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New Linux Gaming Survey For August

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It's that time of the month again Linux gamers! The new GOL survey for August is now available, so please make sure to fill it in if you have the time.

There have been a number of helpful suggestions, perhaps the most helpful was to write the new survey when publishing the old one so I wouldn't forget what to change. Thankfully, I did that so there were some improvements, but rather predictably, I have now forgotten what they were.

The results of the previous (July) survey will be published in the next few days. Thanks to those who filled that one out!

You can find the link for the new survey here, and please share with other Linux gamers if you can and try and spot the allusive changes! Article taken from
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bladerunner 3 Aug, 2015
Well, my PC is "Desktop" years old ;).
Segata Sanshiro 3 Aug, 2015
Quoting: bladerunnerWell, my PC is "Desktop" years old ;).

:P Haha.... I just remembered. Basically, one of the changes was adding two completely new questions. One on what device, and another on how old the device is, but then decided to remove the second question because it was too ambiguous (i.e. if it's a desktop then it's difficult to quantify how "new" it is because of upgrades).

I think the best solution to that question would be "when was the last time you upgraded or changed that device" or something along those lines. If anyone has any suggestions for that one, I can re-add it into this survey ASAP. Those two "test" questions weren't going to make it into the final results next month anyway, so it doesn't matter if it's added late this month.
Glennh 3 Aug, 2015
Do microtransactions in free to play games count as a game purchase? :P
WorMzy 3 Aug, 2015
Minor typo: "What type of device do you primerily use for Linux gaming?"

I answered "no" for the emulator question, but I do dip in and out of playing my old favourites from time to time. :)
TheMagazine 4 Aug, 2015
Really digging Shadow of Mordor, havent had any problems yet and performance is pretty good. I still have to use my windows partition for dota though until i find a way to fix the unbearable tearing (even with vsync)...
ricki42 4 Aug, 2015
Every month when I get to the "How many games did you buy" question I think I didn't really buy all that many last month. Then I look at all the receipts, and realize I may have self-control issues... If it's on Linux, I want it. :p
Xylemon 4 Aug, 2015
I'm back on my desktop after on and off dealing with nVidia Optimus on my Lenovo. Besides the fact almost every laptop has awful keyboards, I just go so fed up with having a broken graphics card practically. It seemed to be fine on older kernels with just the nVidia drivers, but recently it's been so bad I just gave up and here I am. What's even more interesting is it seems the newer kernel is also slowing down this card I have in here. Either that or Source games just run really bad for me (as that's all I've tested so far). At least I get to use my soundcard instead of that terrible HDAudio! Also before anyone says anything, yes I did use Bumblebee at one point, I will never install it again. Great effort by open source devs but I saw worse results if anything.
mbouchar 4 Aug, 2015
At What type of device do you primerily use for Linux gaming?, I answered Other, but since there is no input box to add some informations, here it is:

I stream my games from my desktop PC to my laptop while I'm on my sofa (with Steam streaming). So, not sure if it counts as Desktop, Laptop or Sofa PC...

Last edited by mbouchar on 4 August 2015 at 1:19 am UTC
namiko 4 Aug, 2015
Hm. That "primarily" question is a bit difficult. I use a wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard, or a controller, and I use the machine from the couch for everything. The system itself is a desktop-style computer (for general use plus gaming) with a single user account set aside for Steam Big Picture. My family shares their Steam games, so this way we only have one instance of each game installed. It saves space and time, for sure.

Since we use that computer for more than gaming, though, I identified it as a "desktop" in the survey.

Perhaps these answers would suit the style of question better? I'd consider a gaming-exclusive partition to be equal to an entire machine's worth of space, since it's for a dedicated purpose.

What kind of machine do you use primarily for gaming?

* a general purpose desktop with games installed
* a general purpose laptop with games installed
* a gaming-exclusive desktop (or desktop partition)
* a gaming-exclusive laptop (or laptop partition) *edit for clarity

Last edited by namiko on 4 August 2015 at 2:06 am UTC
JudasIscariot 4 Aug, 2015
Thanks for adding "Developer website" as an option :) I don't think I saw it the last time :)
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The comments on this article are closed.
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