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The Humble Bundle for Android!

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Looks like the folks at Humble may be expanding a bit as this latest bundle debuts Android support for the games (although i doubt this will happen all the time!).

The next Humble Bundle is here, The Humble Bundle for Android.

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It hasn't been out for long and has already gross over $140k!

I actually own World of Goo and Osmos from their earlier bundles but to have them for Android as well is quite tempting as I have the SGS2! What do you think to this bundle? Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.
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Hamish Feb 1, 2012
Well, I only play native games for the most part, so yes my requirments are quite different than yours.

I do use WINE for some things, but mostly for my old Windows games that I still have lying around. The newest title I have played with through WINE is Star Wars: Republic Commando which was released in 2005. With that I was playing it a 1280x1024 with full effects on and everything was working well. There was some trouble with dynamic shadows back when I was using Fedora 13, but that was fixed with the switch to Gallium3D when I installed Fedora 16.

I somehow doubt I am experiencing such a big jump from what you had two months back though. Your results are really incongruous with mine, and that has been true for a while now, even though we are both using a similar sized screen and my card is older than yours. Even on Fedora 13 with the classic Mesa drivers I was getting pretty good performance. Now, on Fedora 16 I do have Colour Tiling and Page Flip enabled through Xorg.conf and I have turned off Swapbuffers Wait, which does help quite a bit, so maybe that has something to do with it?

At any rate, sorry for taking this off topic Liam....
Xpander Feb 2, 2012
if i remember correct i tryed swapbuffer tweak, with no improvement in minecraft but that was longer time ago than my lastest with open source drivers.
i expected the opensource drivers work out of the box to be honest, like they advertise it (out of the box linux experience)
checking around all kinds of benchmarks seems that gallium drivers are still far far behind from prop in terms of performance.
and according to phoronix, swapbuffer tweak is done in most tests. also i heard that bigger resolution kills the open source drivers since they depend more on a cpu somehow. Also u have to compile the stuff ur own with the s3tc patch if u want to make more games work.
naah im fine that it works for some people. but for me those drivers have allways been 5 years behind. even opengl support is still 2.1? or now lately some 3.x features also, while i enjoy opengl 4.1 and 4.2 features quite a while.

I have nothing against those drivers and against people who using them. But its sad to see that people complain that this and this runs crap and this wont run at all.. good example is all kinds of Oil Rush topics. people complain that it doesnt run on open source drivers and it was waste of money. yet the official requirements say clearly that you need proprietary drivers.
people starting to complain thats what i dont like about it. you are not forced to use those drivers if u have a decent nvidia/amd card.
thats one of the reasons why i think there are not much triple A games on linux(not the main problem tho). cuz the foss drivers arent there yet and probably wont be for the near future.

in the end of all of it. use what u want. but dont limit urself only for foss if you want to use something that doesnt work well with it.

ideed sry for stealing the topic here :)
too bad that my english is not so good to go in for more detailed discussion, but hope you got some point. We can go to private messages if you want to kill some of my thoughts :)
Hamish Feb 2, 2012
All right, I took you up on your offer.

Carry on with your day everyone. :p
Liam Dawe Feb 2, 2012
Well I a still debating if I should buy this bundle or not since I own 2 of the games already, is it worth it?

Ps. Try to keep on topic now and then :P
Xpander Feb 2, 2012
the bundle is fine.. edge is pretty fun actually(nice music and stuff)
anomaly is quite interesting also but terrible voice acting turns me off somehow.
world of goo is know to everybody, just a perfect game.
and osmos is known to everybody also, really nice relaxing game(alltho not so relaxing sometimes when u get hit by bigger ones :D)
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The comments on this article are closed.