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Rochard "Hard Times" DLC Released

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Rochard, the puzzle-platformer that has the distinct honour of being the first ever Unity3D game released for Linux thanks to its inclusion with Humble Indie Bundle 6, now has a little more content. Developer Recoil Games have released their "Hard Times" DLC on Steam for all three supported platforms, including Linux.

QuoteToday Recoil Games is excited to announce brand new upcoming DLC for its critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer Rochard. Titled ‘Hard Times’, the new content will be available soon and includes four new, incredibly challenging puzzle levels: ‘Container Chaos’, ‘Shaft Shuffle’, ‘Brainyard’ and ‘Assembly Line’. These levels were created as a response to fans that found the original stages a bit too ‘easy’. The ‘Hard Times’ content is designed to use all of the existing game mechanics, with an emphasis on puzzle-solving as opposed to combat, and offers a difficult test for even the most experienced players.

When it comes to people wanting to purchase the DLC through other means, people who have already bought it direct from the developer through their Humble Store widget should receive a copy of it free of charge, while people who own Rochard thanks to Humble Indie Bundle 6 are unfortunately for the moment forced to grab it off of Steam only.

Recoil Games has said that they are still looking for other potential distribution platforms however, and I have already suggested Desura to them as a possible alternative option for those who would like to purchase it outside of Steam.

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Cheeseness 2 Mar, 2013
I'm very much looking forward to check this out.
berarma 3 Mar, 2013
We can buy the game (again) directly from Recoil games to get the DLC, right? I'd rather not pay again for the whole thing but I wouldn't mind further supporting this developer this way. I'd liked the game and it worked very well from the start. I haven't read anything negative neither.
Hamish 3 Mar, 2013
Yes, that is what the article said. You can find the buying widget here:
Cheeseness 4 Mar, 2013
They're not kidding when they say it's challenging :D
achrenico 6 Mar, 2013
Currently, due to the platform limitations, only Steam version supports separate DLC purchase. Anyone who paid $1 or more for HiB6 have the Steam key for the original game already. We are considering ways to bring Hard Times to the other distribution platforms, e.g., Desura. The Humble Store version has Hard Times integrated and I hope we can find a solution for Ubuntu Software Center as well.

Jan / Recoil Games
Hamish 6 Mar, 2013
They have now committed to a Desura release - awesome! :D
Cheeseness 7 Mar, 2013

I have to say, Hard Times is doing a good job of making me feel dumb. Thank you :D
Hamish 22 Sep, 2013
Well, I have finally gotten the chance to play some of this, and I must admit to not finding it too hard. You need to know Rochard to play it, certainly, but I am making my way through alright.

Although, considering I reviewed it, my knowledge of the game may have been forced to be more extensive than it would be for some other players. :P
Hamish 28 Sep, 2013
I might take back a little of what I said, as the last two levels are lot more punishing, primarily because they are less thought puzzles as reflex tests that require a lot more luck. I also hit a bug wherein if the game was full-screen a lot of the effects and lighting would stop functioning about half-way through the level, a problem which I am currently discussing with Recoil Games support.

I am thinking of collecting up some of my thoughts and adding a small addendum to my Rochard review on Hard Times.

EDIT: Addendum added to Rochard review.
Cheeseness 30 Sep, 2013
Ah, you edited your post. Here I was waiting for another notification >_<

Here's a link to the review in case anybody has trouble finding it.
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The comments on this article are closed.