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GGPO, a rollback networking SDK for peer-to-peer games has gone open source
9 October 2019 at 1:41 pm UTC

I think Rocket League is using something similar. Unlearning to account for lag is... more challenging than one would expect, especially because if the lag gets too bad it results in undefined behaviour.

All in all, rollback networking gets a big no thanks from me for now.

A French court has ruled that Valve should allow people to re-sell their digital games
19 September 2019 at 10:24 pm UTC Likes: 1

This will be an interesting change. It really benefits DRM free stores like GOG - their users already could sell the game if they wanted(breaking the law in a hard to detect fashion), but usually didn't. Some publishers will definitely try to dodge the problems by going into microtransations, where the game is free, but the money is in small items tied to the account, although if this ruling stands, in game item trading might be next.

Richard Stallman has resigned from the Free Software Foundation and MIT
17 September 2019 at 10:08 am UTC Likes: 7

It's sad how honest people are much more vulnerable to being sniped for opinions because they speak them instead of removing any meaning by proxying their communication through lawyers. Stallman has had very controversial theoretical opinions that could be and were used against him, because he conducts his discussions under public scrutiny.

Interestingly, he has very recently changed his mind on damage caused by paedophilia: And just as he was becoming a less controversial figure, Vice blew up in his face.

Tame monsters and explore the world in Monster Sanctuary, out in Early Access now
29 August 2019 at 11:41 am UTC

I've played the demo and it's basically Pokemon, in everything but name. Good game, and the demo is more complete than some released games - gives 2-4h of play depending on how quick and thorough you are

Rocket Pass 4 is coming to Rocket League on August 28th, with a new rally-inspired Battle-Car
22 August 2019 at 2:20 pm UTC

I'm looking forward to season 4, as I've just gotten everything from season 3

A three-way look at Rocket League on Linux, with D9VK versus Linux Native
3 August 2019 at 7:59 am UTC

Does __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=1 %command% make a difference on AMD GPUs?

Zink, the OpenGL implementation on top of Vulkan is still progressing
26 July 2019 at 10:03 pm UTC

There is alo the fact that currently Mesa uses NIR as an intermediate representation*. It's looking like in the future, Vulkan will be the most optimised graphics API GPUs support and making it the intermediate representation is quite appealing.

*Intermediate representation is a way of reducing combinations. Every piece of hardware is different and there are many graphical APIs. Trying to implement each on each would take a lot of effore and therefore Mesa developers have used an intermediate preresentation to reduce the problem's complexity from n*m to n+m.

The excellent deck-builder "Slay the Spire" is getting a 4th free character, update out with touch-screen support
2 July 2019 at 6:47 pm UTC

Slay the spire works just fine for me in borderless fullscreen on Kubuntu 19.04.

Interestingly, on a friends windows laptop where I showed the game off, it didn't fit the screen properly and the "start" button was out of reach, preventing play. It worked fine on another windows computer though. Seems like the engine is relatively new and hasn't been given treatment to work around hardware quirks...

I thoroughly enjoy it, but I don't think the 4th character fits thematically... There are so many 3s in the game - cards have sets of 3, relics have sets of 3, there are 3 shards to collect before fighting the heart, there are up to 3 enemies at a time(reptomancer excluded)... I'm sure the creators can surprise us though.

Steam Summer Sale 2019 is live, here’s what to look out for Linux fans
25 June 2019 at 10:41 pm UTC

SalvatosInteresting event, although I don't have any games currently tied to its achievements. Very interesting prizes too. The way it's designed, though, it looks like everyone should just join the same team (i.e. corgi) to ensure they are eligible for the free games.
Wrong. Only X players from the top 3 teams will win prizes. Meaning that you want to be one the smallest winning team. Corgi is probably the biggest now, not the best choice.

Valve looking to drop support for Ubuntu 19.10 and up due to Canonical's 32bit decision (updated)
22 June 2019 at 4:42 pm UTC Likes: 1

vectorI say this tongue-in-cheek so don't flame me, but perhaps Ubuntu would like to deprecate support for OpenGL as well; after all, Apple is deprecating OpenGL support

At least Apple

1) CLEARLY communicated that 32-bit and OpenGL was deprecated YEARS in advance
2) Did not hem and haw about 'well maybe we'll get rid of it in 20.04'
3) CLEARLY made an OS update that bugged users about their apps potentially not working in future releases
4) Only after 2-3 years of such updates, notification, etc is 32-bit support finally ending with OSX Catalina
5) OpenGL was declared deprecated last year, it still is not offically dead even in Catalina. yes its likely soon, but Apple has been screaming about converting to Metal for years. to the point where Aspyr and Feral back ported their entire steam library to Metal last year

Canonical's plan

1) "You have 4 months sorry!"

If Canonical is going to copy all of Apple's bad decisions, then they should also copy the part where Apple spent YEARS clearly communicating to both devs and users, with popups and warning. As opposed to dropping a bomb on people with 4 months notice, and then when users upgrade to 19.10 in 4 months suddenly 50% of the Linux games will stop working and Proton/Wine also dies with it.

So much this↑. Seriously, WTF do you mean you're removing an important part of the ecosystem with only 4 months notice? This is not a serious approach. If they wanted to test a 64 bit only Ubuntu, Canonical should have said it's a test. Deprecating 32 bit installers was clearly communicated and few people were taken by surprise. If Ubuntu announced they're marking 32-bit multilib as deprecated, they could have done so, but removing it out of the blue is a terrible idea.

I think one of the reasons steam is a 32-bit application despite supporting only 64-bit OSs is so that users don't notice whether the games themselves are 64 or 32-bit. Since installing the package pulls in 32 bit, you have both anyway.

I would be OK with openSuse Leap becoming the new Linux home for Steam. I remember that installing Nvidia drivers broke the package manager and that's how I ended up with Kubuntu, but I'm sure they could solve it. I head rumours steam was considering Flatpack as a way of cleanly packaging the old steam runtime and moving to a new one, but that was last year so it might have just been rumours.

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