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Kickstarter fever

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Kickstarter fever seems to have gripped the gaming community, from the big names like Tim Schafer and Brian Fargo, to the indies.

Here's a selection of projects and the chances they have for a Linux port:

  • Heroes of Forevia, an arcade action RPG, will be ported to Linux if $20,000 is reached. This is unfortunately double the amount for funding of the Win/Mac side and a far cry from the $750 the project have amassed so far.
  • The Banner Saga, self described as "a role-playing game merged with turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about vikings" mentions "We are currently looking at the feasibility of doing a Linux port and will provide an update soon!".
  • Hardcore Tactical Shooter, A farming sim realistic tactical FPS writes in their FAQ "Mac and Linux are TBD based on demand. If you are interested, let us know!".

So, dear readers, any interesting Kickstarter games with a chance of Linux port we have missed? Do you take the chance to fundraise a game where a Linux port isn't assured? Or are you perhaps tired of paying for games that have yet to be developed, much less released?

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Beherit Mar 22, 2012
20.000 to develop a port in Linux while already developing a Mac version? That's insane.

Banner saga looks promising.
whizse Mar 22, 2012
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  • Supporter
Yeah, that did seem rather excessive. Shame really, as the game looks interesting.
Brandon Smith Mar 22, 2012
I'd agree with Beherit, that almost sounds like they are trying use the linux community just for the advertising.
Anthony Bertolo Mar 22, 2012
Hi guys,

I'm actually the lead developer for heroes of forevia. I know on the surface asking for double the pledge for a Linux port is excessive but there are two caveats to that:

A) $10,000 is just the amount we are looking for to shore things up. We've spent more than that ourselves in the last year on art and other assets for the game.

B) We are going to push for a Linux port regardless of the final pledge amount. Since we've spent countless hours programming already, it's more of a time issue getting what we have over to the right platform. $10k is the price tag to have that done by a 3rd party. We can do it ourselves, it's just that without the extra cash we can't list it as a sure thing to be ready when the Mac / PC version is.

Just think of it this way: Wasteland 2 is asking for an extra $500k to do their Linux port (which is reasonable depending on the engine technology they plan to use). We're just asking for enough bread and water to make it happen, indie style. (btw the devs at inxile are pretty cool people, they've backed or project as well).

You guys can drill us via email as well (we don't mind). Mine is Anthony at
Bumadar Mar 22, 2012
a few comment :)

- Heroes of Forevia / Anthony, the extra 10.000 for Linux sounds weird without your explanation, but with it I can see that we gone get a Linux port at some stage, depending on the cash it might be at launch.... on the other hand we still got wine and since I do have fond gauntlet memories consider yourself backed... clicking right now :)

- The Banner saga, looks also promising, will wait on their Linux thoughts.

On another note, I am looking at how come Banner saga is so well funded while Heroes of Forevia is not... both games should appeal to enough people and looking at the video the biggest difference I see is that the one shows actual (or I think it is) game footage while the other does not.... could that make such a difference or is it just one getting the word out better then the other ?
Andreus Viktualius Mar 22, 2012
Hmm... you see, the problem is: I am not willing to spend my money on a game, which is not confirmed for my plattform. I don't want to end up buying a game that I can't play. (Which might happen if I fund it and the end-amount would be between 10k and 20k.)
Officially confirm a Linux client and I will fund you. I'm sorry, because I would really love it, I think, but the problem is the big difference between funding goal and confirmed linux-client.

To the Banner Saga:
There team is running a survey at the moment, on which platform we want to see it:

I hope many of you vote for linux!^^

...maybe you can put this into article above?
whizse Mar 22, 2012
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  • Supporter
Hi Anthony, thanks for dropping by and clearing things up!
whizse Mar 22, 2012
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  • Supporter
Here's another (pre-Kickstarter) interesting one to keep an eye on. Dead State, a zombie RPG. It's being co-developed by DoubleBear and Iron Tower Studios. Iron Tower is the guys doing Age of Decadence, that's supposedly coming out for Linux, so it's just possible that Dead State could too:,2482.0.html
Anthony Bertolo Mar 23, 2012
Just to clear one more thing up.

At launch, we will have a Chrome Native Client build of the game (playable on Linux without Wine and WITH full hardware acceleration).

I still see your point though, and can definitely appreciate it.
Zerothis Mar 23, 2012
Quoting: "Anthony Bertolo, post: 3802"Just to clear one more thing up.

At launch, we will have a Chrome Native Client build of the game (playable on Linux without Wine and WITH full hardware acceleration).

I still see your point though, and can definitely appreciate it.

Hmm, how about saying so on the Kickstarter page?

Anywho, <> A Linux version of Proppa can happen for just $50.00 (fifty dollars, not 50k, not $5,000, specified for any dyslexics like my self out there). Actually they want 50 Linux bakers, regardless of the amount of money they give (minimum support is $1 so that makes $50 minimum). That's just 50 people, the Linux version happens. That's the going record for the lowest Linux version bounty.

"If you are a supporter, and would like a Linux or Mac version, let us know. If 50 or more of our supporters, at any level, request Linux or Mac support, we'll add support for that system and fill the "Windows PC" reward with a Linux or Mac version as you specify. Please allow an additional month."

Tortured Hearts <>
Jib Life Early <>

These are based on Unity3D. Every Linux user know, i hope, that the Unity Team has avoided native Linux in their efforts to cover every other platform imaginable. Unity says they will be judging the merits of activating (that's activating, not adding, because its already functional) the Linux native option based on how many developers use their Google NaCl option (And Burger King will add bacon chili cheese dogs when enough customers order plain veggie wraps). But, there's a rumor that there is a Linux Source Code license for Unity3D (case-by-case negotiation with developers as requested). Unfortunately, this probably means Linux bounties for Unity3D projects will be outrageously high, and Unity might refuse many devs that ask for it. HEY UNITY! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Feebles Fable(TM), <>. On March 21st and 22nd, they had a $100k bounty to "think about it". Its gone now. Lets all be extra generous and all of us "think about" giving them a billion dollars each . But only for the next 2 days.

FTL: Faster Than Light <>
Bacillus, <>
Already Linux.
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The comments on this article are closed.