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Well Nvidia dropped a bit of a big one today didn't they! Nvidia driver version 364.12 is now out and brings in official Vulkan support, Mir support and Wayland support.

For Mir and Wayland:
QuoteAdded support for the following EGL extensions:


to enable Wayland applications to run on NVIDIA's EGL implementation,


to enable Wayland compositors to run on NVIDIA's EGL implementation, and


to enable Mir and Wayland compositors to display their content through EGLDevice, EGLOutput, and EGLstreams.

Added a Wayland platform library,, to allow Wayland compositors that support EGLDevice, EGLOutput, and EGLstreams to share EGL buffers with Wayland applications.

In addition to it also turns on the new OpenGL install method of "GLVND".
QuoteChanged the default OpenGL installation type to use the GLVND GLX client libraries rather than the legacy non-GLVND libraries.

Note: Some games have issues with this, so I would hold off on upgrading for the moment until the reports flow in on what games it breaks.

It also adds a cherry on top:
QuoteAdded initial support for Direct Rendering Manager Kernel Modesetting (DRM KMS). See the DRM KMS section of the README for details.

Added a new kernel module, nvidia-drm.ko, which registers as a DRM driver with both PRIME and DRM KMS support.

Find the full changelog and download here. Article taken from
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Natedawg 22 Mar, 2016
Quoting: UncleivanDo i need to have the vulkan sdk installed along with these drivers?

I think you'll only need the SDK if you're trying to create an app/game that uses Vulkan.
GirlGamer 22 Mar, 2016
I can set coolbits options on nvidia cards using wayland? I cant lose my overclock... xD

Last edited by GirlGamer on 22 March 2016 at 4:19 am UTC
STiAT 22 Mar, 2016
Thought they might drop that bomb soon. Wayland isn't a viable option for me yet, but the kms patch is very much welcome. GLVND as well.

For the option __GLVND_DISALLOW_PATCHING=1 %command% - there was a note of a nvidia dev that they're looking into fixing this. Due to the changelog not specifying anything about it, my good-to-go guess is that it was not fixed (yet).

Mir support will probably enable Ubuntu to move to Unity 8 with their desktop distribution. I'm still not very happy about Ubuntu moving the Mir direction, but hell, as long as both (Mir&Wayland) get support. Interesting will rather be how game developers and libraries as sdl will cope with that.
wvstolzing 22 Mar, 2016
I wonder whether nvidia has any intention of implementing fbdev.
mrdeathjr 22 Mar, 2016
Testing with borderlands 2 native at simple seek runs good

View video on

Using PPSSPP 1.2.2 native also runs without problem

View video on

And on wine 1.9.6 also runs without problem

View video on

zeb 22 Mar, 2016
Quoting: STiATFor the option __GLVND_DISALLOW_PATCHING=1 %command% - there was a note of a nvidia dev that they're looking into fixing this. Due to the changelog not specifying anything about it, my good-to-go guess is that it was not fixed (yet).

Indeed it is fixed. Bioshock Infinite and Borderlands 2 now start fine without setting this environment variable.

Further, the XCOM 2 regression is indeed fixed, I now went from 17 fps to 26 fps in the Avenger view. However, the patch came at the same time, so I cannot rule out Feral optimisation work too.
Edmene 22 Mar, 2016
Well just tested The Talos Principle in Arch Linux and is impressive it maybe a proof of concept but runs way faster than opengl. I don't know about the regression but Portal works fine without __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 option in the launcher script.
mattsturgeon 22 Mar, 2016
Good to hear it fixes the __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 slash __GLVND_DISALLOW_PATCHING=1 problem!

I wonder how long until it makes it into the Arch package, the bump to 361.28 happened the same day as release, but the original 361.16 took two days, 358.16 was one day.

In any case it's already appeared in the nvidia-beta AUR package, though I think I'll hold off rather than switching packages.
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