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Latest Comments by Leopard
Techland haven't decided if Dying Light 2 will be on Linux
30 June 2018 at 8:17 pm UTC Likes: 1

mirvBecause why would anyone consider porting to a platform where people pirate games anyway?

That's how it impacts the GNU/Linux gaming market.

Lol , Windows guys are pirating much more than us. There is why Denuvo like things exist

And also , you're just keep saying like " You are pirating every piece of software"

If you want i can just put screenshot of my Steam payments. Pure Linux compatible games and i'm spending much more than my Windows days to games.

We are not pirating Linux games or games has a possibility for Linux ports. There are some games has zero chance for Linux ports and i simply don't want to spend money for them.

Why? Because i'm using Linux only which means i need use Wine to play them with a so so experience , caveats.

If i was a dual booter i would buy them too. Because i simply don't like to pay for an unsupported product and suffer.

In fact , people like you are much more dangerous to Linux gaming scene. You are simply saying :

Linux support is not important for me to buy your products.

Great logic

Techland haven't decided if Dying Light 2 will be on Linux
30 June 2018 at 12:50 am UTC Likes: 1

lejimsterWell. I always love Linux support. But Dying Light doesn't even work on my Arch distro. I get further into the game using DXVK.

This an AMD issue and probably will be fixed on Mesa 18.2


And also a user confirmation:


I can confirm Dying Light is still working great with this series, it
doesn't require any overrides and changes to the graphical settings no
longer cause crashes


Game works for Nvidia like since it is out , because Nvidia driver always had compat profiles while AMD open source driver wasn't until last year.

Techland haven't decided if Dying Light 2 will be on Linux
29 June 2018 at 9:19 pm UTC

tonRAs expected. I'm always doubting any games shown on Microsoft E3 will launched on Linux. Including beloved CP2077 (sorry guys). If the games 'shown on Microsoft E3' launched on Linux, great but i'm expecting the game will become broken like Ark. If the games doesn't become 'Ark', then I will buy it. That's the lesson I learned after become Linux gamer.

Sorry guys, but my perception sometimes hard to change. And for many reasons.

You are very right , why are you keep saying sorry though?

Until they support Linux properly , no bucks from me.

Also a clarification to running repacked games:

If i had to buy every Windows only title to run them with Wine , i would dual boot or single boot to Windows instead. I don't like to pay and suffer.

Techland haven't decided if Dying Light 2 will be on Linux
29 June 2018 at 7:42 pm UTC

mylkai havent played dead island riptide. ill gonna buy it now and play it on linux. maybe it helps techland to decide

do we know if they use VULKAN for windows?
i think it would be easier to port it to linux then, like this article says about doom

Probably DX11 ( for Windows 7 users ) and DX12 combined ( because of Xbox One version), little chance for Vulkan.

DXVK for Vulkan-based D3D11 in Wine version 0.61 is out with improved performance
29 June 2018 at 7:17 pm UTC Likes: 6

ShmerlFrom DRM-free games, I've heard Elex works well.
Unfortunately it seems that wine 3.10 broke it, at least I had no luck running it since then. I'd appreciate if someone else who owns the game could test that.

Game is running perfectly fine on my system.

I'm running Manjaro Linux, with dxvk-bin 0.60 (from AUR) and wine-staging-nine-3.10 (from Archlinux repo).

Are you sure to have dxvk correctly setup? Try the usual:

env WINEPREFIX=/mnt/storage4/PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/elex setup_dxvk64 reset

Followed by

env WINEPREFIX=/mnt/storage4/PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/elex setup_dxvk64

I'm running GoG version of the game, with an absolutely vanilla wine installation (no additional libraries, if I recall correctly).

Lol , he is the dev of DXVK

Techland haven't decided if Dying Light 2 will be on Linux
29 June 2018 at 6:53 pm UTC

mirvAs for Dying Light 2, I seriously doubt it will come to GNU/Linux. If they haven't considered it by now, then any attempt to do a port (in-house) will be....interesting, to say the least, based upon their previous work on the matter.

