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Halloween Game Sales, Where To Go For Some Deals

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For the folks who don't already know, a number of stores are running a Halloween sale. There's some really great deals to be had.

You can see all of Steam's Halloween sales here, you can find GOG's list here, and Humble Store's here. Steam seems to be the only one that allows deals like this to be sorted by platform, which makes it rather handy.

Remember when buying games to make sure it has a Linux logo, otherwise your sale might not count as a Linux sale. This situation is still pretty unclear though, so I'm just sticking to the basics of "Tux logo = okay to buy it". I would advise buying Alien: Isolation on Steam if you wanted it, since Humble only has a Windows logo (even if it is cheaper on Humble right now).

Personally, I picked up NOCT since I liked the beta (you should also have a 40% discount in your Steam inventory if you tried the beta).

I also picked up Party Hard, as it sounds like a very interesting strategy game, with a crazy setting. It has 35% off, and the Linux version is recently so I want to cover it here too.

I imagine these won't be the only ones, my poor wallet.

What have you picked up?

Ps. If you still haven't noticed, we do have a Game Sales page, it doesn't list Steam since there's no simple way to import Steam sales. It does track GOG, Humble and others for you! Article taken from
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theRealPadster 31 Oct, 2015
Shadowrun Returns and DragonFall are also both on sale for 80% off. Pretty good deal for ~$3
nitroflow 31 Oct, 2015
Will try to pick up detective grimoire and the deer god by monday and save the rest of my wishlist for the winter sale.
OZSeaford 31 Oct, 2015
Well I just bought Alien: Isolation on the Humble Bundle store, with -75%.

I have also ordered a box of nappies. You are never too careful.

Once again, my wife will hear bloodcurdling screams as I try to play through at least 30 minutes in...
MrOctus 31 Oct, 2015
I also bought Alien: Isolation on humble with the Windows icon since it was $12 instead of $24 on Steam but redeemed the key on steam while on a Linux client. I wonder if they still count it as Linux?
Liam Dawe 31 Oct, 2015
Quoting: FireDartI also bought Alien: Isolation on humble with the Windows icon since it was $12 instead of $24 on Steam but redeemed the key on steam while on a Linux client. I wonder if they still count it as Linux?

According to Feral & Bundle Stars if games don't have a Linux icon they don't count for Linux, as keys can be per-platform, it's different to buying directly from Steam.

I am unsure if this is how Humble operate though.

Edit: Seems Feral made it even more clear about buying outside of Steam when there isn't a Linux icon:
Quoting: Edwin, Feral DeveloperThink of it like buying a physical boxed copy, if you buy a Windows boxed game from Amazon with a steam key you'd expect the game sale to be registered as a Windows sale even if you activated it on Linux. Buying from digital stores is the same, if you buy a Windows steam key from a store that reports as a Windows sale.
If you buy a Linux boxed copy (or digital key) from a store it counts as a Linux sale (even if you activate it on Windows).
Buying direct from Steam is different as no key is generated and you are buying directly with Valve this means they can track both the payment and the usage and assign the copy to the correct platform.
All this said you can buy keys from anywhere and they'll work just fine, it's the sale platform and revenue that is effected the customers experience is identical no matter the purchase method.
Hope that explains things.

Last edited by Liam Dawe on 31 October 2015 at 7:32 pm UTC
edve98 31 Oct, 2015
This is exactly why I bought Alien Isolation on Steam. No tux/SteamOS logo no bucks or something like that. (although I haven't played it since I am still hoping to win the key :D)

Last edited by edve98 on 31 October 2015 at 7:42 pm UTC
lvlark 31 Oct, 2015
Bought Victor Vran and the Witcher 2 on Steam. With Mesa 11.1 and Linux kernel 4.3 they perform quite well on my Radeon HD 7850, so I can steer clear from Catalyst for a while :). I'd advise anyone with an AMD card to try Mesa 11.1 with the 4.3 kernel.

*edit: unless you have an R9 285, because that one appears to be quite wonky with it..

Last edited by lvlark on 31 October 2015 at 8:49 pm UTC
supermonkey77 31 Oct, 2015
SkullGirls on Steam for under £3.... absolute bargain. Picked up all the DLC too for less than a fiver
anth 31 Oct, 2015
The company which ported Alien:Isolation to Linux will not be paid for sales from Humble. Buying from retailers other than Steam can benefit the porting companies in other cases though.

If you buy a game from Steam it can work out what platform you use and pay the appropriate publisher. For Alien: Isolation the Steam page lists:
Publisher: SEGA, Feral Interactive (Mac), Feral Interactive (Linux)

Other retailers sell Steam keys which they've purchased from a publisher. In this case Humble say the publisher is SEGA, so that is who will be paid regardless of the platform used when purchasing (or redeeming the key on Steam).

Feral and Aspyr both seem to have adopted a policy of multi-platform games using Steamplay so purchasing for one platform will work on others too. I admire how customer friendly that is, but it does mean that they don't get paid for purchases from the other publisher. There were some exceptions eg Call of Duty: Black Ops for Windows or Mac but I don't know of any from the last couple of years or which affect Linux.

Sometimes retailers will have the same game listed twice, with different publishers and for different platforms. For example Gamersgate have Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY from both Warner Bros and Feral.

There are also retail operations run by Aspyr and Feral. These are the most profitable for them, with the retail cut going to them rather than eg Valve if the purchase was from Steam.

I don't know how it works for Virtual Programming who did the ports of Bioshock Infinite and Witcher 2. They aren't a publisher, so maybe they got a flat fee or maybe the publisher gives them a cut of sales.

Last edited by anth on 31 October 2015 at 11:52 pm UTC
Seegras 1 Nov, 2015
Quoting: FireDartI also bought Alien: Isolation on humble with the Windows icon since it was $12 instead of $24 on Steam but redeemed the key on steam while on a Linux client. I wonder if they still count it as Linux?

Apparently, Steam counts that platform on which the game is played most within the first 7 days of buying it:
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