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As sad as it may sound GameAgent is going away, but don't worry Aspyr is still here to stay.

GameAgent was an online store run/owned by the Aspyr Media, that sold their game ports directly to gamers. Unfortunately with closure of GameAgent, Aspyr Media is stopping any direct sales and at this moment is only providing links to appropriate stores on their website.

Aspyr Media are the company that ported Borderlands 2, Civilization V, Star Wars KOTOR II and more to Linux. It's possible that Civilization VI will also be coming to Linux.

From their official blog post:
QuoteWhy is going away?
Aspyr Media is removing so that we can focus more on developing amazing titles for our players!

QuoteWhere do I go to get my games now?
All Aspyr games are available directly at In most cases, Steam and App Store purchase options are both available on every game’s product page. Be sure to register with us so that you never miss an update!

QuoteWhat about games that I already bought on
For purchases made before 5/24/16, please go to and enter the required information. You can access your order history there.

For purchases made after 5/24/16, open a support ticket with us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Aspyr gave a little more info on reddit too:
QuoteA little bit of context for you guys:
Our publishing team is small (12), and we are ramping up our multiplatform publishing efforts (Layers of Fear for example). We owe it to the developers we work with to put 100% of those efforts on their games, and GameAgent frankly took a lot of time to run. In the end, this will make us a better Publisher.
Its a really good move, but we apologize to the penguins that preferred to give more money to us:) You guys are the best.

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ElectricPrism 16 Nov, 2016
Am I to understand that they're providing the same service just simplified & under their own name now?

Last edited by ElectricPrism on 16 November 2016 at 10:15 am UTC
tuubi 16 Nov, 2016
Quoting: ElectricPrismAm I to understand that they're providing the same service just simplified & under their own name now?
No, seems like they're closing the store and won't directly sell their ports anymore.
GBee 16 Nov, 2016
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  • Supporter Plus
@ElectricPrism - That last line suggests not? "we apologize to the penguins that preferred to give more money to us" - Indicates that a middleman will now take a cut. So the site is just redirecting people to Steam or Microsoft's App Store.
Spud13y 16 Nov, 2016
I guess it's for the best. I never even heard of the store until I read this article. That's telling.
EndeavourAccuracy 16 Nov, 2016
"Aspyr Media shut down..."

For a split second, that got me worried.

"...their GameAgent store."

Alrighty then.
Linas 16 Nov, 2016
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  • Supporter Plus
I did buy there like twice. But yeah, it probably was not the most popular store. And considering that they had to maintain the infrastructure and handle the payments themselves, it is probably more cost effective to just use an existing store like Steam and pay the cut.
Julius 16 Nov, 2016
Depends on your volume of sales, but putting your eggs into someone else's basket is not always the best idea...

What would be cool was a federated game store app, i.e. take a open source client like the one from but allow to add multiple stores to it seamlessly. This way smaller publishers could sort of band together to avoid getting trapped in steam or such.

And we probably already had a GOG Linux client by now :(
pb 16 Nov, 2016
Quoting: GBeeMicrosoft's App Store.

Nel 16 Nov, 2016
Looking at their last answers on reddit, it seems they had to deal with a lot of fraudulent payments (civ6?), forcing them to focus on store instead of working on games ports. They also are considering Humble Widget now.
Nyamiou 17 Nov, 2016
It's sad but it's probably because of credit card fraud and the grey market of digital video games.
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The comments on this article are closed.