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Legend Of Grimrock 2 On Linux Is Uncertain

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I have been really looking forward to playing Legend of Grimrock 2 soon. Unfortunately, the game is not available for Linux yet, and as it seems it's not certain whether we will see it on Linux at all. I have emailed the developers asking about Linux availability, and this is the response I got:

Juho Salila (Almost Human Games)
Hey Kamil,

Unfortunately we can't promise a linux port at this moment.

It's up to you to deduce how likely we are to see a Linux version in the future, but it certainly won't be soon.

Maybe, if there's a strong support under this article, I can send a link back to them and it might convince them a bit more that the demand is here. Or maybe you have better ideas. Anyway, this is really bad news for dungeon crawling fans. :( Article taken from
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Tinche Nov 18, 2014
I heard about this game from Notch tweeting about it. Looks interesting. I'd give it a try if it were native.
frostwork Nov 18, 2014
if grimrock2 really isn't released for linux I regret having liked part 1 so much that I
told everybody to buy it.
Liam Dawe Nov 18, 2014
A real shame, but the first one probably only came over thanks to Humble Bundle, so it may get ported for a future bundle.

I sure hope they port, as the saying goes "no tux, no bux". I'm okay with that saying.
sub Nov 18, 2014
Is this a tendency we see lately? Companies that formerly provided a Linux port stepping
back from a clear commitment to Linux?

Well, it could also be that "Almost Human Games" never were really committed
to Linux and the port was only necessary to get covered in the Humble Indie Bundle.
With the success of LoG getting covered in a HiB might not be required anymore and,
thus, a Linux port is not a high priority anymore.

I know, I'm a bit pessimistic latley.
Guest Nov 18, 2014
Grimrock was a fantastic game, and having played a bit of the second in Wine (I haven't brought it though, and I wont until it's native), I can say I really want a native port.

Wine gave me terrible performance and random crashes that, because the game doesn't auto save, meant I had to cling to the few crystals dotted about the more open world map.
wolfyrion Nov 18, 2014
I have it on my wishlist but I guess I will have to remove it .....

Is not good to have your first game for all platforms and then develop your 2nd game for just one platform.

Anyway I am not a game developer and I will never understand the way they are thinking but if I was I would support from the start all platforms :><:
Larian Nov 18, 2014
I bought the first game and I'm ready to buy the sequel if they'd let us have it. But no Tux, no bux.

(Why did registering with my Steam account on an English site take me to a sign-up screen in French? I'm grateful it wasn't in Norwegian.)
FutureSuture Nov 18, 2014
I haven't even bought and played the first one yet, although I fully intend to. Pity that the sequel coming to Linux is uncertain.
pb Nov 18, 2014
I got Legend of Grimrock in a Humble Bundle and I really loved it - played it to the end and then some more. Then I also bought two more copies for my relatives. I have *almost* pre-purchased LoG2, but then I noticed there was no Tux icon next to it. I will be really disappointed if there is not Linux version at all. :-(
jdub Nov 18, 2014
At least they aren't making empty promises
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The comments on this article are closed.