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XCOM 2 Revealed, Will Be Getting Linux Treatment

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It seems that XCOM 2 has been announced after a teaser campaign by 2K. The website 2K brought online last week was now confirmed to be about XCOM and the reveal trailer was published. And best of all, there's a tiny little penguin and a certain feline as a mark of Linux support.

The reveal trailer indicates that the game will likely take place in the future where Earth has been taken over by the aliens and you will be fighting against the Advent Administration, a government of some sort that the aliens have put in control of Earth.

The best part of this trailer is right at the end. Why? Because we can clearly see a Tux and a Feral Interactive logo there. It seems Feral are busy making Linux gaming as awesome as ever. We will be staying in touch with Feral and will report any developments on this front. According to the trailer, we will get to see the game in November this year.

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seven 1 Jun, 2015
instabuy :)
Guest 1 Jun, 2015
FutureSuture 1 Jun, 2015
Quoting: adolson
Quoting: FutureSuture
Quoting: liamdaweI just hope Feral don't bite off too much. They have a lot of ports in progress.
I wonder the same. Hopefully Feral can offer great support despite all the ports it is doing, otherwise support will be its poorest port yet.
What issues do you have with their existing ports? I haven't run into problems. In fact, their ports, along with Aspyr's, are some of the best we've got.
None. I haven't managed to buy a game ported by Feral yet. I am simply saying that with Feral porting all these games, support may be stretched rather thin.
Feist 1 Jun, 2015
Oh gods, I think this just trumped both "The Witcher 3", "Mad Max" and "Batman: Arkham Knight" as "Most Anticipated Linux AAA-title". ^_^
sub 1 Jun, 2015
If it's using Unreal Engine > 3, porting (actually exporting) should be rather straightforward, shouldn't it?
Unless they're not using crappy middle ware, ofc.
WorMzy 1 Jun, 2015
Couldn't watch the trailer earlier, but I've seen it now. I'm glad they've added snakemen, they were very much missed from the XCOM reboot.

I hope this one has more of the original micromanagement (or at least has the option for it). I found the reboot to be a bit too dumbed down (but still fun, mind you). Enemy Within made it a bit better, but I want the way I build my base to matter when aliens attack it. I want to be able to hire and fire soldiers/scientists/engineers at will. I want to go on a chryssalid terror mission with five electroflares and two laser pistols for a team of 14 because I forgot to equip the skyranger pre-op.
Insperatus 1 Jun, 2015
I better start spending some time with the first XCOM which I zealously bought because of linux support, so many linux games now! For awhile I could keep up -- now there's no chance, but I'm not complaining!
oldrocker99 1 Jun, 2015
Uh, what certain feline? Is this something I should already known about :'( ?
stabbyjones 2 Jun, 2015
Feral and Aspyr have both made excellent ports of Windows games. Right now I'd trust them both to make a port on par or better than the Windows version every time.

I haven't been this excited since the original reboot was announced.
neowiz73 2 Jun, 2015
good stuff :) can't wait.
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The comments on this article are closed.