The worst part of gaming on Linux is that treatment game publishers subject us to. They treat us like trash, or at least second-class citizens, with dismissives like "we'll think about it, keep waiting". I've read the topic on being a good Linux advocate but I can't help feeling like these people have no sense of commitment to the platform. And that indifference most likely hurts their own sales, because the lack of announcement of a port for Linux, or even a late delivery, eventually prevents Linux gamers from even noticing it. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, Linux sales are low because they mishandle their own development efforts.

I've felt that too - devs basically treating GNU/Linux as an afterthought and complaining when customers don't like it. Of course, that does not apply to all devs at all - have to make that very clear!
But another problem in the treatment of things this way is that by the time a GNU/Linux port is ready, much of the hype has died down, and people will probably wait for a sale anyway. Which just adds to the problem.
But if they can design multi-platform to begin with, even without a release planned, it often helps the primary platform. And, by and large, GNU/Linux is going to be easier for automated test setups, backend servers (think automatic compiles on a checkin), that kind of stuff. That then helps all platforms - and makes it far less difficult to give any final polish for a GNU/Linux release (if it's decided on).

I guess this is mostly timing related. Doing everything cross-platform from the beginning is likely what most real developers want. But there are the publishers that want their investment to return as fast as possible. I'm pretty certain what the answer is if a publisher/investor gets to choose between releasing "now" for windows and releasing in 3 month for windows/linux/mac...

Key term here is cross platform support though.

Average Linux gamers means that by saying cross platform support:

Windows , Linux , MacOS , PS4 , Xbox One , Android , IOS , Nintendo Switch

Market meaning of cross platform:

PS4 , Xbox One , Windows and lately Switch due to it's success

So yeah , they really want cross platform in the beginning. By market term

Techland haven't decided if Dying Light 2 will be on Linux
29 June 2018 at 6:34 pm UTC Likes: 3

JarnoI do play some of those, I just don't pay. If we are so small minority that they don't bother to deliver their games for us, they shouldn't bother if they don't get money from us.

You know how many times I heard from publishers/developers when discussing Linux ports...
"Linux users dont pay for their software anyway" ?

Well done. You're reinforcing that stereotype.

Pay their software huh?

Yes , i'm paying for every single Linux game. But i'm not paying and i won't pay for an unsupported product to show my interest to their game.

You want example right? I bought Bioshock Infinite , Witcher 2 , Mad Max , ROTR etc. by not caring about being native or not. Because they were listed as Linux compatible games on Steam with proper support , one click install.

I also play GTA5 , Skyrim , Doom etc. via Wine , repacked versions of them. I won't pay for an unsupported product for " showing my interest " , because if they don't interest with Linux support even if i bought 1 million copies each on Linux that won't change. So i can play many titles that i have interested but doesn't have Linux support ; saving money for BUYING Linux supported games and saving money for donating other FOSS projects that helps me and community in various ways. Wine , Libre Office etc.

And here is a fun fact : When these unsupported games have Linux support i buy them , even if i finished them earlier via Wine etc. Because Linux needs visibility on market and that is only possible with native games. That is my motive and regimen about gaming on Linux.

The Paradox Launcher is now available on Linux
27 June 2018 at 9:52 pm UTC Likes: 5

mylkamaybe they get more money with each sale, but now they have higher costes. own servers and linux programmer for the launcher
maybe gog follows

Possibility of GOG Galaxy + CDPR games on Linux is much less than MS Store on Linux possibility

Wine 3.11 and Wine Staging 3.11 both got released recently
25 June 2018 at 6:12 pm UTC Likes: 1

LeopardHi , you look like a hardcore Wine user. Can you help me with Skyrim SE?

I'm on 3.11 Staging and running Skyrim SE but i have problems with it.

Shadows and textures are glitchy. There are some advices about disabling nvapi but look like it is not relevant. Only nvapi64 is on there and disabling it is not helping.

Input lag. I have mouse/keyboard lag with that game.

Underwater is not rendering at all.

Some keys do not work , like I for accessing inventory.

How did you end up running correctly without problems?

Nvidia 396.24.2 driver

Isn't Skyrim SE DX11? In which case you should give DXVK a go

Woops , sorry. I meant LE but somehow wrote SE

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