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What game would you most like to see on Linux this year?

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It's question time again, don't you love it? This time I want to ask you a simple question "What game would you most like to see on Linux this year?"

Personally, I would like to see another big game like XCOM 2 have a same-day Linux release.

As for existing Windows releases, I would love to have Skyrim. A pipe dream for sure, but it would be great to have. Article taken from
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johndoe86x 29 Feb, 2016
I'd like a solid Witcher 3 port with Vulkan
micha 29 Feb, 2016
Very much looking forward to Rocket League and Street Fighter V, besides my top wishes are:
* The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
* Dishonored - Game of the Year Edition
* The Wolf Among Us
* Life Is Strange
* Alien Swarm
* Samurai Gunn
scaine 29 Feb, 2016
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I'd really like to play Dishonoured again. And ideally its sequel. And the Thief series. Can you spot a theme?

Outside of stealing stuff, a quick look at my subscribed threads on Steam reveals that I'm mostly looking forward to:
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Tomb Raider
Life is Strange

And given my 250-odd hours in the first game, I should probably mention that I'm still vaguely excited for Killing Floor 2. But Tripwire do make being a fan hard when they stir up launch-level hype (and announce in-house Linux development!) in mid-2014 and then embark on a two year Early Access hell ride, during which Linux is mentioned precisely zero times... until just recently when they let slip that they lost their "Linux guy" months back and still haven't found a replacement. So yeah, I honestly believe that Early Access is a fool's game. I will always stay clear of it.
scaine 29 Feb, 2016
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Quoting: michaVery much looking forward to Rocket League and Street Fighter V, besides my top wishes are:
* The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
* Dishonored - Game of the Year Edition
* The Wolf Among Us
* Life Is Strange
* Alien Swarm
* Samurai Gunn

Agree with this whole list. And until our replies (mine a few minutes after yours because my left arm was trapped under a cat...), no-one had mentioned Dishonoured! Insane! :-)

EDIT: [Just in case you thought "trapped under a cat" was a euphemism or something...]

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stan 29 Feb, 2016
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Ok, I’ll go back and add Dishonored (1 and 2) to my list ;).
ChloeWolfieGirl 29 Feb, 2016
Quoting: SwiftpawMore console-style games such as 3D platformers (Banjo-Kazooie, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, etc)

100% agree, the lack of native 3d performers is one thing that made me lack care for the pc gaming space, that and japanese titles, Mario, Jak and daxter, ratchet and clank, spyro, Sonic the hedgehog they where my childhood, (Sonic I'm a bit to much of a fan off, I obsessed with him when I was between 13-17, and honestly you dont want to know how many hours I'd have spent on Sonic Adventure and Sonic adventure 2 if they came to linux) and many other games of cause, klonoa but thats 2.5d still more then amazing.

Luckily we have Yooka Laylee coming but that'll be out closer to Christmas, but hey, made by the people who made banjo kazooie so it should be great.

For Japanese games, Spike Chunsoft released Danganronpa for Linux, Disgaea 1 for Windows, its just convincing some of these to come to linux but if Spike Chunsoft releases games for Linux and they say its going well I'm sure some others may follow, so while I don't keep strong hope for Disgaea and Nis, I dont give up hope for it.
Luke_Nukem 29 Feb, 2016
Quoting: strycoreI'd say Doom but it this is almost guaranteed to work with Wine so I'll go with Dishonored 2 instead.

Fuck that. Needs to be native. There are absolutely no guarantees that it will work with WINE.
kodenkm 1 Mar, 2016
Would most like to see on Linux this year:
Hitman (2016)

Would like to play, but not buying any more Windows only games:

Would like to play again or finish playing through on Linux:
Hitman Absolution

Already own these for Windows but my gaming PC now only runs Linux so i've never played them:
L.A. Noire
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Far Cry 2
Duke Nukem Forever
Cyba.Cowboy 1 Mar, 2016
I couldn't possibly narrow it down to a single game, but I wouldn't mind seeing...
* Blade Kitten;
* The "Dead or Alive" series (any or all of them);
* The "Doom" saga (packed-up for or Steam)(all of them);
* Duke Nukem Forever (yep, some people actually enjoyed the game!);
* Jet Set Radio;
* Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude;
* Mortal Kombat Kollection;
* Playboy: The Mansion;
* Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics;
* The "Hyperdimension" ( "Neptunia" ) series (any or all of them);
* The "Rebuild" series;
* The Simpsons: Hit & Run;
* The "Wolfenstein" saga (packed-up for or Steam)(all of them).

Yep, that should do it!

If those get released for Linux-based operating systems, I'm gonna be a pretty happy man... And a broke one at that! :D

Okay okay, if I had to pick just one out of that particular list?

Hmm, that's tough, but I'd probably go with The Simpsons: Hit & Run...

I'm tempted to say Playboy: The Mansion, Duke Nukem Forever or the Mortal Kombat Kollection, but The Simpsons: Hit & Run was a great game that has widespread appeal, so The Simpsons: Hit & Run would be my top choice.

Last edited by Cyba.Cowboy on 1 March 2016 at 8:51 am UTC
soulsource 1 Mar, 2016
Quoting: fleskOff the top of my head; Age of Empires II. Might go for something else once I've thought a bit about it though. Maybe Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, or A Hat in Time, though that one's not even released yet.
You might be interested in the OpenAge project. Maybe we'll soon be able to play an AoE II clone natively.
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