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SC Controller driver and UI version 0.4.5 is out, last release for a while
23 September 2018 at 2:17 pm UTC Likes: 3

Well, if he is not feeling welcomed in the Linux community because of a CoC, that doesn't apply to his projects, just saying "be nice and welcoming to others"… I can't help but imagine him as some kind of bully complaining that the other kids don't want to play with him .

Thoughts on the Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Silent Switches
24 July 2018 at 7:19 am UTC

TcheyMy keyboard is excellent for typing, a little less for playing as too many people think "qwerty" is mandatory, but i manage in most game by simply rebinding keys, or switch to US layout...

It's a TypeMatrix french bépo :


I usually play with PIUE to move, and other keys depending on what is needed. Most of the special french keys don't work in games, such as éàçè....

TypeMatrix + bépo makes typing a breeze. But it's a shame that so many games just refuses to bind characters with an accent. Most of the time I end telling Lutris to auto-start the game with US layout.

wvstolzingI'm really curious to try out one of these 'orthogonal' keyboards.

Orthogonal keyboards are a bit expensive to try if you don't know someone who owns one. But they're super comfortable. And TypeMatrix are awesome for the centered <return> and <backspace> keys.

What are you playing this weekend and what do you think about it?
14 July 2018 at 11:25 am UTC Likes: 1

Well, Desparados was just released on Linux so it's a great occasion to retry to finish the game. I'll take a pinch of Mother Russia Bleed too for more frantic action.

Xenosis: Alien Infection is Alien Breed meets System Shock and it's coming to Linux
13 March 2018 at 12:15 pm UTC Likes: 1

I just love the voice of the IA it really sounds like Shodan's little sister. I could buy the game just for wandering dark corridors listening to it.

Shooting aliens on the way might be a nice bonus.

The excellent puzzle game Opus Magnum is now available on GOG
31 January 2018 at 5:55 pm UTC Likes: 4

Instant buy ! I love Zachtronics games so much

The developers of game launcher 'Launchbox' on porting it to Linux, due to Windows 10 privacy issues
26 January 2018 at 11:19 am UTC

Well, it looks a lot like a graphically nicer but closed-source Lutris…

GOG staff state that Galaxy for Linux is being worked on, but still no ETA
28 April 2017 at 10:20 am UTC Likes: 3

I use Lutris to manage my games and to have a single launcher for my game library, but it lacks auto-update feature.

As for GOG, we asked them several time to actually « prove » that they're really working on a Linux version (by maintaining a dev blog for exemple). But their answers are always : "We are working on it, keep waiting".

They can make all the PR statements they want, I don't trust them anymore. Their multiple fails (No Dying Lights, no Saint's Row, etc…) are sufficient proof that they don't « love » linux gamers. They only sometimes offer DRM-free comfort.

On the other side, Itch maintains a client perfectly working on Linux with almost 1 contributor… well, guess where I get my gaming fix from.

Snoost, a new cloud gaming service has opened with Linux support, uses Steam's in-home streaming
29 March 2017 at 8:51 am UTC

hardpenguinSo basically you have to login to your precious Steam account on a third-party machine you know nothing about, only to be greeted by a Windows desktop? For a dollar per day? No, thanks.

Same feeling here. If we start playing on cloud windows devices, how will we count as a Linux sale ? Not to mention trust issues when it comes to someone else's computer (or « cloud computing » as we call it today).

EGOSOFT planning two new space simulation games, 'X Rebirth VR Edition' using Vulkan and also X4
20 December 2016 at 12:26 pm UTC

I truly hate them…

I didn't finished x3 nor the expansion. I didn't started Rebirth…
Please, I moved to Linux in hope that I would be able to finish my games… stop developing games for Linux or I'll be forced to move to Haiku or BSD.


Space sim…

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