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ARK spin-off ARK: Survival Of The Fittest will come to Linux

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Fear not ARK lovers, as ARK: Survival Of The Fittest is confirmed to be coming to Linux. We don't know when exactly, but it's at least in their plans for release.

If you expand the Early Access text it directly mentions both Linux & Mac, which is really pleasing to see.

ARK: Survival Of The Fittest is a free spin-off of ARK: Survival Evolved:
QuoteSotF originated as a spin-off mod which came to be with the release of our ARK: Survival Evolved development kit. The mode was first available as a ‘Total Conversion’ and debuted worldwide with a 70-person slaughter fest of a tournament. Following the success of the game mode, tournaments, and feedback from the community, SotF has been refactored into its own competitive game including four new modes, a robust ranking system, massively boosted performance, cosmetic-tiered rewards, lobbies/parties/on-demand-matchmaking, and constant iteration. That’s not all though! On top of releasing as a free game, SotF will also be awarding cash prizes for the top players in each ‘Survivor League’, so ARK survivors can start playing their favourite game at a professional competitive level!

Personally though, I find ARK: Survival Evolved performance to be really quite bad. I think the game looks terribly bad on low settings, and my 980ti really struggles with higher settings which has put me off quite a bit.

How is it running for you, and what settings are you using? Article taken from
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frostwork 22 Mar, 2016
ridiculous low performance with a 980ti in survival evolved as well. game wasn't interesting enough to even try to inprove the settings. so I'd prefer devs would increase the $port people paid for instead working on some free followup.
Xpander 22 Mar, 2016
ts not too bad, runs 40-60FPS for me most of the time.. allmost everything on epic except shadows and textrures... it has improved a lot, no more huge fps stutter near huge player built bases also

but there are missing graphics options for linux client as well as some weird graphical glitches from time to time


AMD FX8320@4,4GHZ, GTX 970
Armand Raynal 22 Mar, 2016
I don't get it. Isn't the game still in early access ?
Shouldn't they focus on finishing it before starting to work on additional content ?

I must have misunderstood something somewhere ...
stss 22 Mar, 2016
So it's basically a 72 person last-man(tribe)-standing? That sounds amazing!

I'm not so sure about that "cash rewards" thing though.
I don't know why every online game nowadays has to soil itself by throwing in some real money layer. Even the selling of cosmetic items is a meta layer and starting to get kind of annoying.

But still, I'm pretty hyped for that gameplay.
GustyGhost 22 Mar, 2016
41-57 FPS

View Distance: High
Terrain Shadows: High
General Shadows: High
Textures: High
All Others: Medium
Motion Blur: Off
All Other Binary Options: Default

8GB DDR3-2400
R9 285 (ASUS Strix)

Linux Mint 17.3
AMD Crimson Proprietary Drivers

Last time I commented on ARK performance, I was using only the APU iGPU and running the game playable. All I can say is that some of you guys who doled out for big GPUs got unlucky, I was shocked to find so many other people having trouble.

ARK for all Linux users does still have graphical bugs such as incorrect water reflection mapping. What resolutions are you guys trying to drive? I'm using lowly 1600x900 only because recently I upgraded my machine from a little APU box and I have to wonder if it only runs so well for me because of that.
FiBu 22 Mar, 2016
The culling is the best ,,battle royale,, game at the moment for me. Unfortunately there is no Linux version for now but: ,,That is definitely a real possibility in the future but for March 8 we are PC only''-dev.
MayeulC 22 Mar, 2016
Looks "a bit" like game of thrones. But what would you expect from a total conversion mod?
Looks interesting, but I wouldn't dare trying it on my current rig (H6870 with OSS drivers).

Or, I might give it a go. If so, I'll report here.
titi 22 Mar, 2016
Will they still use this horrible low quality UT-Engine for this? I never understood why they crippled the linux version so much. Why not simply use a up to date UT-Engine compiled for linux with OpenGL4 support and so on ?

Beside of these annoying linux Gfx issue this game has really good gameplay and especially my sons had a lot of fun with this game. So really big thanks for the linux version, but .... please dear developers if you read this, please make the linux version faster and especially better looking and fix those long standing GFX bugs.

All in all this is running quite well here on the following rigs but there are situations with bad frame drops especially on the 3rd setup:

AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor (3400MHz)
8GB Ram
GeForce GTX 960

AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor (3400MHz)
8GB Ram
GeForce GTX 750ti

3. AMD Phenom 2 X3 ( unknown)
8GB Ram
GeForce GTX 750ti

Last edited by titi on 22 March 2016 at 10:47 pm UTC
TapocoL 22 Mar, 2016
They have been slowly improving performance. The gameplay is what keeps me playing. Over three hundred hours.

Survival of the Fittest has been a separate game mode on the original Ark: Survival Evolved game for several months now. I believe they want to make this shorter, more-competitive style game mode free to play so that it can grow the user base. Not just be stuck to the player base of the purchasers of "Ark: Survival Evolved".
slaapliedje 23 Mar, 2016
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The graphics corruption on the game (at least the last time I played it) was hilariously bad, where full on fireworks randomly started shooting everywhere if you looked at glowing particles at a certain angle.

They fix these yet?
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The comments on this article are closed.