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Shadowrun Online billed itself as a "true cross-platform game" in the world of the popular Shadowrun series. It looks like Linux users may be playing another waiting game.

The game was kickstarted in August of 2012 and their Linux support FAQ noted this:
QuoteYes, we have a Linux version planned. We use Unity3D for our client, and they announced that they’ll support Linux in their upcoming version 4.0. Here’s what Unity says about compatibility: “Unity Games will run out of the box on most modern Linux systems, but we are only providing *official* support for 64-bit or 32-bit Ubuntu Linux with vendor-made graphics drivers.“ So once Unity3D 4.0 is available to us, we will go and try to port it. We cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to have the Linux version ready on day 1 (since Unity hasn’t announced the release date yet), but there will be a Linux version as soon as we can make the transition.

Since then we have seen masses of Unity games on Linux and they keep on coming, as Unity 4.0 was released in November that year which included the Linux export option.

Sadly though they are entering early access on Steam for Windows only and they had this to say about it:
QuoteThat's correct. This early Version right now is only available on Windows and PCs. The Unity version of Linux will need some more work.
Our FAQ from Kickstarter has not changed really as also the Unity version we use changed: We cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to have the Linux version ready on day 1, but there will be a Linux version as soon as we can make the transition.


It is getting more and more frustrating to see developers do this. To be fair to Cliffhanger Productions they did say they wouldn't guarantee day 1 support, but it is still annoying when their reasoning is so mysterious and un-explanatory. Article taken from
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DrMcCoy Mar 29, 2014

Relatedly, on the somewhat up-side, there this:

Divinity: Original Sin is currently on early access on Steam, Windows-only. In a Kickstarter update a few months ago, they said they're working on the Mac version; it'll be up soon. And now they said, Linux will come right after that, which should be also relatively soon, hopefully.
DrMcCoy Mar 29, 2014
And relatedly, on a down-side again:

No Linux demo for Moebius here, and the Moebius website now only says:

QuoteRelease Date: April 15th, 2014 (PC, Mac)
Coming Soon: iOS, Android

And that despite the Moebius kickstarter campaign passing the $400,000 Linux stretch goal.

Combine that with the GK1 remake kerfuffle, and I'm angry.
DrMcCoy Mar 29, 2014
Heh, thanks. Now they got a tweet each from both of us. :P

I wasn't quite as civil as you, though.
Orkultus Mar 30, 2014
Glad Leadwerks is coming out on Monday. Getting tired of Unity and their engine crap. Soon we will be seeing Native day 1 game releases on Linux that just work. CANT WAIT! I myself have no experience with game creation, but i will be purchasing leadwerks to start learning.
Sabun Mar 30, 2014
QuoteGetting tired of Unity and their engine crap.
It's not the fault of Unity3D! I've personally used Unity, and besides a few differences in how it handles textures between the OS's, it really is just click to Export. These developers are the ones waiting till the last minute to click that button and then do QA for Linux.

Don't bite the hand that feeds. They may not have a native Linux editor, but we sure as hell wouldn't have the library of games we have now if not for Unity3D. Give them time. If CryEngine and Unreal decide to bring their editors to linux natively (and not an empty promise), then I'm sure the folks at Unity3D will feel the pressure and do the same.
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The comments on this article are closed.