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Crimsonland is finally on Linux after 11 years of being on other platforms (originally released in 2003), so is it any good? We take a look and create a bloody mess.

The new release fixes bugs, adds new chapters, new enemies, new perks, new weapons and new art. We may have it late, but it's nice that we get a spruced up version.

Some thoughts
I've never played it before so this will be a fresh look at the revamped game. It's a top down survival shooter with waves of enemies, and the screen gets rather bloody after a while of playing. We have quite a few games like this, but this is one of the old more "classic" games in the genre.

It's a pretty basic game that's just a high score fest, so if you're looking for something deep that has even a remote story you should look elsewhere. It's not a bad game though by any mark, just not really all that much to it.

You can do quests to unlock new perks and weapons for use in Survival mode, so it does try to keep it a little interesting. I'm pretty terrible at it, as I always manage to find myself in a corner utterly surrounded by aliens, so it's not exactly an easy game once the Survival mode gets going. Some people have insane high scores that I doubt I will ever reach, unless I pump a couple hundred hours into it.

Even though it is a basic game it does keep me going back for another run, as I just love smashing those aliens and spiders with each new weapon I unlock in the quest mode. I think the shotgun is easily my favourite so far, but it can get a little too slow when the alien count builds up.

Performance wise and port wise it's perfection as far as I can see, so it's one of the few games I can't find an issue with!

If you love over the top action games it's pretty essential you go pick it up. I really enjoyed my time filling up the screen with blood, and I hope you will too.

About the game (Official description)
Thousands of aliens, zombies, giant spiders, mutant lizards, and more are on the attack - can you survive the onslaught? In Crimsonland you will unlock new weapons and perks constantly improving your abilities and arsenal. Your screen will be filled with literally hundreds of monsters and thousands of giblets. Grab your gun and prepare for endless hours of intense top-down shooter fun!

The original Crimsonland was released in 2003. After the game was greenlit at the end of 2013, 10tons decided to give the game a complete tune-up. The brand new 2014 version introduces countless gameplay fixes, a new chapter with new enemies, new perks, and new weapons. On top of that we've done a complete art overhaul!

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Projectile Vomit 5 Feb, 2015
I've been playing Violetland in Linux for years, now. I've never played Crimsonland, however. After watching the above video, they look similar.

Has anyone played both? What are the differences?
N30N 5 Feb, 2015
I'd like to support GOG for the DRM freeness but steam's my preferred package manager for (closed source) games. So I'll have to go with the humble store instead. :)
Cadre Cola 5 Feb, 2015
I picked this one up recently. Overall, I love it; it's very reminiscent of Smash TV. My only gripe with Crimsonland is the lack of variety in the environments.
Furor 5 Feb, 2015
Quoting: Projectile VomitI've been playing Violetland in Linux for years, now. I've never played Crimsonland, however. After watching the above video, they look similar.

Has anyone played both? What are the differences?

I played both, in my ignorance even I thought that were the same guys that did it, until I knew that Crimsonland was the original one in 2003.

I recommend you Crimsonland, the graphical assets are better, there is quest mode to unlock weapons, the effects are cool, your friends could join in the middle of your match (localy all in your pc) in order to kill that aliens in coop mode ... Also now its cheap 5,59$.

The Linux version seems well programmed, all is ultra smooth.

Ideal for casual alien killing :)
nullzero 7 Feb, 2015
Initially the Linux version had the gamepad axis switched, but now it is working quite well. I'm loving it!

The only thing that grinds my gears, is than unlike the original one, you have to unlock the survival mode by playing some of the first few levels.

After that it gets awesome for some instant gratification action, on par with Luft Rausers.
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The comments on this article are closed.