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C4 Engine Drops Linux Support, Developer Says Linux Is Inferior

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Oh boy, I do love a good rant from a developer. This time it's the C4 engine dropping Linux support (honestly, how many of you have even heard of C4?).

Warning: It's a real rant.

Choice quote from their announcement
QuoteThis decision was made based on the disproportionate cost, both in terms of time and money, that we incur to support Linux relative to a very small return on our investment. This decision was also made to preserve my own sanity since my personal experiences with Linux have been extremely negative and have resulted in huge wastes of time that could have been better spent on more productive tasks. Terathon Software will no longer contribute to the popularity of an operating system that I personally view as inferior in design to both Windows and Mac OS X. Linux has proven to be Frankenstein OS assembled from a disparate array of barely functioning parts with horrible reliability and little potential for future improvement. Time that would have been spent on Linux support will now be used to strengthen our product on platforms with much greater viability.

The comments are just, amazing. One commenter provided this funny image:

And the developer responded with:
QuoteIt's my expert opinion, man.

Oh my, I mean there's being a good developer, and there's being a bit full of yourself.

He has also been dropping gems on his Twitter account:

Finished excision of Linux code from the C4 Engine. Negative 2008 lines. Good riddance.

— Eric Lengyel (@EricLengyel) January 10, 2015

I have reached the point where I feel morally obligated to drop all support for Linux.

— Eric Lengyel (@EricLengyel) January 10, 2015

Things like this are concerning though, and it is a real issue:

I love it when Ubuntu starts freezing for no good reason right before the login screen. That's high-quality engineering right there.

— Eric Lengyel (@EricLengyel) December 26, 2014

I do wonder if it is a hardware or a driver issue, my last freezing issue turned out to be RAM that failed at specific things.

We don't often write about people ranting about Linux, and for one developer making a full bit of kit like C4 it can be time consuming, so we don't have much to say other than "oh well". We still have many more better engines around.

All hail Frankenstein, in Frankenstein we trust. Move along.

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avarisclari 12 Jan, 2015
We were actually interested in using this engine. They lost a customer though. Oh well.
FutureSuture 12 Jan, 2015
I have managed to install various distros on USB devices, HDDs, and SSDs. Does that mean I am a pr0 hax0r now?
notklaatu 12 Jan, 2015
Sounds like someone needed to learn Linux before attempting to support delivery to it.
FergleFergleson 12 Jan, 2015

Looking over the list of games that use this engine, we're really going to be missing out by this decision. Truly, the loss of triple-AAA hit titles like "Gremlin Invasion", "Gremlin Invasion: Survivor" and "City Bus Simulator 2010" will be devastating to the Linux gaming community.
loggfreak 12 Jan, 2015
never heard of this engine, and looking at the games made with it, that's no suprise either
Maelrane 12 Jan, 2015
First of: Victor Frankenstein was depicted as a genius, a man who would not fall behind others and kept on dreaming. He used... "unconvential" methods to achieve his goals, but then again, he was the genius who defied god and the first living being to create artificial, highly intelligent and feeling life.

So I assume the "superior" developer actually meant Frankenstein´s Monster. Well, the monster was stronger, faster and more determined than all other humans.

Apart from that: Not every random idiot should get a platform.
haitam 12 Jan, 2015
I can't trust a developer who actually fails to install ubuntu! and he spent the whole day!:
stss 12 Jan, 2015
Well I guess this nobody of a developer knows better than valve.
Guest 12 Jan, 2015
FYI, the developer that called himself an "expert" (I assume he means it in the same way that Apple Store employees are "geniuses" ) tweeted about his inability to install ubuntu on a computer after a full day of effort.

After looking up some more information, it appears that he has a PhD in comp. sci., but if my experience interviewing applicants for a job at one of my previous work places is any indication, that means absolutely nothing. I interviewed a guy with a doctorate and two master's degrees who had some of the most unreadable, over-complicated sample code I've ever read. I ferretted out bugs just by reading the code, and it didn't even perform well. I rewrote it to be cleaner and more flexible, perform better, and have less bugs, and I ended up with a script 1/3 the line count.

I'm not saying that this Eric Lengyel is exactly the same as the guy I interviewed ... but I bet he's not far off.
darkszluf 12 Jan, 2015
i think this guy never heard of that "never go full retard" thing.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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