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Ubuntu now has a community-built PPA for stable versions of Mesa

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Feral Interactive's call for a stable Mesa PPA has already made progress, as there's now a stable PPA available for Mesa.

Paulo Dias "Padoka" has setup another PPA here:

Note: This is a community-run PPA, so it's possible it may someday go out of date and/or have issues at times.

This is likely a stop-gap measure until something more official is done.

It currently hosts Mesa 13.0.2 and LLVM 3.9 along with RADV and ANV the AMD and Intel open source Vulkan drivers.

If you're on Ubuntu, or one of its derivatives you can install this PPA by doing this command:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:paulo-miguel-dias/pkppa
Followed by:
sudo apt-get update

That's all you should need to do now on Ubuntu to get a stable and up to date version of Mesa.

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Soltrumman 8 Dec, 2016
This is great! Added the PPA on my laptop with Intel GPU and it upgraded everything just fine. I usually run the LTS-releases where MESA tends to be very out of date and now i can just add this PPA and have stable updated drivers.
ajgp 8 Dec, 2016
Quoting: lelouchSuprise;)-not, you all are using ubuntu!
At least I argued, but why u fanboys all haven choosen ubuntu in the first place!? Besides you had no clue and it was popular and big at that given time, so you are using it. (I tested so many distros in years (and many other folks did this too), but never found a good reason to choose suse or ubuntu (minus derivatives there are many other distros) - same reasons why others stick with windows??? So why you haven choosen ubuntu+derivatives? Have you even tried other distros before choosing? Which? And why do you stay with it? So obviously you want newest graphic drivers, but don't want to switch the distro.
(Seriously, I mean REAL reasons w/o fanboying (I see this already under every article about every game), not stupid arguments which concern every linux distro or are just wrong for ubuntu, because these arguments more belong to every other distro than ubuntu&Co)

BTW to the 1p: popular means "most used", but doesn't mean it's good (e.g. Windows lol) - so, I already said that.

Well to answer other than you have made assumptions straight away that because Im using An Ubuntu derivative I am not capable of making an informed decsion on whats best for me (you know this choice thing that open source is all about) because it differs from your belief subjective as that is.

The first Linux Distribution I ever installed was Fedora (Version Core 6 for reference); I have also used Suse and wasnt a fan, and back when I picked up one of the Linux magazines I tried nearly every distro they had on a Live CD. I have never installed Ubuntu - notably because the installer always failed to boot and I had beet things to do than fix that.

I am now on Linux Mint and have been since version 6 (I use Nvidia drivers, so the whole MESA AMD thing doesnt affect me; if I want the latest driver I can download the damn thing direct from Nvidia if I want.), because I like it; simply put thats it. i like Cinnamon as a DE, better than KDE, GNOME, MATE or XFCE (which are what I have tried). And I dont like Unity either.

I have complied programs from source when needed its not as if this ability evades me; I have no fear of the commandline infact I prefer it as a method of program installation! But as I alluded to, Mint is user friendly and mostly works out of the box and I can just use it. This is a bonus to me as with 2 kids (and a wife i suppose) I dont have the time to spend fixing things breaking after updates I want to spend my precious free time actually gaming.

For the record I have a home server that runs debian, because you know what it does that job very well! I have an old laptop that is waiting for me to test Arch on; again this is the time issue as in not having enough of it! Who knows maybe after trying it i will switch my Gaming PC to Arch, but that wont be because Arch is objectively better only because I may subjectively find it better and accept the trade-offs its customizability offers for out of the box workiness!

Why dont I use windows you say; becuase choice I dont want to it adds nothing to the equation that I cant do at least as well on linux. Every distribution has its trade-offs I made an informed decision on what trade-offs I wanted to make.

EDIT: Saw Liams comment about Distro wars after I posted. I generally agree choose what is good for you, dont let others dictate to you what you should be using. All distros are Linux, and choice is good :)

Last edited by ajgp on 8 December 2016 at 11:50 am UTC
edddeduck_feral 8 Dec, 2016
Quoting: liamdawePlease do not bring distro wars here, they are not welcome. All it does it get people riled up.

This seems apt :)

View video on
ajgp 8 Dec, 2016
Quoting: edddeduckferal
Quoting: liamdawePlease do not bring distro wars here, they are not welcome. All it does it get people riled up.

This seems apt :)

View video on

surely thats:

su apt-get install Friends
neffo 8 Dec, 2016
This is great news, and this is why Ubuntu is great. It's actually supported!
ainumortis 8 Dec, 2016
SteamOS or ubuntu is the standard for gaming, steam games are tested on ubuntu.

Rolling release is not good for gaming, today all work, maybe tomorrow not, games and developers need some more stable to work.

I use linux mint and ApricityOs.

Last edited by ainumortis on 8 December 2016 at 12:07 pm UTC
NovaTiny 8 Dec, 2016
Quoting: neffoThis is great news, and this is why Ubuntu is great. It's actually supported!

What do you mean with supported? By Canonical?
neffo 8 Dec, 2016
Quoting: NovaTiny
Quoting: neffoThis is great news, and this is why Ubuntu is great. It's actually supported!

What do you mean with supported? By Canonical?

Read the link at the start of the article, but here is a summary:
All the PPAs for Mesa were built from the git (a daily grab bag of features, bugs or regressions), rather than from the latest release. This made it near impossible to support, but the Mesa bundled with LTS Ubuntu was ancient and lacking features. This PPA means that Feral (and others) have an up-to-date Mesa target to support. Great news for Feral, great news for people on AMD/Intel hardware and great news for gamers all round.
Guest 8 Dec, 2016
Quoting: liamdawePlease do not bring distro wars here, they are not welcome. All it does it get people riled up.

Sounds like a good idea for a game. I think you should start a community project :P
Zappor 8 Dec, 2016
I think Unity is really outdated and poorly maintained, but I like Ubuntu as a core OS a lot and I'm currently running Ubuntu Gnome. Xubuntu should be nice also...
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The comments on this article are closed.
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