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GOL GOTY Awards Coming Up, What Do You Want To See?

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NOTICE: Please STOP posting a name of a game, this is for feedback only.

It's nearly that time of the year again, and with our first year of doing a Linux GOTY Award being a success we will be repeating it this year. So, what do you want to see in it?

This year we will feature (as requested) more categories, but we will need help with this.

We will keep our Open Source category this year, which works differently as it doesn't need to be a game released on Linux in 2015. It's the only category that will accept games released in previous years (as let's be honest, there hasn't been a lot of new open source games released).

You can see the previous winners here. I am going to look at making nicer graphs this year, rather than just pasting in images.

I was going to limit it to editor-picked games, but honestly, I think that's too limiting for what I personally want out of the awards. After all, my picks are probably different to a lot of yours and this award is for you, and for the developers, not me. Since I am limiting this year to games only released in 2015 it will remove a lot of older games we had last year anyway (apart from the open source game category as mentioned).

Should we go for categories based on genre, or should we do things like best gameplay, best graphics, best story?

Should we have a "Worst game of the year?" category, or do you think that's too aggressive? Honest opinions needed here.
Yeah, not doing that one.

Early Access games will have their own category, to completely stop any arguments on them being/not being included. It still has to be a game released into EA in 2015 though.

Should we limit it to one vote per-category, or a top three? I think three is more than enough per-category if we go for multiple. Article taken from
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rodvil 17 Nov, 2015
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I think categories is the best and genre can be a good way to do it. Its nice to have a top 3 on each genre that you know you can pick up if you want to try out a new game. I always found it strange to have a FPS competing with a platformer or a strategy game for example.
But at the same time there can be general awards: best story, best gameplay, best graphics, best sound, best music, best port, best technical quality, best day one linux release, "best game I never played", etc... and of course LINUX GAME OF THE YEAR! :)
It would be nice to have other awards for best porter, best store, best linux support, etc...

This will be exciting!
mulletdeath 17 Nov, 2015
I'd like it to be based on genre but I'd understand if that was too unruly. We have so many Linux games now that asking for your favorite is like asking for your favorite movie-- different ones offer radically different experiences. My favorite horror title of the year was quite different from my favorite adventure, visual novel, text game, platformer, fps, or strategy title, but they were all great in their own way.

But would it be possible to ALSO have the more general stuff like best graphics or story, and an overall Linux GOTY? Don't wanna give you a whole bunch of extra work Liam, but it'd be cool to cover all of it if we could. Maybe you could do it in two parts, like, "This week, best in genre, next week, best in category/achievement/overall."

I may be getting overly complicated here.

Last edited by mulletdeath on 17 November 2015 at 6:23 pm UTC
Nel 17 Nov, 2015
FredOOne question though, what about games that were released in 2014, between the last GOTY awards and the end of the year - are they included this year?
This !
elbuglione 17 Nov, 2015
this is simple:
Linux GOTY 2015: Dying Light
Liam Dawe 17 Nov, 2015
FredOOne question though, what about games that were released in 2014, between the last GOTY awards and the end of the year - are they included this year?
This !

To keep it simple, this is for 2015 releases only.
Beamboom 17 Nov, 2015
My suggestions:
Imo there could easily be both genre and general categories, ie both "best strategy game" and "best graphics" - where obviously a release can be nominated in both. That's pretty common out there.

Also, please curate the nominees. Last year was silly with all the contestants - many of them had nothing to do in a "best of the year" contest.
Let it be a list of five or so within each category - or make exceptions if there is a category that demands more than five titles to choose from. Or let each category have ten for that matter. Or a mix. Just curate it, please.
Cheeseness 17 Nov, 2015
I'd love to see a category that celebrated games by developers who primarily work on Linux.

It feels like Linux-made games - not just F/OSS titles with prominent contributions from Linux users, but also proprietary games like Expand, Don't Be Patchman, The Maker's Eden, Phr00t's 5089 or Limit Theory (as a broad set of examples that includes unreleased titles) - have extra reason to resonate with Linux players.

I can't recall if there was one last year, but F/OSS engine replacements as its own category would be nice (that kind of work is demanding in different ways to the creation of new games).
Liam Dawe 17 Nov, 2015
It will be run in two stages: Nominations by all, then we will curate the list to remove the cruft and any duplicates that slip by. Both stages will be announced, that way people can help point out things in the wrong places we miss.

I've added an Engine Reimplementation category, so stuff like Arx can go in it and whatever else.

I don't want to limit a category down to five or so like you suggested Beamboom as it's 100% opinion what deserves to be in there, and what doesn't. This is what the voting is for, and I don't want to limit a game because I or someone else feels it isn't worthy - I think that's quite a negative way to do it. I know this is how other game awards do it, but this is like a lot of what we do is run with the community, it's not for us to pick.
nullzero 17 Nov, 2015
"Worst game of the year" definately no... but more "infamous" maybe? If there are any overly hyped game that didn't quite deliver... I can think of at least one :D (right better no... they all got the bad publicity by themselves and it doesn't help the cause)

As for categories some classic game genres should be there: platform, action, puzzle/strategy, FPS, sandbox, ... but also themes like "best bleeding edge graphics", "best 2D eyecandy", best OST, "unexpected hit", "more hyped", "best quality/base price ratio", "best of the <5$ games", "Linux AAA top of the hill flag game" or "best local coop experience"

Oh and by the way, to get on the steamOS bandwagon, "best game to play with a steamcontroller"


Anyway the more the merrier, as even if it is 2015 deluxe upgrade :D

AuleWhat about "Best Overall Port" from a technical point of view (performance, stability, controller/hardware support) - discounting story, fanbase, etc. ?

"Best overall port" also good and by the way, why not also best "porting team/dev"? Feral vs the XNA guy:D (sorry for the lack of memory).

Last edited by nullzero on 17 November 2015 at 10:28 pm UTC
Nel 17 Nov, 2015
FredOOne question though, what about games that were released in 2014, between the last GOTY awards and the end of the year - are they included this year?
This !

To keep it simple, this is for 2015 releases only.

I didn't remember when last one happened.
Got it: GamingOnLinux GOTY Section & Nominations Now Open 22 december 2014.

Fair enough, if the next one is planned at the same date. :)
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