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Well, news from SteamDevDays is starting to trickle into my feed and I will do my best to keep up with it all for you. First up is Steam VR which will finally support Linux and the big news is that it will use Vulkan to do it.

I am not at SteamDevDays due to it taking place in the US, and prices for flights and accommodation are way out of my price range right now (I've also seen that they don't allow press there too, so I couldn't even if I wanted to). So I am going off what I am seeing from all the developers I follow.

Steam VR runs on Linux with Vulkan #SteamDevDays

— Steam Spy (@Steam_Spy) October 12, 2016

This is interesting, as it's likely something was really holding up VR when it comes to OpenGL directly (most likely performance issues). They must have been waiting for Vulkan to reach a point where it was stable enough in drivers on Linux to be able to support it.

We also have this image of it running on Linux, thanks to Kevin Lee of AltspaceVR:

There has also been a talk about a new controller heading to the HTC Vive, thanks to Eva:

Steam has 1000 new VR users every day, so the growth of VR is there and people are buying the headsets. Once prices come down, you can expect that growth to keep increasing.

Valve is also trying to make VR as open a platform as they can (thanks Marty Caplan). They will be licensing the "Lighthouse positional tracking" so that means other companies can build positional tracking boxes. They are also investing in "standard component manufacturing so entire ecosystem has what is needed to prototype".

I've seen from many sources that Valve want their Lighthouse positional tracking to be as open as wifi. That's one way to win the VR wars!

This is all sounding really great, and is vastly different to the closed approach Facebook has been doing with the Rift.

Also, for the people who still don't think Valve is still invested in SteamOS, they have a Steam Machine area for people to test them out and play games:

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wintermute 13 Oct, 2016
Quoting: sarmadValve was obviously waiting on Vulkan for pushing the entire SteamOS ecosystem, not just the VR part, which is understandable.

Coupled with the upcoming new chipsets from AMD I'm thinking we'll soon start seeing new Steam Machines bundled with Vives as a living room VR solution.
MaCroX95 13 Oct, 2016
Quoting: ElectricPrismIt's a avalanche, the deathball has already started to roll downhill and it's just gonna pickup speed and get bigger.

Gaming on a PC is the logical future as the OS is flexible, it's also logical that gaming will gravitate toward a platform where publishers don't have to jump through hoops in a walled garden controlled by control freaks who hold all the keys and can bully any % cut they want out of 3rd party sales.

Valve may control SteamOS, but on Linux -- publishers are truly free of any one entity controlling and ruining everything.

All controllers use common technology, I played Rocket League on Linux on my PS4 controller via bluetooth this week and it was sweet, XBONE, X360, PS3 Controller, Wii Pro Controller and more all work on SteamOS.

Expecting Steam Machines to be a overnight home-run is a fantasy created by Linux Advocates excited about Games on Linux taking off.

High Expectations Precede Disappointment.

Valve's approach to K/Oing PS4, XBONE, Wii is to gradually make their offering more appealing than their competitors - and touting 2500 games + Something like 600-1100 in the works, superior GL with Vulkan, etc... will win out in the long run.

AMDGPU and MESA also achieving a high level of maturity at this time will also make games more stable and steam machine costs drop as the new Polaris APU lowers costs.

It's a matter of time.

Yeah I really hope that this is the case. Valve has "used" linux to show MS not to try playing their exclusive games and closing things even down and proven them that Valve & Steam as well as free gaming can survive just fine without MS's blessing which is very important. If they know that they don't have the ultimate power over developers, gaming and Valve they cannot even think about closing things down to their stupid Windows store which they would have probably done already if Valve didn't start the revolution back in 2013 MS would have gone a lot further by now, at least that's my opinion. But right now they are in the fight for survival over users of Windows because people openly hate Windows 10 for many reasons and gaming is becoming more of a reality on Linux... Vulkan which competes directly to DX12 and Open VR that competes with proprietary counterparts on Windows... Microsoft has been losing their huge edge they had with Windows 7 in last few years and as you say if the snowballing effect continues it might even get a huge lead over DX12 and closed proprietary ****.
aL 13 Oct, 2016
So does any game work right now?
Cheeseness 13 Oct, 2016
Quoting: aLSo does any game work right now?
Official support hasn't landed yet. Since the word previously had been that they were waiting on upstream features from Kronos partners, it's possible that Valve may hold off until VR/Vulkan support is stable on all drivers (including this).

The OpenVR/SteamVR libraries were updated two days ago. I haven't checked to see if previously broken stuff has been brought back online for Linux, but judging by the update announcements, I'm guessing not.
Kuduzkehpan 14 Oct, 2016
VR + Vulkan+Ubuntu linux =Gaming Rig.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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