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Trine 2 update

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Frozenbyte have written on their forums recently, when they think Trine 2 and its linux version will be released, they have also mentioned how long they foresee the campaign taking to complete.
Quote[INDENT=1]spencer wrote:[/INDENT]

[INDENT=2]fb_joel wrote:We are using the console certification time to focus on PC/Mac usability/technical.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Are you using "PC" as a synonym for "Windows," or does that include Linux as well?[/INDENT]

Indeed that means Windows/Mac. Linux will be separate, we'll focus on that once the game has been successfully launched on the other platforms. We'll most likely have our hands full with technical issues from Win/Mac, and once we get those fixed we will make the Linux version (so it'll get all the fixes as well). Naturally this means that the Linux version will probably be released sometime in early 2012. Sorry!

QuoteThe Trine 2 campaign will hopefully be a bit longer than Trine 1. It's not a whole lot longer though, and it's hard to judge accurately right now. It will probably hover around 6-10 hours for most people. There is a lot of replay value though, especially if you enjoy playing online multiplayer, and there's also all the experience orbs and hidden chests to collect.

We will most likely release at least one DLC campaign after release but that will take a while (perhaps in the spring next year). We'll know more after the game is out and we see all the feedback etc. image

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ubuntu gamer Oct 19, 2011
It's sad to see another "maybe next year" statement. I hope Desura for Linux will be a success and will attract more AAA game publishers.
Bumadar Oct 19, 2011
tbh, I think it will be released on linux, they did trine 1 so with that basis trine 2 should not be as hard. they will come through, and I do understand why the windows/mac first, its where they make their money.
Hamish Oct 19, 2011
I am really starting to get annoyed now by people complaining about the lack of same day Linux ports. As long as we get it eventually, I am happy with the world, and saying "oh, then it is never going to come" is just hurting our platform and hurting morale.

As far as Trine 2 goes, you should remember that the port is not done by them, but Alternative Games, so it makes a certain amount of sense it will take a little longer. In many ways this is a GOOD thing, as we get a version already beaten into shape by players triggering bugs on other platforms, not to mention what will be found while it is being ported.

Try looking on the bright side for once... what, did UT3 scar us all for life?
Marcus Møller Oct 20, 2011
A little post about their thoughts on multiplayer and how they're considering making it work:

TBH I think it seems too complicated with all the different multiplayers. Personally I would just stick with a standalone multiplayer which did not require Steam.
Digit01 Oct 20, 2011
Sad sad day. Linux put on the back burner again.
Hamish Oct 20, 2011
We did not get Trine for Linux until over a year after it was released for Windows, and now we are winging that we have to wait a few months for Trine 2? I really do not understand it...
Rustyboltz Oct 20, 2011
Strange why is it a sad day? A linux port has been confirmed previously and now we have an ETA, i'm not bothered which platforms it will arrive on first, being in a minority i'm glad of the support.
alexThunder Oct 21, 2011
If "early" really means "early" I'm fine :)
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The comments on this article are closed.