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New Linux Gaming Survey For June

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It's that time of the month again Linux gamers! The new GOL survey for June is now available, so please make sure to fill it in if you have the time.

The results of the previous (May) survey will be published in the next couple of days. Thanks for filling that one out!

You can find the link for the new survey here, and please share with other Linux gamers if you can! Article taken from
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DrMcCoy 1 Jun, 2015
A games console? Does an original Game Boy count?
Segata Sanshiro 1 Jun, 2015
Quoting: AnxiousInfusionThis survey needs a "AMD (Integrated)" option under graphics hardware.

Yup, I've been considering making that distinction in the survey for a while now. I'll add it in next time!
Segata Sanshiro 1 Jun, 2015
Quoting: CreakIs there a view of the statistics over time?
It would be interesting to see the distro migrations through the months, and also the amount of games bought along the year.

Yup, there is. I usually put that up a few days after the actual survey. The graphs are all plotted against time on a monthly basis. You can use the search bar to find older results, though with the distros it's actually not all that interesting really. Might have to wait a whole year or so before we really see any patterns there.

Quoting: DrMcCoyA games console? Does an original Game Boy count?

Yeah, why not :). Was going to add a seperate handheld answer but didn't want to add too many options.
Ilya 1 Jun, 2015
Where is the option: "No, I don't have a console, but I'm considering buying a SteamBox when they come out."
tmtvl 1 Jun, 2015
Funny thing: I've got a PS Vita, but I use it more for surfing the web around the house than for playing games. I'm also planning on buying a Pandora soon, and I'll try my hand at writing a review, if it hasn't been done yet.
Lightkey 1 Jun, 2015
Considered choosing yes but I use the Pandora like a notebook replacement, mostly not for gaming.
Hamish 1 Jun, 2015
I had to say yes to the console question, but only because of the Sega Genesis we got at a thrift store in 2008. To be fair though, it has seen some use over the past few months.

All of my Linux purchases in May were DOSBox wrappers. :|
Crazy Penguin 3 Jun, 2015
Quoting: WorMzyI own lots of consoles, but I use my PC more than any of them.

I'm using a RasPi instead of the older consoles. Needs less space, and I can store the consoles properly or present them in a show case :).

Quoting: WorMzyThis month I bought a Savage Lands four-pack.. does that count as one game or four? :o

Well, it depends. But don't make it that complicated xD. You have bought four games, so count it as four.
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The comments on this article are closed.