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Reflex, A Potential Successor For Quake Going To Kickstarter

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Some of you may have noticed that Quakelive dropped its Linux support at some point (when they got rid of the plugin based system and developed a dedicated launcher). Ever since then i was hoping for a worthy successor with a team of developers behind it that displays more passion than id software did in the recent years.
Reflex might be just that, as it uses the original Q3 Weapons, mixed with CPMA flavoured movement and physics.

When I expressed my disappointment for not finding Linux mentioned anywhere I got this reply from newborn, one of the 3 developers:
Editor Note: It is however mentioned right at the bottom of the Kickstarter.

This game is a hype right now on and many players that are dissatisfied with the path Quakelive took with its recent updates are really looking forward to this. If Unreal Tournament is too slow for your or the movement looks too clumsy for your tastes, this might be what you are looking for.
The game is already in a playable state and looking darn good so far. The list of features in development includes all the stuff you might ask for when talking about an esports title, such as matchmaking, ladders, steam integration, maps editors and bots when you dont feel like competing. you can check out the complete list on Reflex official webpage.

If you are curious why this game looks like a TRON memorial: textures and levels are obviously place-holders at this point. The team made some concept arts though to give a taste of what's coming up:


Reflex on twitter
Reflex on reddit

Last but not least, the link to Kickstarter:
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lave 21 Sep, 2014
Quoting: N30NHeard about the prject some time ago, very happy to have now backed it. Anyone interested in this should also checkout Reborn.

yes, thats the other interesting project. thing it that it barely makes any progress and the founder, james "2gd" harding which some of you might know from twitch (the 2gdshow & dota2 commentary) still tries to a sponsor for it (doesnt want to crowdfund). until then the developement is somewhat on hold.
i think the community support really shifted towards Reflex lately, because theres just way more going on there and the developers are more ambitious.
if reborn ever makes some serious steps ill write an article about it too and also point out the differences. so far reflex seems way more like the game to support tho :)

QuoteEditor Note: It is however mentioned right at the bottom of the Kickstarter.
yeah it is now, because the developer added it after beeing asked to do so :>
there are also addin paypal for those who dont have a creditcard to support this.
loggfreak 21 Sep, 2014
Quoting: toorHmmm… I don't see why I would play this instead of warsow
isn't warsow kinda dead?
all i see is empty servers when i launch that game
lave 21 Sep, 2014
if you are curious how actual gameplay looks; former CPMA and Painkiller champion Sander 'Vo0' Kaasjager(winning 250.000$ in prizemoney by painkiller alone) said that hes gonna stream today

Vo0 on twitch (19.00 CET)
loggfreak 21 Sep, 2014
Sander kaasjager LOL
if you speak dutch that's a funny name xd
his second name is translated cheese-hunter
dsngjoe 21 Sep, 2014
Guys this looks like fun and really want to put my wallet behind this project. If you read his Q/A on Linux Support;

"Initially, we'll be Windows only as we don't currently have the resources to develop and test on three platforms. The moment we do, we've already got some people lined up to take care of getting the game on anything that supports a mouse, keyboard and reasonably modern GPU."

Maybe the people lined up are volunteers?

This does not make me very confident, after the fiasco of Skull Girls and 7 Days to Lie, I dont feel confident in supporting until I can play some type of Beta-Demo native in Linux.

This is just my opinions and in no way I am trying to persuade people not to support it or any project they want. I just dont want to get burn no more that's all.
omer666 21 Sep, 2014
Quoting: toorHmmm… I don't see why I would play this instead of warsow
Because of this !

More seriously, Reflex seems very promising. I don't quite like the character design, but the gameplay looks awesome.
Julius 21 Sep, 2014
Any one got an idea what engine it uses? In-game editing and overall effects might point to something tesseract derived, but since that engine isn't copyleft...
N30N 21 Sep, 2014
Quoting: JuliusAny one got an idea what engine it uses?
They're using their own custom engine (says so right on the KS page).
AsavarTzeth 21 Sep, 2014
Little history on the developers, Windows only initially, new engine (with no technical details), and of course crowd-funding. Seems like a risky thing to back for a Linux user...

I mean had they at least used Unreal 4 I would feel safe. Which begs to question, why was that not an option? One would think that would do the job and the graphics.
Julius 21 Sep, 2014
Could still be Tesseract, in fact that they are using a "custom" engine does make it more likely that they based if of something MIT licensed. In game editing it a too obscure feature to just add to a prototype for fun...
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The comments on this article are closed.