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Double Fine On Linux Support

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Double Fine did a blog entry about them support Linux with their games, makes for a nice read so I thought I should highlight it for you.
QuoteThe big thing with supporting Linux is making sure your game uses OpenGL for rendering and as the years go by this is becoming more and more difficult as the DirectX and OpenGL APIs grow further apart. Fortunately for Spacebase we went full OpenGL from the start; Double Fine goes to great effort to ensure the highest compatibility for easy porting instead of requiring platform-specific features like you might use if you were only targeting DirectX 11.

That said, Linux has its own set of challenges. There are many many many different combinations of OS flavor and software configuration that go way beyond what we see on Windows and OSX. Graphics card drivers vary wildly (Nvidia has at least done a great job recently getting its Linux OpenGL drivers into shape), but you can still see things like “on this machine entering fullscreen just displays graphical corruption” or “on this machine moving the mouse causes significant slowdown” that can result from fundamental differences in different Linux flavors.

On sites like Stack Exchange you’ll see people suggesting complicated shell scripts to fix some of these problems, which is generally very different from the user experience of buying games on steam for Windows.

Debugging ranges from slightly more difficult than on Windows and OSX to impossible; there are command line tools you can use to track down crashes and runtime issues but there’s nothing really out there that compares to the graphics debugging capabilities of PIX for DirectX.

But especially with a game like Spacebase, we really wanted to support Linux from day one. We worked alongside the Broken Age team to make sure we had baseline ports ready to go, but even with that we were originally not going to support Linux until Alpha 2 (November).

We worked on nights and weekends to ensure it was close to the same quality level as the Windows version to make sure Linux folks could play it as soon as possible; we think that a game like Spacebase aligns really well with typical Linux gamer sensibilities and so far they have responded favorably!


I always love seeing helpful posts like this, I wish more developers did some sort of Linux post-mortem. Article taken from
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Dima 6 Nov, 2013
intok 6 Nov, 2013
Quoting: Quote from DimaWasn't SMB already released for Linux?
But it wasn't on Steam, they had seemingly abandoned the port and claimed that they hated Linux. Similar stuff has happened with several Humble Bundle games.
Dima 6 Nov, 2013
Ok thanks for the update.
Anonymous 6 Nov, 2013
it is on steam for linux, go look
also on speacial for 2.99 atm incase you missed the humble bundle
Dima 6 Nov, 2013
I just picked it up for $3, only because it has Linux support.
HadBabits 6 Nov, 2013
Quoting: Quote from tweakedenigma
Quoting: Quote from HadBabitsEver since Psychonauts I've been a big fan of Double Fine. I'm really glad they've been so supportive :)

Wish I could say the same for Edmund of Team Meat :\

On the upside it looks like they might be working on some updates and bring Super Meat boy to Steam on Linux: 

  • about an hour ago Changed Depots
    • 40802/config/oslist: linux

    • 40802/name: Super Meat Boy Linux

    • 98011/dlcappid: 98011

    • 202941/config/oslist: windows,macos

    • 202941/dlcappid: 202941

    • markdlcdepots: 1

Quite a coincidence, haha. I should try whining about things more often!
Dima 6 Nov, 2013
This game is hard.. I got 100% in the light version of chapter 1.. but the dark version is a lot harder. Plus, I feel like my controller isn't very responsible (xbox 360 pad on windows 8.1) :(
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The comments on this article are closed.