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Hammerwatch Hack & Slash Action Game Has A Free Expansion

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Hammerwatch is a pretty good-looking hack & slash dungeon crawling action game that has just been updated to include a free expansion!

The new update includes:
* Temple of the Sun - Fully new desert campaign, with new themes, bosses, challenges etc.

* Added several new achievements for the desert campaign
* Added one for the completion of both campaigns

* Added faster (5x) mana-regen speed

* Rebalanced a few skills
* Skills do not cost money to use
* Thiefs skills costs more to buy
* Thief hits with both daggers
* Graphics when destroying projectiles

* Graphics when blocking projectiles

* Can't destroy projectiles

* Better looping
* Crossfading between tracks

* Added some small sprites for mana drain and slow effects, over the player. So it's easier to see when running w/o effects and lights

* Reworked several of the menus, they should all work in any of the selectable resolutions now.
* Better menu navigation
* Small help and info section, just some basic info for new players
* Added two more resolutions, one 4k and one super small
* Looked over some features, added a color switch button instead of clicking on the hero in the lobby
* Delete and Rename saved games
* Single and Multiplayer have different load menus and games are filtered
* More random backgrounds and you now see more of them, if anyone ever cared =)
* Logo is twice the resolution =)

* Rebalanced the auto-fire

That's quite a lot of changes done for existing/future customers without asking for a DLC. This kind of thing makes me really, really like the developers

My thoughts
It's a very pretty game, but to me the action is somewhat lacking due to a very simplistic AI. The enemies all seem to literally throw themselves at you in one direction as soon as they see you, so that does make it get quite repetitive. It's much more fun if you play it with friends though, and that I can recommend doing rather than playing alone.

Grab a copy of Hammerwatch now, and tell us what you think!

Ps. It's also in the Humble Indie Bundle 12! Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.
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abelthorne Sep 17, 2014
(Note that it is in the current Humble Indie Bundle.)
adolson Sep 17, 2014
I love this game. Too bad about the 64-bit version not supporting Steam features, though.
sigz Sep 17, 2014
the AI is not very good, but it's a gauntlet like clone, so this just spawn monster and you must avoid being flooded. The level design is nice and there is much to do in exploration and finding secrets. Note there is some hidden gauntlet levels in the game.
Plintslîcho Sep 17, 2014
Sweet! It's a nice little fun game. However, I find the controls awkward; they put a lot of strain on my hand so I stopped playing.
sigz Sep 18, 2014
@Plintslicho Because you should play it with a pad. It's unplayable with keyboard only..
Plintslîcho Sep 18, 2014
Yeah, I've read that before (that the game works like a charm with a gamepad). But no, I'm not going to hook up a pad to my PC for just this one game.
lucifertdark Sep 18, 2014
Quoting: PlintslchoYeah, I've read that before (that the game works like a charm with a gamepad). But no, I'm not going to hook up a pad to my PC for just this one game.
Go on, you know you really want to. ;)
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The comments on this article are closed.