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Latest Comments by Speedster
Disassembling NWScript bytecode with the open source project 'xoreos'
20 January 2016 at 10:29 am UTC

Mountain ManNeverwinter Nights has a native Linux version out there somewhere.
But like the Windows version, it's increasingly difficult to get it to run as time goes by.

Indeed, native Diamond edition didn't work on either ubuntu LTS or gentoo when I tried it recently.

DrMcCoy, is NWScript one of the big missing pieces for actually being able to play NWN with xoreos? Still another piece needed for combat? The wiki status page shows what *does* work rather than what is left to do...

DoubleFine seem to have attracted a bit of a mess with Psychonauts 2 funding
3 January 2016 at 12:43 am UTC Likes: 2

When projects are struggling to deliver, I tend to see comments complaining about how backers took all the risk and we should be getting a cut of the profits when X finally gets released. I'm pretty sure that's what inspired FIG, DFA being one of those projects that got multiple of those comments. I also suspect that mixing investments with crowdfunding is a hard concept to implement well, but I'm not interested in the investment aspect enough to look into whether FIG is on the right track yet. is the alternative funding platform that appeals most to my interests.. I might actually sign up there if it ever shows enough progress

DoubleFine seem to have attracted a bit of a mess with Psychonauts 2 funding
2 January 2016 at 8:37 am UTC Likes: 4

FWIW, I liked both parts of Broken Age. Not one of my favorite games ever, but I had a good time playing it. After the first half, I think I adjusted my expectations appropriately and was able to appreciate having decent main characters with solid acting, a few zany plot twists, classy one-of-a-kind graphics, and a good ending. There were some innovative puzzles, though some more fun than others. The knot one was a bit annoying really, but it was an experiment in trying something new rather than yet-another-inventory-puzzle, and some experiments do fail.

A closer look at some DRM free Linux games available on
30 December 2015 at 1:07 am UTC

HamishSorry for turning this into a mere back and forth between me and Cheese flesk.

Actually that conversation was interesting for some of us who haven't tried yet

The Funding Crowd 54, the latest in Linux crowdfunding news
15 December 2015 at 7:12 am UTC

scaineI'm a bit gutted about Deserted - bizarrely it's one of the more intriguing titles, but only gets the bonus mention, probably because it's doomed as a project. Hopefully it will live on. My kind of game - looks like a cross between Another World and Transistor.

At least it did get Greenlit, though the current campaign does look pretty doomed. Maybe early access will work out better for them.

Dreamfall Chapters review
8 December 2015 at 6:46 am UTC

jordicoma..."the longest journey" only runs on windows on software mode. It uses directx 7, if you want 3d; and wine has little support, and windows even less...
I was just about to ask about this game. The Wine db gave this title a bronze rating. Is it playable in software mode?
If I get it from GOG I have to deal with installers. But the upside is once it's installed I can work within a wine prefix better than running the steam version. Do GOG installers work well with wine?

I got Longest Journey as a gift from my family some years ago due to the winehq entry saying "it installs and runs" but I never got it to install back then. The GOG installer should be much better, since playonlinux says it is supported

The Zotac Steam Machine ZBOX NEN SN970 impressed OC3D in their review
28 November 2015 at 8:05 pm UTC

BillNyeTheBlackGuy$1200 for a console style computer is asinine. No one is going to pay that much for it no matter how good it is.

Why do I even see people quoting the price? It's $1000 launch price and was on sale for $900 at Amazon. At LEAST bitch with proper numbers please. I also thought I seen it was $800 at Amazon at one point.

But to your statement about $1200 machines. Well Syber sold their X line completely. Maybe you should ask those? It was exactly $1200.

It might be people who already have a big 4k display in the living room (and those early adopters are likely have more spare money than your average console gamer, so $1200 price tag is less of a concern)

CyberPower Syber Steam Machine Has Been Reviewed
24 November 2015 at 9:07 am UTC Likes: 1

Probably Valve is still not happy with SteamOS performance due to current generation of drivers, so they would just as soon have mostly Linux gamers buying Steam boxes until Vulkan gets a stable release and gets game engine support. At that point in the future, they can come up with some excuse to do a big marketing push for SteamOS and Steam boxes, and try to get some market share among the console-using masses.

That said, there was a 1-day sale for Syber Steam boxes featured on Steam today, and they managed to sell out both the low-end and mid-range models in less than a day
I'm curious what kind of quantities that was... probably wasn't a huge stock, mostly aimed at early adopters.

The Linux Version Of Moebius: Empire Rising Hasn't Been Forgotten
31 October 2015 at 11:37 pm UTC

There is a beta available to backers in the meantime, but I'm probably going to wait for the release version.

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