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I'm an 20 year old Sophomore at the University of Michigan. I hail from a small town in Michigan called Galien. My interests are Linux, gaming, girls, and computers in general. 

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Sail The High Seas In Windward, An Action Filled Sandbox Game On Steam

By n30p1r4t3,
What was once going to be an MMORPG, is now a sandbox RPG in a procedurally generated world with cross-platform multiplayer. Windward is now available on Steam and is set to launch Q2 2015 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. As a personal fan of anything Pirate related, I cannot wait for this game to arrive. I've been waiting ages for a Pirates! style game.

Nvidia GPU-Accelerated PhysX Now Available On Linux

By n30p1r4t3,
Among various bug-fixes, this version also features support for GPU acceleration on Linux platform (CUDA-capable devices only) and reworked documentation.

SteamOS Beta 133 Released

By n30p1r4t3,
The latest and greatest from Valve's Gaming OS! Now with a newer Linux kernel and an updated Nvidia Driver!

The Team Behind PlayOnLinux & PlayOnMac Reveals PortMyApps (UPDATED)

By n30p1r4t3,
Interesting bit of news today, folks, as the teams behind the widely popular PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac applications have announced their new service, PortMyApps.

SteamOS Update 126 Pushed To Alchemist Beta

By n30p1r4t3,
SteamOS has been updated once again, and now features better support for XBMC with new packages available.

SteamOS Update 123 Pushed To Alchemist Beta

By n30p1r4t3,
Valve's SteamOS has been updates again and here's the low down on SteamOS. Now with less reboots needed!

SteamOS Update 120 Pushed To Alchemist Beta

By n30p1r4t3,
The latest and greatest news about Valve's gaming OS. A new update has been released that you need to check out.

The Civ V Steam Giveaway Winner!

By n30p1r4t3,
Announcing the winner of our most recent give-away! See inside for the winner of a complete edition of Civ V!

Civ V Steam Giveaway!

By n30p1r4t3,
In celebration of the great port of Civ V by Aspyr, I'm giving away one steam copy of the game to one lucky reader.

The (hopefully) Weekly State Of SteamOS Address

By n30p1r4t3,
A hobby project that aims to showcase SteamOS and it's changes overtime from a member of the community.

The Latest Humble Weekly Sale (April 9-16)

By n30p1r4t3,
The Humble Weekly Sale is back with 4 titles, and 2 of them on Linux.  Thirty Flights of Loving  (Windows, Mac)

A Thought on What Holds Linux Gaming Back

By n30p1r4t3,
All the talk nowadays if of "unification" or to paraphrase Mark Shuttleworth and Ubuntu the "availability of a single interface for all devices."  And with all this talk I began to wonder why more gaming engine's aren't jumping on board.
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