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Xbox One Controller Now Works On Linux (Without Vibration)

By n30p1r4t3 - | Views: 36,775
With the release of a new Linux kernel, gamers now have more controller options. With the release of the stable 3.17 kernel by Linus Torvalds, the Xbox One controller is now initially supported (without vibration) under Linux.

While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually is. I for one don't own an Xbox One, but I do have the controller, and in my time with it, it has become the best controller I have ever used. The way it fits in my hand and how tactile the buttons feel make it unparalleled in my opinion. The best part? Now we Linux gamers get to enjoy the best controller Microsoft has to offer, without having to install Windows.

I highly recommend this controller to anyone in the market for one, but of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion and preference, so please let me know what your experience is with the controller in the comments below.

Please note: The controller (for now) can only be used wired and your distro of choice has to be running on the 3.17 kernel to even use the controller. Article taken from
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Styromaniac 8 Oct, 2014
Quoting: BeamboomI don't understand this. hasn't xbox controller support been in Linux already a long time? My Logitech f710 has a switch that can turn on Xbox button layout (ergo emulation) and in that mode I've been using that gamepad right out of the box since forever?

Also, if you need to use a wire while using the xbox controller, I'd very much recommend the Logitech simply cause it's wireless. I'll never touch a controller with a wire again after being used to the wireless controllers on the ps3.

One Xbox generation of controllers does not equal another. Even Windows was lacking an Xbox One gamepad driver for several months.

As for those who may be wondering why rumble is not present, it's because Microsoft doesn't provide documentation. They write the drivers for their own OS, so why would they bother with helping out other operating systems? They simply won't. Rumble will have to be reverse engineered by Linux kernel developers to get it working.
Liam Dawe 8 Oct, 2014
I also prefer using a game-pad.

You can pry my 360 game-pad from my cold dead trolled to death hands ;)
lave 8 Oct, 2014
not even the old Xbox360 controller is really working for me, with the default xpad driver it isnt recognized at all and when using xboxdrv it detects a 'harmonix drum kit for xbox 360'
the only thing really working is steam big picture mode controller setup, after using that i can atleast play steam games correctly.
aL 8 Oct, 2014
Ill wait to the steam controlers... in the mean time, ill stick to some ps3 controllers I happen to have around

A shame, the latest ubuntu happens to be affected by this bug

And the computer I use to stream to next to the tv happens to have ubuntu and so I cant try the home streaming feature until this is fixed
Metallinatus 8 Oct, 2014
Meh, I would like to know how to use my Wii U Pro Controller using USB instead of Bluetooth.... given that my desktop PC lacks the later.
Beamboom 8 Oct, 2014
Quoting: MetallinatusMeh, I would like to know how to use my Wii U Pro Controller using USB instead of Bluetooth.... given that my desktop PC lacks the later.

A bluetooth dongle is really, really cheap.
loggfreak 8 Oct, 2014
there's not really a reason to pick the xbone's controller over the xbox 360's, some people say it's worse than the 360's and it's way more expensive than the xb360's controller

i'll just stick to my good old logitech 'dual action' controller, using it for many years and still works great
sev 8 Oct, 2014
I'm holding out for the Steam controller, and until then I'm happy with my Logitech.
EKRboi 8 Oct, 2014
Quoting: Segata SanshiroI'm interested in knowing the difference between a 360 controller and an Xbox One controller, apart from it looking more like Batman.

Me too, I've not even taken the time to play an XBone or PS4 at walmart or bestbuy.. Is there any advantage to the new controller over the old(360)? I have 4 360 controllers for playing n64 games using mupen64plus on my HTPC in the living room. Drunken MarioKart64 and Goldeneye with friends = good times. ;)
HadBabits 8 Oct, 2014
I tried the XBone controller at Best Buy, and I have mixed feelings. It felt a bit strange in my hands, though I might just not be used to it. The sticks are a bit small, not sure if that has any real advantage/effect. The D-pad has improved, but it's still a bit floaty for my taste. Overall, I think I'd have to play with one more to get a real opinion, but it definitely didn't astonish me.
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The comments on this article are closed.