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Feral Interactive Wish To Know Why You Game On Linux

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Feral Interactive one of our new favourite porting houses has asked the big question. Why do we game on Linux?

Linux gamers! Tell us: why do you game on Linux? Please spread this question hither and thither. @GameLinux @ROOTGAMERcom @gamingonlinux

— Feral Interactive (@feralgames) September 3, 2014

Feel free to twitter them, or comment here if you answer isn't a short one. I am sure they are watching.

My reasons
It's an interesting question and one that has been asked a lot by many interesting gamers across the years to the Linux community.

For me it's not about why I game on Linux, but more about why I use Linux which directly translates into gaming on it.

I love customization and having the choice to do lots or do nothing. For me it's not always about source code access (I feel that is important though!), but more about being free to do what I want with it, and never having to pay for system upgrades. I spend enough money on games and hardware without wanting to fork out x amount for the latest operating system.

With Linux I have OpenGL and can get updates for it whenever my chosen graphics vendor pushes out a driver for it, but on Windows at times you have needed to upgrade your entire operating system to get it.

On Linux if I don't like how the entire desktop works I can install another one with a few quick commands, or finding the main package in some package manager. That's an important one to note: I dislike Gnome Shell and Unity a lot, so I use Cinnamon and it works perfectly for my needs. I tried Windows 8 and the new UI was utterly a pain to work with or to find anything on (I gave it a real good go too), and I was stuck with it until I installed Linux on my laptop.

On Linux I have choices, and lots of them. I can tinker with almost anything, and if a game doesn't work you can do simple things to find out why. Running a game in the terminal for example will generally be pretty clear on what you are missing and fix it myself, and I can't say the same for broken games on Windows.

I also find Linux to perform far better at most general day to day tasks, and I come from a Windows 95/98/2000/xp/7 and recently a little of 8 background (yes I've used nearly all Windows operating systems, and a lot to).

There's also the community aspect. The amount of times of looked to find out how to do something, and someone helpful already has the answer and shared it with everyone. Linux users can be very, very helpful.

Right now Linux has also helped me fall in love with games I would never had tried if I was on Windows.

That is all off the top of my head, but that's my honest answer to it.

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thecitrusyone 3 Sep, 2014
1) It's free
2) there is no point 2
3) I like supporting community driven projects like any FOSS
4) Easier to dev and game on the same system without having to boot up windows
5) See Point 6
n30p1r4t3 3 Sep, 2014
1) It's a community project that's almost impossible to be laden with NSA back doors, etc. Sure one or two developers could be corrupt, but the nature of Linux allows no change to go UN-noticed or unapproved.

2) It's free and always will be

3) The Internet, Stock Markets, super computers, and a majority of consumer electronics all run on Linux.

4) Why not?
Skiski 3 Sep, 2014
I game on Gnu/Linux because I only use Linux systems. I'm a teacher and I use latex to produce my documents. I find it much easier to install and to use on linux than on Windows. I also use daily python and shell scripts. Anytime I use a windows machine, I spend my time wondering why everyone keep using this cumbersome OS.

You just have to compare installing software on both systems...

So, I don't like to boot on Windows and since Steam on linux, I have less and less reason to.
malkien 3 Sep, 2014
The answer is a short one, but I'll comment here as I don't have a twitter account.

Everyone wants to game (or do anything else) on the OS of their choice.
We chose linux because we like it best, and buying an inferior OS is silly.
godlike 3 Sep, 2014
I used to have a workstation with Linux (work) and Windows (games). Even if dual booting sounds like a fine way to do some gaming, closing applications (or hibernating) and rebooting is a haste. That's why I used to play games on Linux.

Currently and with all this steambox anticipation I decided to build a second PC specifically for gaming and the living room. That one is dual boot as well but I still play games on Linux. This time it's purely out of stupid ideological reasons.
Eyjafjallajökull 3 Sep, 2014
and I gave up on windows years ago so please let the games continue flow to tux side!
tuubi 3 Sep, 2014
I do absolutely everything else on Linux. Why should gaming be any different?

(No twitter account.)
Hyeron 3 Sep, 2014
Because "that other OS" is a pile of steaming horsedung.
Unstable. Unreliable. Closed. And worst of all, has the audacity of NOT being free while being in ALL ways inferior to GNU/Linux.

Gaming on Windows, as far as I'm concerned, is a chore. And the fact that it BSOD's immediately after install, randomly, and more and more often until it can't even BOOT anymore (~2 months later at most) isn't helping.

GNU/Linux on the other hand? Never, EVER had a crash.
Again :
Why would I settle for a lesser, unstable and closed solution I have to buy when a better, free, Free one is available?
Why would I game on anything ELSE than GNU/Linux, except when I'm forced to? (and even then it happens less and less often that I feel the urge to buy a Windows-only game...)
vulture 3 Sep, 2014
for me it is simple. hate mac and windows are completely useless for my needs. consoles are way too expensive in the long run. ooohhh, and i love linux to the point where even trying to imagine my self using anything else ends up with huge headache

i think they should make a thread on /r/linux_gaming. lots more people there
coolbober 3 Sep, 2014
I poses windows from beginning of my laptop, but I'm switching to Linux anyway.

1. It's much more customizable than windows/mac.
2. I hate on windows when my hard drive is working heavily and I have no idea why.
3. It's hard to find complete stupid people in linux community. On windows it's much bigger chance.
4. I hate monopoly, Windows is still a leader and I don't think it's a healthy situation.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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