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The Cheapskate's Corner 22 (mini Halloween Special)

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Welcome back to The Cheapskate's Corner, after a long absence mainly due to our non-gaming, non-cheapskate daily obligations. However, we've managed to pull out this mini Halloween Special. Time's of the essence as some deals will expire really soon, so let's get to the point right away!


We start with the traditional Steam Halloween Sale, with lots of discounted games:

image image image image image
image image image image image
image image image image image
image image image image image
image image image

The sale ends in less than 24h, so run you fools!!!


Desura is also holding a Halloween sale with its 7 Days of Horror, although at a smaller scale:

image image image image image

Everyday there's a featured game at 75% off (today Thursday is Killing Floor), so keep checking Desura for each day's super-deal! The sale ends on Nov 4th/5th, depending on where you live.


Indie Royale is also celebrating Halloween with its The Halloween 2 Bundle, what else could it do? Purchasing the bundle you'll get Organ Trail: Director's Cut (DRM-free + Desura key + Steam key) and Rise of the Ravager (DRM-free):

image image

To that effect, you'll have to beat the average (currently at $5.25/4€). There's still a locked mystery game, so the Linux game count could be increased by one if we're lucky. The bundle expires next Wednesday, Nov 6th.


The last venue to get onboard the Halloween bandwagon with its The Indie Gala Halloween Mix. Pay at least $2.99 (only during the very first hours) and get The 39 Steps (Steam key only):


For the price you'll get some music albums and a few Android games as well. This bundle ends this Sunday, Nov 3rd.

Additionally, the Indie Gala Store is offering you The iBomber Bundle, in which you can grab iBomber Defense Pacific (Steam key only) for $0.99 min, and iBomber Attack (Steam key only) for at least $3.99:

image image

This bundle apparently ends on Monday Nov 4th, but with these bundles you never know as they keep extending their duration over and over again...


The Big Brother Bundle is not Halloween-themed, but it's no less scary if you think about it. Pay whatever you fancy and get I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (Steam key only), or beat the current $2.75 average to also obtain Hacker Evolution Duality (Steam key only):

image image

Depending on the amount you pay you'll be able to download e-books, music albums, films, and more. There's plenty of time to get this bundle as it won't expire until Nov 18th.


The current Groupees' Build a Greenlight Bundle 4 features some content of our interest. We're talking about Inverto (DRM-free + Desura key) and Zigfrak (Desura key only):

image image image

This is a build-a-bundle type of deal, so you must select a minimum of two games and pay at least $0.75 for each of them. How nice there are two Linux titles in it! And better still, there's a remaining unannounced extra that could push the total amount of Linux games in this bundle up to three with any luck. We'll find out pretty soon, as the deal ends this Sunday, Nov 3rd.

By the way, if you're wondering WTF is this Inverto thing you don't need to go very far to find out. :)

UPDATE: Well, the last extra has been revealed (though it's not available until 5,000 bundles are sold) and it is a Linux game: Ghostship Aftermath! And better still, the previous extra (which is already available to anyone who purchased the bundle) was also a Linux game, but we didn't know it: The Curse of Blackwater! Now there's really no excuse not to get this bundle, folks!


A new Humble Weekly Sale is here, and this time around is featuring games from Team 17. Unfortunately only one out of 10 is available for Linux, and it's no other than Superfrog HD (Steam key only):


Since the games are Steam-only you've got to pay at least a buck to get the game (and a bunch of soundtracks too). All in all a smightly disappointing deal as it could have at least included Worms Reloaded which was recently ported to Linux. You've got the whole week since next Thursday to get it if you feel like it.


The Flying Bundle is back with its second instalment, the Flying "Moonrise" Bundle featuring DIVO (Desura key + Steam key) at the $4.00 level:

image image

At first glance it might seem a lousy deal as it only supposes a 20% discount over the listed price. However there are two mystery games yet to be revealed, so the penguin meat content of this one could be significantly increased soon. But the best is yet to come: 5% of the income will go to fund the Linux port of Noire, another game in the bundle (Desura key only). So there you have it, by purchasing a Linux game at a low discount you're somewhat pre-ordering the Linux debut of another game. You can think this one over until Nov 15th.

UPDATE: Just as we did with the Groupees bundle, we also missed a Linux title in this one! As it turns out LightFish is available for Linux on Desura, so now the provisory count is two Linux titles with a potential third (Noire).

image is currently featuring 3 bundles with Linux titles in them:

SciFi 2 Bundle

· Available games: Snorms (Desura key only, $5).

· Potentially available games: Compromised (Desura key only, $5), whose developers are currently switching to use MonoGame and will eventually release the game for Linux; Exoplanet: First Contact (DRM-free, $7), which could be ported to Linux if there's enough demand; and BrokenEarth (Desura key only, $7), which it's allegedly coming soon.

Horror Bundle

· Available games: The Grave Digger (DRM-free + Desura key, $5).

· Potentially available games: Into the Dark (DRM-free + Desura key, $5) and Into the Ice (DRM-free + Desura key, $7), for which there are plans to port them to Linux but they're still subject to tech evaluation; and Enola, which could be ported using a different engine, or a "Director's Cut" could be developed using a different engine after the Windows version is released, according to its developers.


· Available games: none. :(

· Potentially available games: SlideTapPop (DRM-free, $2 min), available when 1,500 bundles are sold; They Breathe (DRM-free + Desura key, $2 min), which will possibly be ported to Linux if its creators receive more requests; and EDGE (Steam, $2 min), available when 5,000 bundles are sold.


And finally, the current IndieGameStand deal is a grim and spooky one for the occasion. Pay what you want to get The Grave Digger (DRM-free + Desura key):


Pay at least $1 for the Desura key, or alternatively beat the current $1.50 average to get wallpapers, concept art, and the game OST. As any IndieGameStand feature it will be online only during 4 days, ending this Sunday Nov 3rd.

That was all for today, our dear and cheap friends. We can't make any promises on when we're coming back, so we'll try our best to prevent it from being that long. In the meantime don't forget to regularly check our sales page to keep updated on any new deal featuring Linux games. Bye! ;)

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s3rg3 1 Nov, 2013
There is also painkiller hell and damnation, on steam sales. 
Beware of censored Steam games 1 Nov, 2013
As usual, some of the most interesting titles on Steam are "low violence" crap in Germany.
intok 1 Nov, 2013
Yeah, Steam Halloween sale is already over, though I've seen better deals on most of those games.
Linas 3 Nov, 2013
Ghostship Aftermath is not a Linux game. The download only contains Windows binaries packed inside more Windows binaries.
muntdefems 3 Nov, 2013
Quoting: Quote from LinasGhostship Aftermath is not a Linux game. The download only contains Windows binaries packed inside more Windows binaries.

It's true. I found this disclaimer in their Greenlight page:

Quoting: Ghostship Aftermath's Greenlight pageThis game will not be a native Linux port but we will offer a compatible non-native Linux version which may require some additional software to run such as PlayOnLinux or Wine.

Well, that's a bummer. I've striked the reference to it in this article and I've removed it from the sales page, but it's sad Groupees didn't warn about that in the bundle page. :(
Apopas 26 Dec, 2013
Not really a Cheapskate's matter but recently I saw that at
they have every game at 50% price for the next 5 days. Interesting for visual novells and RPG funs.
muntdefems 27 Dec, 2013
Quoting: Quote from ApopasNot really a Cheapskate's matter but recently I saw that at
they have every game at 50% price for the next 5 days. Interesting for visual novells and RPG funs.

Thanks for the tip! I've added all these deals to the sales page. :)
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The comments on this article are closed.
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