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A Double Fine Update

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I kind of got distracted thanks to recent events, but after having recently won Psychonauts I wrote to Double Fine about the future of the games Linux port, and here are the responses I got.

About updating the port and fixing the still remaining bugs:
QuoteWe’re aware of these issues but are having a hard time getting them fixed in a timely fashion. Check out for more details as both versions have the same technical and logistical problems... We’re not satisfied w/ the current state of Pnauts on Linux either. We’re working to address it, but right now finaling The Cave, MMoJ, and doing our end of year AF are consuming all the bandwidth we have. We’ll definitely be revisiting Pnauts Mac and Linux in a serious way early next year. I’ll post more specific plans/timelines when I have them.

About getting the game on other distribution platforms:
QuoteThis is a pretty reasonable request, and something we’ve discussed here. We have no opposition to other distro services, but each service we release on adds overhead for build updates, contracts, payments and invoicing, etc. We aren’t big enough to add channels without having a reasonable belief that we can handle that extra cost/complexity. Really, I’m just saying we have to take things one step at a time, and we’ll get to those alternate services just as soon as we have the bandwidth to do so.

So the good news is we should hopefully see some more improvements for the game somewhere done the line. Article taken from
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Anon 4 Dec, 2012
Hopefully this is the beginning of a long journey of Double Fine and Linux, because I want to see the other games here. There are far too many problems with Psychonauts ATM and it's not even optimized properly, but if they are committed to making this version much better, I'm still happy.

And related to AF - anybody know of any alternate ways to download the videos? I've had to leave Day 2 over night because of the ridiculously low speeds I was getting. Should I just shoot Humble an email asking for torrents for those?
Hamish 30 Dec, 2012
Just got a message from the bugzilla that the health indicator problems (and potentially the other on screen display bugs) have been fixed up ready for the next build. So things are indeed progressing.

Now we just need to see about improving performance.
berarma 31 Dec, 2012
I'm still waiting to play this game when fixed.
Hamish 4 Jan, 2013
The screen staying blurry after using the bacon bug has apparently been fixed ready for the next update. :)

icculus has also put out a new test patch for people to try:

EDIT: Indeed, the bacon and the health indicators are working now. :D
Liam Dawe 4 Jan, 2013
Oh nice when it gets an official patch out can you either let me know or do a new news post to let everyone know? I haven't even tried the game because of all the bad bugs I hear about it.
berarma 4 Jan, 2013
Great. I may try the game now that it seems they're fixing bugs.
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