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Today I am taking a look at SUPERHOT, a game that I've been hyped about ever since I first heard about it. The idea is awesome, but does it work well?

Disclosure: Key provided to me.

Reviews are flowing in across the web giving it pretty great scores, and I agree with the positive outlook for the game overall.

The game is a lie:
QuoteSUPERHOT is the first person shooter where time moves only when you move.

No, time moves very slowly when you don't move and speeds up when you move. That's a much more accurate description of the game that I'm going to give you.

The gameplay is addicting, as soon as I started it up I was absolutely hooked by the idea and how well executed I thought it was. It's pretty much like being NEO in The Matrix, and it's probably one of the most inventive shooters I've ever played.

Letting off a shot, missing, but seeing your bullet smash into someone else is really quite satisfying, as is landing headshots. That's what this game is brilliant at, it makes you actually feel accomplished when you complete levels.

Some levels I felt were genuinely hard, but a lot of the time it's because you overlook things you should remember. Simple things like even the slightest mouse movement will speed up the game. I kept looking around quickly, dying, and then cursing myself for forgetting.

I can imagine the difficulty in some of the levels annoying people, especially the level in the lift where you are surrounded by three gun wielding red dudes, and you have little time to do anything before they all seem to fire at you.

It's a very trippy game, for lack of a better word. Nothing is explained, you're left wondering for quite a while. There's one point in the game (that I won't spoil) that had me laughing as the game tricks you.

One thing did bug me, at times when I got hit by a bullet I felt like I shouldn't have as it would be touching my view only, and not my actual body. The hit-box just seems a little off at times.

There are major issues on Linux
First of all, the annoying SUPER HOT SUPER HOT bit after each level, that annoyed me every time. I didn't think it was cool, just annoying. I liked it replaying the level to me, that was fun to see. Even later when more things happen, it still annoyed me constantly.

The mouse sensitivity by default is insane.

Sometimes the mouse movement completely bugs out, and you're only able to turn 180 degrees. Samsai has also come across this, and it's very annoying. Although, it seems intermittent, as it goes away when I die and restart at times.

There's a bunch of people on the linux_gaming reddit having some major issues too.

Endless mode crashes to the desktop after a few minutes, confirmed to happen to Samsai too.

The game will capture mouse input, and not let it go. If you want to do any alt+tab you may need to bring up the Steam Overlay to get the mouse back.

Final thoughts
It takes about two hours to get through the "story" even after I had to replay some levels quite a lot, so it is quite a short game. It has an endless mode (possibly broken on Linux), and challenges to boost it up a bit, but apart from that it's quite shallow content wise. I did thoroughly enjoy what was there though.

Overall all, I think it's a really well executed idea and a game you need to play to appreciate. It's buggy on Linux, so hopefully the developers will be responsive.

It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years. I definitely didn't have to say this, I'm definitely not one of them. Okay, the game told me to say that. It's buggy, but it's also great.

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neowiz73 26 Feb, 2016
thanks for the review on that, I've been wondering how well it might work on Linux. the one downer is how short and lacking in content. I'm not sure if the devs plan to release more content. which I would hope so for the price tag. I was going to just wait for a sale before I bought it to try it out. because honestly even though it has some really innovative ideas. it's not worth the price at the moment. So it seems better to wait to see if they get it all working and maybe see if more content come out.

Last edited by neowiz73 on 26 February 2016 at 10:16 pm UTC
seven 26 Feb, 2016
i'm gonna pick it up in a sale for sure
Armand Raynal 26 Feb, 2016
Bought & finished today.
Cool, but a bit short.
gomera 27 Feb, 2016
25 dollars for a 2 hours game? Sorry but they are asking too much. I'll wait for a 75% off deal (or similar).
Gonza565 27 Feb, 2016
It's short but the extra stuff makes up for it... even if the price is a bit high, I love it. The story could have made more sense: From the prototype I was thinking it would be like playing a cyber-contract killer type thing :P, but it had some cool moments. The endless mode works but crashes often.. like once every 4 rounds, roughly, for me.
Vash63 27 Feb, 2016
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  • Supporter
I tried it out. Ran into the mouse issue though, like it hits the edge if the window and stops working at a certain angle. If they don't fix it within my Steam refund time I'm refunding it, I already emailed support.
Feist 27 Feb, 2016
So basically it's very short, very primitive from a graphical standpoint, quite expensive but on the more positive side it's really innovative & fresh.

Humm, well I can't deny I'm interested in trying it but not for 20,69€, maybe when it's down to neighborhood of 6,69€.
wojtek88 27 Feb, 2016
I have to say that I agree with most comments regarding "price for hour" ratio. Most of the games I love (which are not necessary super cheap) have much better score in this ratio. For example let's start with some good PS4 games. I've bought Witcher 3 for 40 euro, game gives you approximately 200 hours of fun which is 0.20 euro per hour. GTAV gave me about 40 hours of fun for 40 euro (on sale), which is 1 euro per hour.
From Linux titles:
Witcher 2 gave me 35 hours of fun for 4 euro (when it was released on Linux), which is 0,11 euro/h, Pillars of Eternity (so far) - 55 hours for ~14 euro - 0.25 euro/h so far and this value will decrease, Broforce - 6 euro (on sale) gave me 10 hours of fun, so 0.6 euro/h.

And I know many users bought SW: KOTOR2 for 2.99 euro and I can imagine it is possible to achive much better ratio in this game then any ratio I've mentioned ;).

And while I understand SuperHot is innovative and worth to try, I will buy it when game reaches at least 2.5 euro / h ratio. And it can be achieved either by doing a sale or by providing more content to the game.

P.S. Just for you not to judge me - there are a games that I bought from Feral and did not even play (like Shadow of Mordor or Company of Heroes 2 that costed 25 euro, so I do not buy games on Linux only because they are super cheap ;)
Gonza565 27 Feb, 2016
Vash63I tried it out. Ran into the mouse issue though, like it hits the edge if the window and stops working at a certain angle. If they don't fix it within my Steam refund time I'm refunding it, I already emailed support.

Yeah I get that mouse issue too. It's only when you don't have a weapon equipped I think (the mouse sensitivity goes up when you don't have a weapon equipped as well). Also in katana-only mode, when you throw your katana, it crashes. I guess they didn't think of that :P.

Last edited by Gonza565 on 27 February 2016 at 10:50 am UTC
wolfyrion 27 Feb, 2016
it crashes a lot :><:
I have noticed that it crashes mostly when you throw the sword/katana to a red guy.
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