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Dota 2 getting a new hero in November, more next year and a CS:GO style Overwatch system
18 October 2020 at 5:55 pm UTC

Quoting: officerniceI suck so much at Dota. Tried it for 50 hours and still no idea what the hell was going on. Playing alone does not help it either.

4222.5 hours and I still don't understand at all, but yes, playing and learning with friends is great.

We're giving away two copies of 3dSen PC
25 June 2020 at 7:00 pm UTC

I wish to get a copy
There are a tons of games that I want to play with 3dSen

What have you been playing recently?
21 June 2020 at 3:02 pm UTC

A lot of The King of Fighters 2002 online with RedGGPO and Overcooked! 2

You can now use the Discord Overlay on Linux thanks to a new community project
4 May 2020 at 5:56 pm UTC

Thank you for the answers

If it was for streaming, it doesn't make sense to me.
The site works since ever and the only important thing is the generated link. If you understand how the link works, you no longer need the site.

If it's the same thing, but this one is shown in the game, it's fine. Useful for people who don't stream.

You can now use the Discord Overlay on Linux thanks to a new community project
4 May 2020 at 4:48 pm UTC

Is displayed above the game? Or is only for OBS?

Looking to follow more Linux gaming sources? Here's a few you might like
10 March 2020 at 7:11 pm UTC Likes: 3

Sorry for the self promotion.
If you speak spanish and you have problems with gaming or streaming in GNU/Linux, maybe I can help you.
My Twitch channel is on my profile.

Seems like Feral Interactive may have a few surprises for Linux in 2020
12 December 2019 at 6:13 pm UTC Likes: 2

Resident Evil 2 (2019)
Resident Evil 3 (2020)
Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Retro inspired extreme sports unicycling game Street Uni X is now in itch First Access
2 November 2019 at 8:30 am UTC

I've played it already. There is a gameplay on my Twitch channel if you want to see it (Sorry for the advertising).

The only problem I had was that all the tricks are hard to do. I can't reach the Sick Score.

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