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Feral's Game Port Radar Updated For Linux

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Feral Interactive have updated their games radar with Linux hints, so it's time to continue guessing what they are working on.


The first Linux hint on there is "Everybody wants to rule the world", and it seems like that's the only Linux hint on the page so far. It's probably related to their previous hints.

Feral Interactive are very sneaky, and I love it.

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Maelrane 5 Dec, 2014
Black and White 2? Hm, would pass on that one. Played the hell out of it years ago and to be honest, although I really enjoyed it back then, I wouldn't bother playing it again.

The major drawback of the game is, that it is completely unfinished. You have a campaign with a really stupid AI and that's it. No Multiplayer (although it was promised), no "endless mode" of any kind, just a campaign you can play over and over again.

I admit it is funny, until a few hours in. No, this would be a game I'd pass.
Maelrane 5 Dec, 2014
Quoting: EKRboiAssuming it is Bioshock: Infinite. Has anyone played it on Mac? How is the performance? It really likes some GPU horse power.. going to be really rough on Linux to push the settings without a beast of a single card or proper multi gpu support which we just don't have.

When I played it in win @ 1920x1080 it beat up my 2 gtx 580's.

Played it on Windows with my 3 year old AMD 6950 HD on 1920x1200 (16:10 ftw!) and it worked like a charm!
EKRboi 5 Dec, 2014
Quoting: SeredPlayed it on Windows with my 3 year old AMD 6950 HD on 1920x1200 (16:10 ftw!) and it worked like a charm!

with the settings cranked to the max? I'm sure a lot of setups can run it turned down some.

I guess it is kind of one of those "to each his own" kind of deals. I'm a PC gamer because I like the eye candy and running games at their fullest potential. I would just own a PS4/XBone if that wasn't the case.

With my new setup (i7 5930k + 3x gtx 970's) I can blast through it at 5760x1080.. such a beautiful game. It might not be the worlds most graphically intensive game.. but it uses what it has to great effect.

Hope it does come to Linux.. can't wait to try it out.
Maelrane 5 Dec, 2014
Quoting: EKRboi
Quoting: SeredPlayed it on Windows with my 3 year old AMD 6950 HD on 1920x1200 (16:10 ftw!) and it worked like a charm!
with the settings cranked to the max? I'm sure a lot of setups can run it turned down some.

Can't verify but as far as I remember, pretty much, yes.

But I must admit, I don't care if I have 8 times anti-aliasing or 16 times and stuff like that. If it runs good and looks okay, I'm completely content.

I don't really care for graphics, that's the least important part of a game to me. Still not unimportant, but not really #1 on my personal priority list. (Also I don't have access to PhysX and stuff.)

I also strictly use the open source drivers on linux and performance-wise Borderlands 2 runs nearly as good as on Windows, so I hope that this would be the case for BioShock 3 as well. (Feral did a really great job with porting X-Com!)
EKRboi 5 Dec, 2014
BL2 is not really a graphically intensive game. It does run well in Linux though (except for edge cases like mine). Would be awesome if we could get GPU physx for it as BL uses it right.

I have faith infinite will run well if it is Feral and it is the game on the radar, I just wonder if there is going to be compromises to the graphics compared to windows, which is mainly why I was asking about the performance and graphics on Mac as it would be a decent indication of it.

If it does come to Linux and it is as gorgeous as it is in windows it will be hands down the best looking game on Linux.
Pinguino 5 Dec, 2014
Any chance this also means Batman 3 might also come to Linux?
GNUzel 5 Dec, 2014
Well here's the itty bitty preview picture if anyone wants to study it. Maybe come up with an idea...

leinardi 5 Dec, 2014
For me it's pretty obvious:
fibitkatva 6 Dec, 2014
Everybody wants to rule the world

This is a perfect reference to the game "World in Conflict" in this mission at minute 2:20:
View video on

And in the same mission, the blurred thumbnail has similar colors to the scene at minute 3:56.

But then again, the "Empire Total War" cover also looks very similar...

I guess we'll see soon.
Kalua 6 Dec, 2014
Maybe it's Assassins Creed Unity. "Everybody wants to rule the world" from the NZ singer Lordi was the trailer music :)
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