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Black Mesa is officially coming to Linux, and the developer confirmed so in a rather delightful way of shooting down an anti-Linux troll in the Steam forums.

You may or may not heard of a user who goes by the username "meraco" on Steam. He seems to be popping up all over Linux support posts on the Steam forum to spread anti-Linux sentiments, this time it was different.

After his usual derailing of a Linux support topic, the Black Mesa developer commented:
QuoteWhat are we arguing about? We're making a Linux port. We think it's totally worth it.

We built Linux and got errors (as we expected). They're not especially complex errors, but there are a lot of them. As soon as we get a stable build we'll push it to Steam for people to test.

It's good to get confirmation (and fantastic to see a troll get slapped down), as previously they were only evaluating a port, but now it is happening.

Note: The best way to shut a troll down is to post like they aren't even there. Don't quote them or reply to them, just keep posting your support of Linux versions.

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Liam Dawe 11 Jul, 2016
GBeeThe best way to silence a troll is to ignore them? Then why have you dedicated a whole news item on a popular site to him?
You honestly didn't get it?

The note about ignoring them is a sidenote and not the main focus of the article. It's aimed to remind people who are quoting and replying to the troll which feeds them and make it worse.

I thought this was clear, but needing to repeat this only shows the note in the article was needed.
slaapliedje 11 Jul, 2016
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SlackdogI seem to recall than on winblows there were two versions - the original freeware one and the paid for version. That still the case?

Yeah, I'm not sure what the difference is. I recall asking the original project for a Linux release, and they claimed they had a bunch of custom stuff, so it wasn't a straight Source port. This kind of seems like a "Well, we got a lot of shit for trying to enable mods to be sold for Skyrim, but we'll sneak in that you can make 'standalone' modes and charge for them!' But then again, is a fully re-imaged version of Half-Life using the Source engine a mod, or a full game using a new engine? It's kind of border line. I mean you could argue that any game based on the engine of another is just a mod.

These are both in steam though, at least I think so unless they removed the original one, or it got a new SteamID.
slaapliedje 22 Jul, 2016
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Whoa, I actually have had my first post deleted in Steam ever.. at least that I'm aware of.

meraco, our favorite troll, was trolling through the Linux thread for Elite: Dangerous, and I simply said, "Hey Meraco, how's it going?" and both my message and his were removed. Granted I think I quoted it, so that's probably why.

Made me laugh though.
STiAT 2 Aug, 2016
The reason they disappeared is that his account was deleted.
Eike 4 Aug, 2016
STiATThe reason they disappeared is that his account was deleted.

That would be good news, but doesn't look like it:
dubigrasu 11 Aug, 2016
Looks like is getting closer:
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