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Desura are slowly working to better themselves against the competition and following in the footsteps of Humble & Itch they have introduced a new buy widget developers can put on their websites, the kicker is that you only need an email to buy a game and not a Desura account.

I think this is an important step as not everyone wants a full account just to buy a game from a developer and I feel this will improve Desura in the eyes of many.

I really hope Desura don't disappear in the next few years with all the new stores popping up with their fancy interfaces. Desura is still one of the few that actually offer a client to download that helps keep your games up to date.

The current Desura Linux client is heavily out of date, but a new one is being worked on thanks to the Linden Lab buy-out of Desura, we will cover that here when it happens and I regularly chat to the developer of the Desura client most days to keep track of it.

Lodle the main developer of the Desura client mentioned that a newer Linux release isn't too far off once the new Windows build is done which is currently in Q&A testing, following the github account I've seen plenty of Linux related fixes going in. The Linux client should be sorted after they updated their version of CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework).

Here is Project Zomboid as an example, looks great!

I hope this replaces the little buy buttons they added in public to games pages at my request some time ago, as these are a massive improvement.

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A desura customer 2 May, 2014
A step in the right direction.

I hope the Linux Client will be fixed ASAP. I don't understand why Desura is not as popular as it should be
Zapa 2 May, 2014
A stable Linux Client is all we need from Desura. Really hope it picks up it's game, it's a decent store!
Sabun 2 May, 2014
QuoteI don't understand why Desura is not as popular as it should be
For the same reasons Uplay and Origin are not. It is missing some critical things that even Uplay and Origin already have.

1. Chat (friends list)
2. Achievements
3. Network API like Steamworks (even Origin is a mess here)
4. Inventory/Trading

Basically, when I fire up Desura, I am alone but online. I can't communicate with friends, I can't play with friends, I can't share with friends.

So, why is Origin not popular even though I can do these things? Origin is not multi-platform, the chat sucks(constant DC or delay), sales store is only EA titles (even though they have non-EA titles), the number one region lockers of all time, and broken games on release. Uplay's client constantly has connection problems, so I don't bother.

Make no mistake, when Desura was released for Linux I actively stayed on there and bought games. Once Steam came along though, Desura's features paled in comparison.

TL;DR: Friends, communication, and connection are extremely important, and missing from Desura.
Liam Dawe 2 May, 2014
Fullu agree with Sabun, a community is what pushes anything like this and Desura have made small steps to better their community.

For example they recently (at my request, again) merged their Desura group/page forum and their actual forum as it splintered the community for no reason.
FutureSuture 2 May, 2014
Accounts no longer needed to buy games? That sounds like gaming free of DRM at its finest!
Hamish 2 May, 2014
Good moves, especially considering that GoG is coming to Linux Desura needs to stay competitive. Eagerly awaiting when the new free software Desura client is Linux deployable.

When it comes to the community features, I have talked to other users and developers through it, but it is true that at the moment the experience is the same as you would get on basically any internet forum.

That being said, Desura should be careful with Sabun's points as a lot of them traditionally have involved locking you down to a client. There may be ways to do this without doing that, and I would love for Desura to explore them, but I am still a little wary of such things until they are properly demonstrated to me.
Speedster 2 May, 2014
That is a great feature, I love not having to make a new account unless I really want to. I appreciate that GOL allows you to comment without requiring login first, and after a while of commenting without login I ended up getting drawn in so much that GOL was deemed worthy of making a new account (and even learning the password instead of just stashing it in password wallet).
Abhishek chatterjee 2 May, 2014
Petition for Rockstar Games to Bring Games to Linux

I'm currently running a petition on for Rockstar Games to bring their games over to the Linux platform. Any Linux users who like GTA should take a look at this.
Liam Dawe 2 May, 2014
Quoting: Abhishek chatterjeePetition for Rockstar Games to Bring Games to Linux

I'm currently running a petition on for Rockstar Games to bring their games over to the Linux platform. Any Linux users who like GTA should take a look at this.

Stop spamming, this is your only warning and this is the only one being left up here to show you the warning.

Edit > Banned from commenting.

Let it be known we do not tolerate someone spamming on gol comments.
DaVince 6 May, 2014
The only thing I'm worried about is that there's no links in the widget to the actual game page on Desura. So you have to do a manual search if you really want to know anything more about the game.
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