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Update: It has now been removed.

There will likely be a few embarrassed developers about this, but it looks like the private beta for the Linux port of F1 2015 has been left open during the free weekend. Is this an oversight, or a sneaky marketing decision? Who knows. It certainly looks like it is coming now though, rather than being rumours and speculation from SteamDB history.

Reddit user psppwner300 found the issue a few hours ago, so I gave it a test.

This is the latest F1 game to be released on PC, but it did get quite a lot of negative feedback on it. Hopefully we Linux gamers will have a better time with it. Since this will be our first, we don't really have any other to compare it against. As someone who spent part of his youth playing F1 on the Amiga having this on Linux will please me a lot.

Note: I don't suggest buying it until it's officially released. Always make sure the porter gets their money. I simply opted into the free weekend and tried the beta as reddit suggested.

Another note: This is quite obviously a mess-up, so remember this is not even a public beta and will have lots of issues. I will reserve my actual thoughts on it for when it's released. I've seen people already complain about it, which is silly since it's not final, and sad because people are complaining rather than being excited.

It's no secret now that Feral Interactive are porting the game, which I imagine will please many people as their ports are always pretty good when they arrive.

It seems to use their fancy new launcher, which I really do approve of, as being able to select the screen it runs on is important:

The benchmark does seem to crash for me (I see for others too), but on Ubuntu 16.04, Ultra at 1080p I was seeing over 80FPS on my 980ti for quite a bit of it so that's pretty good.

Here have some screenshots:

I don't really have time to test much else right now due to it being a Sunday and all, but hopefully this is as exciting for you as it is for me.

Looks like our first official F1 game isn't too far from release, which is fantastic news for racing fans.

Will you be picking up a copy when it actually releases? I will livestream it at release, and we will likely run a tournament for it like we did with GRID Autosport. Article taken from
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Keyrock 20 Mar, 2016
Nice. Sucks for Feral that an error let the cat out of the bag, but it's cool to get confirmation that the game is coming.

As an aside, that Feral Stonehenge thing should be happening any day now. :D
psppwner300 20 Mar, 2016
psppwner300 20 Mar, 2016
Quoting: dubigrasuWhy don't you put up a testing branch for people willing to test and help you ?
They have my crash report
Linas 20 Mar, 2016
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  • Supporter Plus
Mostly negative reviews is a bit worrying. Can anyone comment on the actual gameplay?
psppwner300 20 Mar, 2016
It's a bit more on the arcade side than simulation. There's no career mode, no gameplay modes besides just plain racing, and from what I've heard, the online experience is awful.

This review summarizes it pretty good.
Fishticon 20 Mar, 2016
Could be worse.
I remember Surprise Attack did a free weekend for Vertiginous Golf once and now everyone still has it for free.
leillo1975 20 Mar, 2016
I read three reviews and I don't see that this game is a bad game (7.2, 7, 7.5...…) This are not bad reviews.
Edmene 20 Mar, 2016
The reviews as a whole complain of the lack of features, more than the driving model that appears for me that was improved over F1 2013, as a personal opinion I think that Codemasters should find a way of modify their contract with FIA/FOM and stop releasing yearly F1 games, maybe launch one after two or tree years and in the mid time use expansions (since they like to launch a bunch of dlc lately), to update the game to the new seasons, and maintain the game making improvements over the years with patches.
As a nice addition they could make better damage models since their other games have more reasonable damage, again maybe part of the problem is the yearly release or some contract clause and speaking of the safety car I never saw one during the time that I played F1 2011-2013 the IA simply didn't make big mistakes something that I miss from the old Codemasters games.
Anyways appears a good but not great game with lack of features comparing with previous games and I will pick up a copy. If is similar to previous F1 games its gameplay is kind of similar to GRID: Autosport in the sense that isn't a simulator but isn't arcade like DiRT: Showdown or NFS, one of the most interesting parts of the gameplay is the dynamic climate that you start a race with sun or rain (heavy or light) and can end it with different climate resulting in some mid race strategy change.
fagnerln 20 Mar, 2016
Is F1 2015 = [e^(i π) = -1]?
What about spring equinox mystery?

Explain to us Feral. :P
leillo1975 20 Mar, 2016
I think that F1 is not the Feral surprise. My bet is for Tomb Raider
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The comments on this article are closed.
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