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Metro Redux FPS Games Due At The End Of August

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You don't have to wait long until the Metro Redux games are out for Linux! It has been announced that they will be available at the end of August. The 26th of August in North America and the 29th of August in Europe to be exact, and why they have different dates for digital release is still beyond me as I think it's very silly.

If you didn't know already, Metro Redux are revamps of the FPS games Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, and it means Metro 2033 Redux will be available on Linux too as it will be using their newer engine that supports Linux.

It's good to see a developer go back to older games and revamp them this way as it bolsters the experience of an older game while giving Linux a version of it that we otherwise wouldn't have. It's similar to what Frozenbyte are doing with Trine.

Check out Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux on Steam. If you own the originals you get 50% off which isn't a bad deal since they come with all the DLC as well.

Will you be picking them up? I was gifted a copy of 2033 Redux (thank you Sobkas), so I look forward to seeing how well it runs and reporting back to you lovely readers. Metro Last Light was a great game although the performance wasn't great on my old admittedly underpowered AMD APU which thankfully I switched to a high end Intel i5! Article taken from
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godlike 4 Jul, 2014
Does anyone know what is the difference between Metro last light and Metro last light redux? For the Linux versions of course. As far as I can tell Metro last light is OpenGL 3.x where the windows version supports OpenGL 4.x features (tessellation).
DrMcCoy 4 Jul, 2014
Quoting: sonicFutureSuture: Who cares about Mac?

I for one care about Mac. Because I care about portability as a whole.
Hyeron 4 Jul, 2014
Straw. Camel.
I've had enough of them. Not buying anything from them in the foreseeable future.
hummer010 4 Jul, 2014
I have both Metro 2033 and Last Light. Metro 2033 works fine with wine, so I've played both. I'm not sure there is enough value in the redux's to bother buying them.
Nezchan 4 Jul, 2014
So any word if they fixed their FoV issues that was making a lot of people sick yet? it was a problem in the earlier release.
linuxslacker 4 Jul, 2014
Quoting: BestiaLinux versions won't be available in August.

QuoteDedicated Linux and SteamOS versions will also release later this year.

sadly i have seen that too. having the linux icon on preorders that wont be a day 0 release is kinda lame. im sure theres alot buying them based on that icon and will be counted as a windows sale since the linux version although has the linux icon in store will be out after release(and that icon will vanish)
Cimeryd 5 Jul, 2014
Really enjoyed Last Light when I got to play it. Crashed quite a bit though. Can see me buying Redux versions of both if they get their crap together though.

As for the no Mac thing, I'm hoping that won't catch on. I quite enjoy my Mac, and I enjoy games on it. If anything I'd laugh my nuts off if a great game came out for Mac and Linux, but no Windows. Might be a good thing for the developer too, being bought up to make that game an Xbox flagship and boom, you're Bungie.
Morph Verse 5 Jul, 2014
Quoting: sonicFutureSuture: Who cares about Mac? Playing on Mac is like programming on Windows...both sucks!

But the Mac gaming enthusiasts are there though..
GoCorinthians 5 Jul, 2014
Man, seriously such amazing game coming to linux..thnx 4A
Deformal 5 Jul, 2014
Quoting: sonicFutureSuture: Who cares about Mac? Playing on Mac is like programming on Windows...both sucks!
I am using Windows for now. So I think, I can say: "who cares about Linux? It`s the smallest platform with big problem of AMD driver and fragmented API. Linux has no games, etc."
But I don`t say so, `cause I believe in the equality of platforms Win, Mac, Linux.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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