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Stonehearth kickstarter closing in on Linux Stretchgoal

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The Stonehearth Kickstarter is really close to reaching its Linux and Mac stretchgoal of $200,000, you are of course free to feel what you think about Linux and Mac being a stretchgoal, but the developers explain it like this:

QuoteWe fundamentally believe in cross platform support, and we are avoiding Windows only tech so that we can eventually support Mac and Linux. Unfortunately, since we are writing our own engine, we don't get cross-platform support for free. Mac and Linux ports WILL be stretch goals. We'll announce all the stretch goals when we near our funding goal.


About the game though:

QuoteStonehearth is a game about exploration and survival in an epic fantasy setting. Your job is to help a small group of settlers survive and carve out a place for themselves in a hostile land. You’ll need to establish a food supply, build shelter, defend your peope, and find a way to grow and expand, facing challenges at every step.

Starting from procedurally generated terrain with dynamic AI encounters, Stonehearth combines city sim and good old combat with infinite building possibilities. It’s built to be moddable at every level, from your city, to the people and creatures inhabiting the world, and will ship with the tools and documentation for you to add your own customizations to the game, and share them with friends.

and quite important:

QuoteThis kickstarter is to fund the single player version of the game.


and a final note on their thoughts about DRM

QuotePeople have different definitions of DRM, so let me just tell you what we're doing. We will require a ONE TIME authentication to prove that you're really you, like an email verification. That's it.

Update: They have hit the goal, it's officially coming to Linux (and Mac). I have contacted the developers to ask if it will be a same day release or a "later date" release, will update again if they reply. liamdawe

Update 2: The developers have clarified to me when the Linux release will be, liamdawe:
QuoteHey Liam, our goal is to make the Linux Release version available at the same time as the Windows/Mac versions, in Sept of 2014. Not sure if we'll have Linux support by Beta though, which is Dec 2013.

So even though it was a stretch goal at least they won't do what a lot of other developers do and release it later than Mac or Windows. Article taken from
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Liam Dawe 5 May, 2013
Personally I love the look of the project and it can be a little different if you are writing everything yourself, not different enough to warrant basically $10k each for Mac and Linux (180-200k stretch goal) considering they already said they are shying away from Windows only tech.

Still it's better than no support at all and still lower than a fair few others stretch goals, not to mention they have almost hit it anyway.
Sabun 5 May, 2013
Wow, this one looks really good. It'll really come down to whether the A.I. is competent or not, for me to decide if it'll be an awesome purchase or just an ok one.

Definitely like the cartoonish bright colors look. No idea why, but my mind finds games that are colorful in nature with good game mechanics to be really fun :)

That huge creature in their video reminds me of Scribblenauts gameplay. It'd be cool if we could summon stuff like that.
s_d 6 May, 2013
And, now we have it.  Goal met ~6hrs ago :)

There are some cool comments on there that warm my heart a bit:

QuoteJohn about 7 hours ago
Is anyone else completely not interested in mac and linux ports and yet completely excited we're almost to them?
Kickstarter is weird...

Later, a couple of folks agree with him. Am I the only one who feels that it's pretty rare to see such joy in OS inclusiveness outside of crowd-funding? Also, it always helps to foster the belief that we are an engaged and cohesive community when a dozen "Backing for Linux!" (and Mac) comments pop up in the day following a stretch goal met.

Personally, I give a little more to projects with day-1 support, but with so many lovely projects these days, I actually have to be discerning! O_o

Also... saving a few dollars will help me put them in Liam's tip jar at some point soon :P
Liam Dawe 6 May, 2013
So if you weren’t going to back it due to a stretch goal, I don't see why not since now it will be coming.
FireFlower Games 8 May, 2013
Looks nice and interesting. Maybe a bit similar to other games out there though. :)
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The comments on this article are closed.