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New Game: Project Black Sun

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While doing my usual scouring the net on various gaming websites, games stores and whatever else Linux related i can find, I stumbled across this game Project Black Sun (there is no direct link to their game page - the link is on the right).

It's another platformer game but it has some really crisp looking graphics and the gameplay does look quite interesting.

It is pending approval by the staff at Indievania and Desura right now and the developers state on the page everything is ready to go.

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QuoteThis is our first game and we wanted to get SNES game vibe to it.
Project Black Sun is adventure game with platforming elements and it's
inspired by Super Metroid.

- Lots of collectables and exploring
- Challenging boss fights
- Classic old school pixel graphics
- Rewarding gameplay

Windows and Linux versions supports Xbox 360 Controller.

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Kame 6 Nov, 2011
You say "It's another platformer game" like that's a bad thing.
Onion 7 Nov, 2011
It's definitely got that SOTN thing going on. Looks nice.
Liam Dawe 7 Nov, 2011
Quoting: "Kame, post: 2580"You say "It's another platformer game" like that's a bad thing.

Not a bad thing at all, but i would like to see more RTS games with a story personally :) and i said another because we have had a flux of them come to Linux from indies recently.

This game does looks really good though.
Brandon Smith 7 Nov, 2011
I'd be interested to see what Venn says if he does a B-Reel on it. He's always complaining about the number of platformers on Linux.
Liam Dawe 7 Nov, 2011
Quoting: "Brandon Smith, post: 2585"I'd be interested to see what Venn says if he does a B-Reel on it. He's always complaining about the number of platformers on Linux.

With good reason, it seems to be the in thing at the moment. I'm all for games coming to Linux but we seem to be overflowing with quake style shooters and indie platformers.
Hamish 8 Nov, 2011
Quake style shooters are there thanks to there being a lot of easy code available and solid tools to build them mostly thanks solely to John Carmark. If you want more variation, blame the developers of other titles for not being as community minded. Thankfully that is one of my favourite genres, so I am well covered.

As for the platformers, well, they have been the quintessential "indie" game since Cave Story. I must admit I am a little tired of hearing about some "innovative" Indie title which is just a rehash of a classic shareware platformer. I am fine with them being there, but I do not care if you added some funky physics effects or time control or metaphysical f**k ups , it is still basically Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, or Mario.

As it is though, I would find it in bad taste to complain to loudly about such things, as we are not yet in a position that we can demand developer attention as loudly as that. Every developer we get we must all be grateful to. Especally since the reason we are stuck in these moulds are because these developers are the only ones to give a proper s***t about us.

Pardon my self-censored language. :p
KameZero 8 Nov, 2011
? *glances at Desura* I've got... 7 "platformer" games. Where are these plethora of platformers I'm missing? 8 if you count BEEP which isn't on Desura.

Either way, I for one love platformers/sidescrollyshooters. Maybe that's just because I grew up playing Super Metroid and Mario.
Hamish 8 Nov, 2011
Hey, I was not beating on platformers, just that there seems to be a bit of an indie preoccupation with them.

Anyway, I just played through the first episode of the original Duke Nukem a few months ago through Dosbox. :)
Liam Dawe 8 Nov, 2011
Keep it chilled guys :)

It was just a passing comment thats all. I love all indie games including platformers, i just personally want more of a bigger variety but as Hamish said we are still a small user base...for now!

I wouldnt feature it on gol news if i wasnt interested in it somewhat :)
Kame 8 Nov, 2011
? I was genuinely asking what platformers I was missing. I love platformers.

I have: BEEP, BTM, Braid, Cave Story, Project Black Sun, Trine, SoR, VVVVVV, and Gish.
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The comments on this article are closed.