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A contender to Unity for Linux appears, enter Leadwerks

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Josh Klint of Leadwerks emailed me to ask me to shout out his new Kickstarter aimed at bringing Leadwerks over to Linux, unlike Unity3D the editor itself from Leadwerks will be on Linux as well enabled you to make games on Linux for Linux!

I am not personally up to scratch on Leadwerks but the more I look into it the more I think it will be useful to have!

QuoteWe have a complete visual editor that handles all aspects of the game development process, and we’re porting it to run natively on Linux. We’re using GTK for the user interface, so our editor will look and feel like a native Linux application.

It notes that you will be able to compile your code to work on Windows and Mac as well so you can push anything you make with it to all 3 of the major desktop Operating Systems, sounds even better!

He is looking to raise a total of $20,000 so it's not even a very high target in comparison.

Some games that have been made with Leadwerks:
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You need to fork out at least $100 to get yourself a copy, to put things into comparison a Unity license is $1,500. The only drawback I can see is you have to pay $200 to get a copy for Linux, Mac and Windows but again still far far cheaper than Unity so in comparison still good value.

I may be comparing it too much to Unity but comparing it to the competition is the best way to see how it all stacks up, so far the fact that it's far cheaper is a big tick in my book.

They are a proven company too since their products have already been out for some time now, it's not like backing something brand new that might not come out.

Certainly seems like a complete no brainer to me, includes everything you need to make a game!

It's also needing Greenlight votes if you like the look of it!

What do you all make of it? Article taken from
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s_d 17 Jun, 2013
Quoting: SabunI have to agree with Mirv on the importance of the Editor itself coming to Linux. I hope Leadwerks succeed.
By the way, whatever happened to Torque3d? Looks like they're interest in bringing their editor to the Linux platform was just fluff... which is depressing. Their Github shows last commit as being a month ago for Linux, unless I'm looking in the wrong place.

No, you're totally correct.  GarageGames has committed to bringing the editor to Linux, but they needed a little help (the company is in rough shape, but is staying in business).  They ran an ill-fated IndieGoGo project to do exactly what Leadwerks is doing, but they needed $30K, and ran a fixed-funding campaign (Kickstarter-style).  I pledged to their campaign to help out.

The campaign would have benefited from a number of tweaks... in addition to very light interactivity with the backers (by today's crowd-funding standards), they also didn't even brag about Torque's clients' products' until late in the campaign!  For example, there's the demo video from BeamNG, creators of an awesome soft-body physics engine... aside from obvious YouTube compression artifacts, the graphics may not seem too amazing until you realize that BeamNG are only two programmers & two artists, and they're only doing enough graphics to show off their physics engine!

It's pretty obvious that a larger, better funded, indie team with environment & texture artists could pull off AAA-quality with Torque3D... but GarageGames didn't sell that crucial point, unfortunately.  It's already hard enough to put up, essentially, a free software project crowd-funding campaign, but I feel like they shot themselves in the foot on this one.  Also, their campaign suffered the "IndieGoGo effect" (i.e., ~25% of the potential crowd-funding audience of Kickstarter).

Basically, when it ended, they said this was still important to them, but that they couldn't fund the port full-time.  You know what that means... it's nights & weekends (and poking in a fix, here and there, between other features & deadlines), from the couple of folks willing to do it on their own.  I hope that others (like Leadwerks) succeed and show there is a market for game creation on Linux with tools similar to that which Unity Technology provides.  If that happens, then GarageGames could partner with an investor, or similar, to bring their editor over.

Also, the Linux version of their engine needs some love, but it's supposedly quite capable in the hands of a good video game programmer, albeit somewhat inflexible.  Don't quote me on that, as I haven't used it personally, and am relaying what other developers have stated.
Sabun 18 Jun, 2013
QuoteIf that happens, then GarageGames could partner with an investor, or similar, to bring their editor over.
I definitely hope something that good would happen in the future for them. I had no idea about the demo being done by only four people! You raise some good points, I hope Leadwerks won't fall into the same pits of doom. 100$ for the licence is very reasonable, so I hope that it's doable in the time frame they've set up.
Anonymous 18 Jun, 2013
I'm more interested in the open source contender...
s_d 18 Jun, 2013
Quoting: AnonymousI'm more interested in the open source contender...

