions on all sorts of things :-D I guess my opinion on user reviews has kept me from writing them myself.

But I'll start writing reviews from now on, whenever I think it's worth it!

The excellent survival racer Distance is officially releasing on September 18th
9 August 2018 at 7:36 pm UTC Likes: 1

liamdaweAs someone who doesn't have VR hardware, I can safely say it's a fantastic experience without it.

Oh by all means, I'm sure! I just am harvesting good excuses to finally get me a set. This is self-convincing hard at work here buddy.

Lonsforits not a "VR title" is a normal game with a vr option

Bah, semantics. It's a title to be counted for when we list games playable in VR.

The excellent survival racer Distance is officially releasing on September 18th
9 August 2018 at 1:59 pm UTC Likes: 2

... And yet another VR title to arrive on our shores. That in itself is very welcome. Not that I have Vive yet, but for each title I'm one step closer to purchase. In essence all that's left now is to hear reports that the support has matured.

Football Manager 2019 announced and sadly it's not coming to Linux
6 August 2018 at 11:51 am UTC Likes: 5

LeopardPeople on Linux don't buy games

Why do you bother stating such obviously wrong claims? Why are you even here, on a site with pretty much only Linux gamers buying games (with the possibly single exception being you).

Crazy Justice finally has a Steam page up, Battle Royale will be free all other modes a purchase
5 August 2018 at 7:58 pm UTC

razing32I get what you meant about the stereo now. Still pre-built PCs are a thing.

... Not when the PC performance ratrace continues the day after the purchase. Then you buy a machine that's outdated shortly after purchase (essentially when the next BIG title kicks in that utilise the latest gen GPUs. Typically a title the average games wants to play). If all the software were built for that particular prebuilt PC, *then* it would be comparable.
I just can't stress this enough, because it's a core reason why consoles has become as large as they are.

razing32Just feel the consoles may seem to solve the issue and to some extent do , but it just feels like a wasted investment in my opinion.

I were of the same opinion as you, until GTA4 came out and I just could not be arsed to wait for the PC version, I was too big of a fan of the franchise. So I purchased GTA4 bundled with a PS3 . And eight years later I can firmly reassure you that those few hundred dollars were well spent, weighted in hours of entertainment.

razing32The one thing I feel consoles lose most on is MODS.
Yup that is a loss. And player made maps etc.

razing32Also let's not forget one little detail . The company that makes the console has complete control over publishing on said console.

True. But to be bluntly honest here - I don't really think one miss out on much. Pretty much all titles of a certain magnitude/significance ends up on consoles - or arrive there first. But if one is interested in the undergrowth/underground of the gaming world, or are after very very niche stuff, then PC is the natural direction to seek.
Also, a huge share of the "retro gaming" are (or at least used to be) on PC only. If that's your cup of tea the choice is obvious.

As for me, I was long dreaming of Valves "Steam boxes" to establish a kind of hardware "generation" reference due to their popularity, and maybe bring some, if only a few drops, of that console longevity/hardware optimisation over to the PC world. That would have been wonderful, imo.

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