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With all the hoo-ha about The Witcher 3 and the replies GOG have given (first being it was never planned, second being they don't know), I finally have an answer from the actual developer of The Witcher 3.

Yeah, I know, I'm writing about this again after saying I probably wouldn't, "please make it stop" and all that.

This is the first time CDPR have ever actually communicated with me directly.

QuoteHey Liam,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I'm afraid we have nothing to communicate about this at this point in time.


I replied right after this, and immediately got an out of the office auto-reply. Hmmm.

There you go, an official comment from the developer of The Witcher 3. It clears up nothing, it's a flat-out denial to answer my basic and easy to understand questions.

It does raise the question though: why reply at all when you're essentially saying nothing?

I don't think we will ever truly know what happened, I expect no one to talk about it as I imagine both Valve and CDPR want this snafu buried.

I will just leave this here again for posterity, to remind myself and you to never pre-order based on developer promises, not even a big banner on Steam itself:
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Zelox 10 Sep, 2016
I wonder if we keep bothering them with support tickets and questions about witcher 3.
They might give us something, it has been confirmed for linux, even gog and cdpr have said this them self and the proof is out there on threads and posts on GoG,GoL and Steam. I could understand a delay or why they cant work on witcher 3 atm cause they need to focus on another game, but they will take care of witcher 3 later.
But now they just try to pretend they never planned it for linux :/.
Shmerl 11 Sep, 2016
They retracted the statement that it wasn't planned. GOG rep who said that wasn't correct.
Shmerl 11 Sep, 2016
FYI: Wine 1.9.18-staging already includes the patch for bigger size of virtual heap, and you can get up until the main menu.
wojtek88 11 Sep, 2016
Quoting: Shmerl
Quoting: wojtek88Is it correctly animated?

I'm not sure what is considered correct there (since I have nothing to compare to), but it is animated, yes. You can see sparks flying from the fire, branches moved by the wind and etc. There are no intro videos however or anything like that when you open the game, and some suggested they should be before the main menu screen.
I've uploaded for you a PS4 version. I understand that can differ a lot, but I don't have Windows version (and as you can guess, I don't have Windows at all :P).
Here is how Witcher 3 behaves from start to menu on PS4:
P.S. I assume you are a polish native speaker as well ;)
Shmerl 11 Sep, 2016
All those intro logos / sword animation are missing. It goes straight into the main menu. It looks different, but I suppose it's because PS4 version has different art. Also, main menu has more options. After starting the new game, it hangs. Lot's of functions are missing implementation here:

Such as:


Last edited by Shmerl on 11 September 2016 at 9:14 am UTC
wojtek88 11 Sep, 2016
Quoting: Shmerl(...)It looks different, but I suppose it's because PS4 version has different art.(...)
It's related to the in-game progress and number of DLC installed.
What's more your images show version 1.10 of the game which is pretty old I must say.

Last edited by wojtek88 on 11 September 2016 at 9:25 am UTC
Shmerl 11 Sep, 2016
Yeah, I made that screenshot before applying patches.

And I just realized that I'm running it without latest patches again, so may be staging doesn't include heap fix after all.

Last edited by Shmerl on 11 September 2016 at 9:22 am UTC
wojtek88 11 Sep, 2016
@Shmerl Could you share video from the menu or share the picture with the fps in menu?
What's more - is in-menu control fluent? Is there an input lag?
Shmerl 11 Sep, 2016
It is fluent, and there is no lag. It doesn't mean much - that render doesn't seem intensive. And starting the game fails anyway with many d3d11 functions missing.

Last edited by Shmerl on 11 September 2016 at 9:32 am UTC
wojtek88 11 Sep, 2016
Quoting: ShmerlIt is fluent, and there is no lag.
Sounds promising. I have my hope in Wine team. Having DX11 support in Wine will be golden.
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