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Team Fortress 2 is a fantastic game and I do like to jump in now and then for a little blast, but I really do hate having to find and pick a server. Looks like this update was made for me.

They are adding Competitive and Casual matchmaking modes, where you can gain ranks and earn titles and badges.

I realise that it does have a quick launch option, but that throws you into games that are already going and some are nearly finished. Being able to get into a game that isn't half-way through and have it done easily is going to be so refreshing.

The good thing about the competitive matchmaking side of it, is that it will require a verified account or a purchase of a lifetime matchmaking pass. This should help cut out a lot of the cruft.

They are also bringing in similar methods that Dota 2 has for people who leave early and ruin the match for others (obviously only for matchmaking not normal servers). It will count as a loss, you can lose points and ranks and so on.

They made a teaser video too:
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The matchmaking isn't live yet, but hopefully it will be soon. On top of that, PASS Time a new game mode is now out of Beta.

I also found something curious that sits at the bottom of their FAQ for this big update:
A: The only minimum requirement is DirectX 9.

Oh, Valve developers forget they do OpenGL again?

This is only Day 1 of the announcements, so I am wondering what they have cooking for Day 2. Someone on reddit has already found an image from Day 2. Article taken from
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buenaventura 7 Jul, 2016
I play TF2 regularly on a linux laptop, I'm on Xubuntu 16.04 and I use the open source radeon driver for my 1gb VRAM AMD-card, and it works fine (alot better than fglrx worked on 15.04)! I do use chris's maxframe-config ( tf2 config generator, easy peasy!) that removes ALOT of fluff, and I generally have 40 FPS, except for some very big/complex maps with lots of people exploding it might drop to 25. I've been looking forward to this update alot, TF2 is SO MUCH FUN! I've got two kids so the competetive play might be too demanding (I will probably have to drop out of matches to stop impending child catastrophe occasionally). But the casual matchmaking will be great!

I use -dxlevel 81 launch option, so I hope that wont be broken or anything though. But as long as I can keep the other settings as the chris-config puts 'em, I should be fine? I hope. This part is kinda scary: "The only minimum requirement is DirectX 9. However, certain graphical settings will be enforced in order to ensure a level playing field. Players will only be able to modify graphics settings that are available in the Options and Advanced Options menus.". So let's see, I'll be VERY sad if this borks my tf2.

Edit: If there are any other TF2-players here I'm happy to find friends!

Last edited by buenaventura on 7 July 2016 at 8:54 am UTC
DamonLinuxPL 7 Jul, 2016
Quoting: pete910
Quoting: Pecisk
Quoting: DamonLinuxPLSadly TF2 is now (as many gamers reporting) broken on Linux. Look at valve github, many reports and no one from Valve carring about it. TF2 after The Tough Break for me is unplayable. Before I playing in max setting on my notebook, now I can't play even on low details. FPS drop (a lot of Linux gamers), game have micro lags (also many Linux gamers reporting) and often crashing or hanging X server.

So, maybe anyone have contact with anyone who know if or when Valve want to fix it? or how to fix it manually?

None of these things for me on both laptop and desktop. I will guess - AMD?

Runs fine for me on AMD (prop driver)

Not played in a while though


Just noticed that you use Mageia too, What driver you using ?

Yes, I use Radeon GPU. I tested it on both driver, closed source and open source with MESA, both unplayable. My laptop have Ubuntu and use HD5650M and I also tested on desktop with Megaia5 and Radeon HD5850 and is also very low playable.

Linux gamers who have issues like me have not only amd card but some also nvidia.

Look topic with performance impact:

one of few crashing topic:

also on this github we have also many with crashing, lagging and xorg hanging.

As you can see not only I have issues.

Last edited by DamonLinuxPL on 7 July 2016 at 9:49 am UTC
Woo, you got me there!

Didn't play in a while and now I started a bit scared, but everything running at 60fps+ on my system still. Would be a shame otherwise. I mean that game is roughly 9 years old now and I played it from minute one.

Regarding my system:

AMD 6950HD 2GB
Mesa (r600) driver

also playing in 1920x1200, so over full hd, but nothing fancy like 1440p or even 4k.
Everything is maxed out though.

Not sure why the performance is so bad for some, but I hope it gets improved again. Still a great game after all
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