Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming. It seems Rocket League may actually release sometime soon after a developer posted about it on their Steam forum.

From the post:
QuoteHey all, just wanted to let you know that we're getting close to a release window, but still need to polish more, address remaining bugs, and ensure that cross-play properly works :)

They said a while back it was pushed back to a Q2 release, so they may actually hit that.

The Linux build is in the "QA branch", so it could arrive with the patch due at the end of this month.

I am pleased they are finally saying something a little more positive, hopefully there aren't too many things they need to finish up.

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster with being pushed back multiple times, originally due out in December 2015 it will be fantastic to finally be able to actually write up a release post on it, and play the damn thing.

It does further solidify my stance on buying games: Don't buy them until the Linux version is confirmed to be out.

Will you still be picking up a copy? I know I will be, delay or not it's still a very popular game and looks incredibly fun.

Maybe we will get to play it for GOL's birthday on the 5th of July at this rate!

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Guest 4 Jun, 2016
don’t rules this game out entirely, it sold lots of copies and a lot of games now don't make it to version 2, they get a massive update + DLC expansion.
dmantione 4 Jun, 2016
Well, Rocket League is a game where multi-player is important and for multi-player games, the community often shrinks when the game gets older. So the delay certainly matters and decreases the amount of money the game is worth However, the fact that recently cross-platform play with Xbox has been added should counter that, so I expect we can still have great fun with it. It should not take another 6 months though.
ProfessorKaos64 4 Jun, 2016
Quoting: liamdawe
Quoting: tuubiThe game seems really fun. Too bad my friends have probably already lost interest, and playing with random strangers isn't really my cup of tea. I'll most likely still get it but I might have to wait for a sale. Happily the Steam summer sale isn't far off.
Then join in some games with the GOL community, I am sure there will be plenty ;)

Is that via the Steam group?
Beamboom 4 Jun, 2016
Kuduzkehpan 4 Jun, 2016
more gameeees! more linuuuuuuux! more peeeeeeps! loop;
my friends waiting for me
fagnerln 4 Jun, 2016
This game has single player, and local coop. So, longevity isn't a problem.
Eike 4 Jun, 2016
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Quoting: fagnerlnThis game has single player, and local coop. So, longevity isn't a problem.

I don't think single player is the heart of the game.
And local co-op, well, I could ask my wife, but...

So I guess if I'll play it, it's all about showing GOL how bad people in the country of the world football champion can play. ;)
1mHfoksd1Z 4 Jun, 2016
I played it in alpha and I loved it, now I bought it in the Humble Monthly and I love it even more. It finally made my Windows partition useful for something other that collecting virtual dust and wasting valuable space on my SSD. (My university requires some Windows-specific development tools so I did have to keep that partition just in case the Linux alternatives can't handle the task - which did occasionally happen)

Can't wait to have it on Linux, rebooting is very annoying even if it takes a very short time on an SSD, for multiple reasons... I hope it will have good performance, because my laptop is quite aged and many Linux games performed better on Windows in my tests and I fear it won't be playable, because that did happened before with other games :(

I'm also planning to build a kick-ass console-PC with SteamOS sometime next year and this game will fit right in.
sigz 4 Jun, 2016
Quoting: kingofrodeoAccording to SteamDB, the game has approximately 3.4 million owners, of which 1/3 were active in the last 2 weeks.
Also, 24k are playing right now, and the average daily peak is 40k.
So yeah, bring it on.

Daily peak is much more than that, 90k+ players (displayed ingame), every GMT evening.

Last edited by sigz on 4 June 2016 at 3:01 pm UTC
Nyamiou 4 Jun, 2016
Actually Linux has been added to the QA branch for the June patch :

But this isn't the first time :

Hopefully this time is the right one. There is absolutely no chance that they release it before the June patch, so it will be either at the end of June or later.
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