Holy crap, dude, where did that come from?! It looks awesome! Wonder why I've never heard of it... is it new?
Liam Dawe 18 Jun, 2013
Personally I just hope one day we have something like Construct 2 or Multimedia Fusion on Linux as of yet nothing even comes close.
Hamish 19 Jun, 2013
As to people complaining about the performance of Unity games, I have only played Rochard as of yet, but it ran just fine on my older card with free software drivers. So bad performance certainly does not seem to be some kind of rule with it.
Mike Hense 21 Jun, 2013
Before you take a sip of this Kool Aid, you should stop for a second and take a look on the Leadwerks forums... see the Leadwerks 2  licensees and how they've been abandoned by Josh, as have their prayers to have bugs that have existed for months fixed...  is this what you're looking forward to giving up your money for...

Look at the demo reel... notice  that the examples are from from Leadwerks 2 projects... Leadwerks 3 has abandoned the level of graphics that were available in Leadwerks 2 for a more devolved version reminiscent of a bad dx7 renderer... you're not gonna get any of the graphics shown above from the current renderer... 

A few weeks ago he was focused on mobile development... then it was on Steam distribution... now it's Linux... and all the while, the licensees of Leadwerks 3.0 are awaiting significant bug fixes, and anticipating paying more for features that should've been part of the initial release...

Sorry, but this looks to me more like a scheme to hook you, then get regular licensing fees...  I've been a loyal Leadwerks licensee for years... i've seen bugs go unfixed... the api suddenly and arbitrarily changed, invalidating all existing code... features  arbitrarily ripped out of the engine... never replaced... and anyone who dares question the status quo will be immediately banned from the forum, all access to docs and ancillary files revoked...

My Advice... do your homework... look past the advertising hype before you decide to part with your hard earned cash... 

Liam Dawe 22 Jun, 2013
@Mike Hense if you want people to beleive what you say it's usually a good idea to back up what you say, currently it's just words from a possible upset customer, something every company will have.
If you have proof it would be worth showing it to prove your point.
Anonymous 23 Jun, 2013
Quoting: liamdawe@Mike Hense if you want people to beleive what you say it's usually a good idea to back up what you say, currently it's just words from a possible upset customer, something every company will have.
If you have proof it would be worth showing it to prove your point.
You're 200% correct liamware... while i'm not an upset customer, i am a disappointed customer... (FACT1) i've had a Leadwerks license for 2 years.. i know Leadwerks and have seen it progress from a once bright light it was in the indie scene, to the desperate attempt for funding that is ( FACT2 ) the graphically devolved version of Leadwerks 2 that licensees are paying more for now...  (FACT 3) The misleading exampleclips in the videos were ALL MADE BY LEADWERKS 2 DEVELOPERS, USING LEADWERKS 2...  Leadwerks 3 is incapable of producing those graphics... (FACT4) Although promised that they would be fixed, there are still a substantial number of bugs remaining in Leadwerks 2... and with Leadwerks 3, Leadwerks For Steam, and now Leadwerks For Linux promised... what do you think are the chances these will be resolved... Hey, i could go on and on... but it would be better for you not to take my word for anything... but look on the forums... you'll see (if Josh hasn't deleted all of em yet) the posts about unresolved L2 bugs... there was even a post the other day from someone (a L3 licensee) that asked Josh to fix the significant bugs before moving onto anything else.... THESE PEOPLE PAYED FOR A LEADWERKS 3 LICENSE, AND SOON THEY'RE LIKELY GONNA BE FORCED TO PAY FOR AN UPDATE IN ORDER TO GET WHAT THEY SHOULD'VE GOTTEN IN THE ORIGINAL RELEASE... unless the Linux community decides to chip in and fund it for em... HEY, IT'S YOUR CHOICE... IT'S YOUR MONEY :)
Kristian 23 Jun, 2013
What precise feature of Leadwerks 2 have been removed in Leadworks 3?
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