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What have you been playing recently and how is it?

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It has been a little while since I asked, so let's see what you're up to. What have you been playing recently and how is it?

I tried a good bit of Starbound when it released and wow it has changed a lot. It's really quite impressive what they have built. The exploration, the awesome loot and it's just a pleasing experience.

The other main one is Stardew Valley, it utterly demolishes time in the blink of an eye and my farm is slowly coming along!

I also thoroughly enjoyed Near Death which I did on the last livestream. My failure at surviving in the cold was pretty obvious and I haven't managed to find the elusive penguin yet!

Personally, I just want to find the time to finish up Life is Strange, I still haven't managed to get some proper time to sit down and finish the last bit on it. Excited to see how it ends!

With so many games to choose from now, it does get almost frustrating at times choosing between them to play in my limited leisure time. Do you find that now too? Article taken from
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buenaventura 12 Aug, 2016
All on linux of course,

* Team Fortress 2 - damn, its so good. I'm maining scout and trying out medic and its so fun! New competitive matchmaking has it's flaws but it is still great, exactly my kind of game.
* Free Space 2 (with FS2Open) - I loved FS1 as a kid many years ago, and now I get to play the very underrated sequel. It's great. Initially really bad framerate, but after some fiddling I found the "no GLSL-shaders" (or somesuch) option in the wxLauncher, and now its all MAX MAX SUPER PRETTY WITH 60FPS ALL THE TIME AND VERY LOUD EXPLOSIONS!
* The Fall - recently bought, intriguing, although I have little patience with puzzles so walkthrough it is. I like the setting and the story a lot.
* Dark Scavenger - wierd, fun, scrappy yet feels well done.
* Aquaria - It's fluid, fast and feels good, but does not really grip me :/
* Hearthstone (via Wine) - recently got bitten again, I'm an old Magic: The Gathering person, and altough HS is damn stupid in comparison, it is fun, and there's always another legendary I want to craft (which takes AGES to grind :( ).
* Caves of Qud - I try not to, I want to wait until it's more done, but I return again and again.
* Oolite - great fun with lots of mods, but quite tedious sometimes.
* Outlast - I got this in a bundle a while back and thought I would never play it (I am too weak for this kind of game). I tried it, and of course it HAS to work very well on FOSS drivers and all, AND have a cool story, great athmospehere, no excuse to not play it :( I play it for 20 min at a time and then quit for a week to sweat and regain my normal hearth rhythm. Jump scares should be prohibited by law.
* The Witcher 2 - FPS totally unacceptable now at the dwarven city, so cant play it anymore :( Before that it was semi-OK at absolute bottom settings. I liked the story driven nature of it.
* Else.Heartbreak() - I have some framerate issues with this, alas, but it's cool.

I bought this USB SNES controller which seems to be the best SNES USB controller on the market after doing some research. When it arrives, I will play lots of NES/SNES classics with my two sons (they are 3 and 5, I think the 5yr old will find Super Mario World and Kirby fascinating! They are uncorrupted by iPads, TV etc. so they wont mind old gfx at all ;) ). I also plan to play Undertale, 1001 Spikes, Cave Story+, To the Moon, Psychonauts (if possible without analog sticks) and Never Alone (Arctic Collection) with it when it arrives!
Mora 12 Aug, 2016
Ark & Master of Orion alpha. Both run great. MOO AI is still a bit lacking, although it seems like computer controlled races are trying for different win conditions now, rather than just extermination, which is nice.

Also a fair amount of WoW using wine the past week. Addons are giving me a few issues, but it runs sweet other than that.
rea987 12 Aug, 2016
Quoting: HalifaxAnd then Valve went back to the herculean task of shoveling mountains of money into the bank from their F2P/B2P MMOs, and forgot about a HL2:Ep2 sequel.

You mean MOBAs? Well, I do not mind Valve is making money from various products; besides Half-Life series have been abandoned with Portal and L4D series long ago. I expect a new HL game when Valve considers Source 2 Engine mature enough and VR technology viable after some more L4D, TF and CS releases.
Hyperdrive 12 Aug, 2016
Life is strange - excellent performance, and a nice experience. Playing with my wife.

SOMA - Excellent performance, exciting game.

Pillars of Eternity - surprisingly deep dialogue which keeps the game play engaging.
crt0mega 12 Aug, 2016
I've been a bit nostalgic. My gf and I moved away from NWN2, some severe bugs made progressing (even with "debug" commands) impossible. We headed over to IWD:EE which runs flawlessly. PoE is also on our list :)
seguleh 12 Aug, 2016
After some discussion in "Total War..." thread, I played "getting out Windows partition". Awesome game, short and easy, but funny as hell, now I have nice backup disk :D . Then, according to STiAT recommendation I played "Shadow Of Mordor" and - indeed - it works quite well. Slaughtering orcs in different ways is sweet. I've tried "X-Plane 10" demo, but all I can see is Phantom cockpit, runway and endless sea all around - maybe I should try some seaplane. I played it only as curiosity - I prefer combat sims (we have half-sim in War Thunder, I miss "IL2-Sturmovik" series or "Rise Of Flight" ). Then I run FsUAE and old "Alien Breed" and "Traps'n'Treasures". FsUAE is amazing piece of soft, U can even hear sound of Amiga FDD working. And, for a while, played "Shadowrun: Dragonfall" (brilliant game), "Strike Suit: Zero" (too hard for me), and "Tomb Raider" (beauty but poor performance). So - even without Windows - there's no room for players boredom :D

PS.: @Hyperdrive - SOMA is one of best games I've played ever. Storyline is... just terrifying (in a good sense of course).

Last edited by seguleh on 12 August 2016 at 10:37 am UTC
evergreen 12 Aug, 2016
Ark Survival Evolved (Ubuntu 16.04)
Arma3 (Ubuntu 16.04)
No Man's Sky in less than 5 hours (VirusOS). Hope at least wine will make it work...

Last edited by evergreen on 12 August 2016 at 11:12 am UTC
Ehvis 12 Aug, 2016
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Quoting: segulehI've tried "X-Plane 10" demo, but all I can see is Phantom cockpit, runway and endless sea all around - maybe I should try some seaplane.

That means that you didn't download the scenery for the area. I think the demo only comes with the Seattle area by default.
koyal13 12 Aug, 2016
Right now I'm finishing Saints Row IV, but I like change so much of games, so I play frequently Tomb Rider, XCOM, Grid: Autosport, Awesomenauts, Borderlands and a few more...

I'm thinking we have many game hours to enjoy... Yehaa!! :D

Last edited by koyal13 on 12 August 2016 at 12:49 pm UTC
Beamboom 12 Aug, 2016
Quoting: SirKatar7 Days to die, just can't stop playing this game.
So it runs well on Linux now? Wasn't the Linux version very messy earlier?
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